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For Faith


Bridging the gap
With a million thoughts;

Making that leap of Faith
And landing three-legged,
On Love, and Trust and Hope…

Knowing all else shall follow.

It wasn’t easy,
Letting go of dogma;
It’s harder yet
To stay sane,
Despite Love,
When my heart becomes
A rugged ground-
Raw and Earthy;

Lost in a maze
Of self-recriminations…

Fighting to stay above
The Water;
Fighting to keep the Faith…

In that battleground, called Life,
For me,
Faith is the strongest soldier.

The only one,

The Achilles Heel.

4 February, ’08


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

19 thoughts on “For Faith

  1. Well written Usha. I like the word ‘fight’ and the way it is used here. ‘Fighting’ to stay above, ‘fighting’ to keep faith… I like those who are fighters in life. 🙂


  2. The world really comes in full circle. Doesnt it?Me.Me and Escape from reason.Me, Escape from reason and unsure tomorrow.Me, Escape from reason, Unsure tomorrow and a Clutch of Faith?Clutch of Faith, Unsure Tomorrow, Escape from reason and Me?Clutch of Faith, Unsure Tomorrow and Escape from Reason.Clutch of Faith and Unsure Tomorrow.Clutch of Faith.The perfect palindrome? The mirage of hope? Of faith? Of Sanity? Of Perfect place?


  3. Wow. Closing lines – stunner! This write made me dig up one of my old fav: Bon Jovi’s “Keep The Faith”http://www.lyricsfreak.com/b/bon+jovi/keep+the+faith_20022217.html


  4. I must mention this…I loved that line wherein u brought self-recriminations..now why self-recriminations???? recriminations will do right??? Are u accusing yourself or what??? Dint get that line right…otherwise was TOO GOOD…as usual 🙂


  5. Lovely !! Faith is the essence of everything…. well composed !!!


  6. It wasn’t easy,Letting go of dogma;It’s harder yetTo stay sane,Its so true ma’am. Its harder to hold on to than to achieve something which to us is, ‘unusual’.Faith is the strongest soldier.The only one,WithoutThe Achilles Heel.The ending, as ever, leaves you apart from others. Its wonderful. The theme is something we all know of, every bit of it. But then, to extract a poem out of commonness is what is uncommon. And you did it so beautifully. Loved it.


  7. I love the whole piece but these are my favourite…”Making that leap of FaithAnd landing three-legged,On Love, and Trust and Hope…”and”Fighting to stay aboveThe Water;Fighting to keep the Faith…Fighting-..”Yes,so true….so many of us are fighting our own battles everyday…fighting on so many fronts….truly amazing poem..beautifully expressed…..:)


  8. beautiful and ever so inspiring! i liked de way the write closed itself 🙂 beautiful, i repeat!! 🙂


  9. Shail, thank you 🙂 Fighting sometimes comes naturally out here :D!!Prabhu, ah! Now you take a look here, a look there and you come up with a reply that gets me rather speechless 🙂 Soumya’s structuring used to great effect too! Finally, a clutch of Faith is what gets one going all through, is what I have always believed in 🙂 🙂 thank you for the provocation to thought again :)Jags, thank you 🙂 Rajesh, actually never thought of the implications of the said word 🙂 Just used it as it came 🙂 Shall double check and let you know. Havnt had time till now to do that 🙂 And thank you for the warm words too!Dhiren, keep the faith, it will help one to get over the worst in life. I am sure you know that, still… God Bless! And thank you!Soumya, now that is another to die for notes 🙂 You do them so well, and so beautifully! Thanks a ton!Indyeah, thanks so much! Having read from you, and really having enjoyed it so much, it is a joy to read your words here too! Thanks a ton!Sashu, Thanks, and thanks again.. 🙂 You’ve read this one before haven’t you? Thanks for liking it so much that you have come back to it 🙂 🙂


  10. Achilles and his heel was in my mind for quite a while..in fact for years now, Not in relation with faith, trust or love, though :)Nice to read this, Ushawishes, devika


  11. “Bridging the gap With a million thoughts……maze Of self-recriminations……the strongest soldier…Without…The Achilles Heel.”That was SOME journey! (deep breaths)


  12. The ending was so stark! I loved the use of the words-‘Achilles heel’-it provides an entirely broad perspective to the composition.Thanks for following-you are being followed too:)


  13. You know what my agenda for the year is? “Don’t KEEP the faith, but PASS it around”It’s always nice to have that seconded :)Uplifted I am :)Thanks for sharing 🙂


  14. Usha, beautiful….I like…. making that leap of faith And landing three legged…on love, and trust and hope


  15. Faith, said Christ, can move mountains.Beautiful lines, ma’am…Trust all is well. Peace.


  16. “And landing three-legged,On Love, and Trust and Hope…”o god..that was just out of the world..gr8 lines..and the ending too…the achilles heel..faith can indeed help you achieve seemingly impossible things


  17. Devika, thank you for the read, and for sharing your thoughts too. Best wishes to you too :)Sanket, thank you for taking that ride 🙂 Though I sometimes wonder if my words take me for a ride too [pun intended, lol!]Mithe, it’s a sort of “hatke” perspective I wanted to bring in, and it would seem that in some small way I have been able to. Thank you for that perspective you brought in too!Rini, that is really lovely, the idea of passing the Faith around 🙂 Thanks for the good words here too!Omana, glad to see your words. Thanks so much!Karthik, indeed faith is what finally makes most things happen 🙂 Peace be with you too, with lots of thanks from me!Praveen, right you are, when the belief is there, supported by the strength of faith, nothing seems impossible!


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