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For a Daughter I Wish I’d Had!!!


Edited to add, on 29 March, 2014, almost seven years after I wrote this, Arjun, my elder son, and Pratibha, my DIL, have been blessed with a lovely little girl, Naina. My(Grand)Daughter, she is!!

How words weave themselves into our thoughts, and become the tapestry of our lives itself. It is a constantly recurring miracle, in our lives.

Here she is, Naina Muralidharan, welcomed into our lives and our enveloped in our Love 🙂

Naina Muralidharan :)

Naina Muralidharan 🙂


Audacious smiles

laughter ringing clear-
warm hugs and
little sudden pecks on my cheeks!

A whirlwind of a girl;
now here, gone in a flash!
endearing entreaties-
unquestioning love!

Long long hours of girlish talk-
boys, books, heroes and men!
Life, love, trust and THAT!

Confiding giggles-
while ogling the boys…;)
summing them up, then
walking by in disdain!!

Cheering her up
when sadness strikes-
being there for her…
just in case, she asks!

Holding her hand-
without her knowing..
as only moms can do;
though she, being mine,
would know it too…!!!

Sharing myself with her-
my fears, my joys
my secrets, and my ploys-

Ending the day in warmth
so wonderful
so fierce and filling..

Wishing each mother had
a daughter..
so like mine!!

19 June, ’07

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

34 thoughts on “For a Daughter I Wish I’d Had!!!

  1. love diz one!!!! 🙂


  2. wuz feelin blue… juz wanted to refresh de moment…beautiful…!satiated!(grins!!)


  3. Smile 🙂 and Smile 🙂 again…..I loved this one and have read it a few times now ……


  4. Sashu, this one is all yours:) Thank you for YOU!!!And Jay, am glad you found this one:) It’s close to my heart; really happy that it made u smile:)Thanks!


  5. i loved this poem,usha chechi!!!!!…shobhana unni


  6. Thanks Shobana Unni, for that sweet note..:)


  7. good poem. Have you been our english teacher in HAL Ozar school.regardsDr Manoj Unni


  8. Dr Manoj Unni, 🙂 no I have not worked at Ozar, so I have certainly missed out on the privilege to teach you there. Thank you for the kind words, and the visit.


  9. This one is my favourite. Read to my husband and held back some words, asked him, who does it describe, “Who else? The brat.” he said. The brat is my ‘whirlwind’ of a daughter :)… That’s exactly what we share and she does go on and on about, ‘Life, love, trust and THAT!’You have to be really good with kids to write with such insight, and such warmth and affection about them!!!


  10. @IHM, am totally delighted at this note you have left behind here. This write is very very close to my heart, a firm favourite:), and I am so darned happy that you seem to see it that way too! Thanks, immensely!Not having a daughter to bring up perhaps brought out the yearning in the way it has come, through this write…:)And indeed, you are one lucky mom:) God Bless your daughter, and her parents:)


  11. So beautifully written and makes me yearn!!


  12. Shail, thank you! I still yearn…:) Perhaps when my sons marry, that wish shall be fulfilled in its entirely, 🙂


  13. This is simply fantastic – hope my Mom feels the same way, I am sure she does :)… holding her hand, without her knowing, the way only mom’s can… too true… Giving the courage to explore life to heart’s content, yet reinforcing the faith that I can walk back into her arms, success and failure alike… She is an epitome of love and affection.


  14. Mahita, thank you for that lovely note! And for the perusal of so many of the posts here.. 🙂 Shall get to them individually, in a while! Thank you!!


  15. Beautiful!loved every bit of this poem.What you felt while writing this poem is probably what my Amma experienced while she raised me and is certainly what I am experiencing while I bring up my daughter.I’m sure your sons’ wives will be as lucky to have you as a mother as any daughter would be:)


  16. You don’t have a daughter?Seriously???You really ,truly don’t???not one?pssstttt are you sure??:)Then how in the name of heaven did you write this??how?and the answer comes to me..because you have the ‘heart’ you see.:)…very few do …If you ever picture me…then just imagine ….that this indeed is me…the chatter box,the compulsive hugger, ”’ my fears, my joysmy secrets, and my ploys”’…oh yes!so many of these have been shared in college and cups of chai with ma…..and beyond…..thank you …and somehow that’s still not enough….not really….hugs to you too!!! a mother who sees so much and beyond…:)


  17. Deeps, sorry to get here so late! You and your mother are indeed very very lucky to have the kind of sharing that I hope you will have with your own little one!Meg, what a beautiful thing to say! I am replete, with that… 🙂 🙂 I shall not say that I do not have daughters ever again… both of mine are here, on this post.. 🙂 🙂


  18. Same to you sweetheart 🙂


  19. Thats beautifully written. I wish I could express the pain and the loss I have. I have never seen my mom, I lost her on the day I was born. This makes me miss her so badly, I cannot even begin to express it.


  20. USHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just read this poem and believe me, u have written exactly what my daughter and i share! just cant believe u have imagined and in reality u dont have a daughter.when i finished reading this i could feel the choke of a tear somewhere inside me. simply beautiful feel usha


  21. hi Usha, first time on ur blog, thanks to IHM who shared the link to this beautiful poem.. this is awesome and makes so much sense…absolutely true..


  22. Preethischronicle, thank you :)Chandrika, thank you too.. and i really envy you, you know!Iya, welcome here… 🙂 And thank you so much for the sweet words for the write 🙂


  23. Usha I love this poem!!!! How many mothers have I shared this beautiful poem with!!! Today I shared it with the mother of a precocious, adorable Saumya from Everyday Life 🙂


  24. found my way in here following IHM's link to your poem..lovely one, Usha! I'm going to forward this one to my recently-very-much-tech-savvy Mom.. she's gonna love this! 🙂


  25. I too refer to the daughter of my Heart's desire as Manasaputhri…http://ardramaamsandhyakal.blogspot.com/2006/11/for-daughter.html


  26. IHM God BlessUsha I do hope your mother loved it as much as you do 🙂 Thank you!Ardra… am long overdue at your blog… 🙂 Thank you for sharing in this as well!


  27. Lovely poem, made all the more sweeter by the grand daughter’s birth


  28. Deja vu, but this time true! 😀


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  30. this is so cute aunty.. 💜god bless the little sugar pie.. she must have grown up by now ..

    Liked by 1 person

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