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Words, for you and you… :)


Words when I want them
Wander away, whisper softer
Wait on the edge of the consciousness
Wanton in their wisdom
Waiting – for me to walk away!

Not today, I cannot-
I assert.
Oh? They look knowingly;
Knowing this day I’d want to
Knowing I have to-
Knowing something more,
As they always do, more,
Than I can fathom, of myself.

So today, I clench my quill
While the words wiggle their brows
Dancing playfully, around the
Pot of ink, wherein are the
Notes I must play, and let sing
Through spidery scrawls and lines-
My thoughts – nay… their notions.
The Words, I mean!

Yet today, my heart burgeons
With blessing and benediction
For I know such ones
Who, though they say not,
And stay not – will ever be with me.

To them, I write.
Of them, I write.

Waves of warmth she brings-
Guileless and gullible
Oh so innocently so!
Dramatic flair, a dreamy person
Dauntless in her beliefs,
Mature in her meditations
A darling, ever!
Daughter of my soul
And comrade of my heart
For you, this paean my dear
For you…
Keep safe! And stay the same!
Miss you, dear Sashu!

And another- seemingly of my childhood
My youth- my every yesterday
That came into a today
As a sudden burst of stardust!

As a quirky angel, shaking her mane
Dispensing the glitter of her words-
Frolicking, gambolling words
That she sets rolling, as only she can-
Streaming smiles, splendrously,
Sashaying through reams and dreams-
Unstoppable, indomitable, her spirit
Inviolate the purity of her notions
And unguarded, her heart-
Ready to reach out
Envelop and cosset;

A true lioness, no less is she
Never a dull moment – they all, but flee
In the sunny warmth of her this gurl, – Meggie
Who, by now, will probably be rolling – hehehe… :D!

For, in the words she writes
In the laughter she shares
Ins the feelings she inspires

Not just her kids at school,
But us too, are touched by her Grace
Learn much, in simple wisdom
Question, search and seek to know!

That alone, sets her apart-
As a rare jewel, the rarest yet
The beauty with the brains (Lol!)
The one who can take it all (to rhyme with Lol!)
And hand it right back
With a laugh, a giggle and
A Charming Smile!

Happy Birthday, dear Indygurl
May God Bless you infinitely!!

31 July, 2009

I miss Sashu, and I just wanted to share that here 🙂
Also, a round of Wondrous Birthday Wishes, for another special person.. Indyeah! Reading her latest post, just this moment, makes me realize nothing and no one quite compare with the sterling qualities this young lady envinces. Way to go Indygurl 🙂 Solilo, you beat me to it though 🙂

And finally, this is a tentative foray into this sphere again… for as long as I can… 🙂

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

15 thoughts on “Words, for you and you… :)

  1. I miss Sashu, too! 😦 God bless her!


  2. Rini, I know … Underscore all of what you have written too.thank you for being here to share that 🙂


  3. In a world where love is shared by rationUsha, your heart is as deep as the oceanin your wonderful display of your affectionI wish I was worthy of at least a fraction.Just beautiful Usha. Welcome back in case you have missed my comments for your earlier post.


  4. beautiful use of words… ushus and Indy girl is absolutely everything you have written plus more… !!! and thats exactly why we all love her so much !!!!!!! touchwood and god bless our friendships !!


  5. PRG, no, I have not missed the earlier comments, that you so thoughtfully, beautifully gift the writes 🙂 Thank you, endlessly for that attention, and for the delight of your verse 🙂 No, not just affectionSometimes I wonder, an affliction?But most times, yes a benediction :)That the heart remembers to satisfaction :)Bad verse, I know, but for now, Govind, I cannot find words to match your matchless quality of response :)Thank you!!Dhiren, yes yes yes… Indygurl is all of that plus more 🙂 That is how she is part of all our lives too, na? Thanks for your post on her birthday too 🙂 It was delightful! And yes… touchwood!


  6. I have nothing but a smile for this occasion for its your words that need no confirmation of warmth. I am sure Sashu will feel so emotional after reading this. Well, on a light note, I am not missing her coz she is giving a tough time to all the hara neela peelanis. 😀 I will tell her right now! wowie.


  7. Soumya, thank you for putting that smile back on my face 🙂


  8. That's beautiful, Ushus. Did Abhi read it? She will love it and cherish it all her life. Every word defines her. That precious soul, our Indy girl!Where's Sashu? She and I interacted on my blog couple of times but then she disappeared. Hope she is doing fine.


  9. Solilo, thank you :)No, neither Abhi nor Sashu have read it 🙂 I guess Abhi's computer is still down, and Sashu is at Pilani, doing her intership and masters there. Hopefully once she has settled she will be able to peek in :)Longing to hear from them, really :):)


  10. Nice!!! Am sure Sashu would feel emotional and thrilled when she reads this..Beautiful Usha..:)Nice play of words – from the heart of an angel in the colours of love…Keep writing…:)


  11. Ushus after having ditehred for long..I still cant find the words…I am overwhelmed but even that seems too small a word:)you have no idea what this means to me:) or maybe you do?yes you do I think because you always know about all that I am thinking..the dilemnas too and the not so happy days when I fumble and turn to you:))((hugs))WHat do I write?How do I write?:)Solilo is right.This is a gift thats priceless..one I will cherish forever:)but more words.. that right now just dont come to me..they feel inadequate right now..but I know they will come soon..and when they do I will write of all that you have come to mean to me..:)just know this that I love you:)its baffling Ushus that the girl who rambles..your Indygirl ..your Meg cant think of anything to write here..overwhelmed..and for now I will leave it at that..for, I know that when I sit to write for you and of you the words will come rushing back:)


  12. Fiducia, indeed Sashu is missed very much, and an angel she is for sure 🙂 Thank you for being here!Indy 🙂 Meg my dear, just that you have read it and know, that is enough 🙂 🙂 ((Hugs))


  13. Just loved this poem. I find words so fascinating and intriguing.


  14. I get it that this is abt some spl person, bt this seems to be such a fantasy.I have always loved to write sth abt someone who is special to you and not just quilling away arbit ideas. So when you have to something to muse, it makes art all the more special.Besties.I loved the verse.


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