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An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)

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What If…

If that moment had been
Delayed, by just that
Infinitesimal second;
I know, I would have seen you.

If that plea had been
Received, just that bit
More openly, all that unspoken
Pain, and questions…

You know, I would have been
A better human.

If my hand had reached out
And held on to yours-
Perhaps you’d have regained
Your footing; and then, for sure
I know, we’d have been blessed.

Sadly, all I can say now is-

What If…

Usha, 7 Febraury, ’08

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I surprise
with the
strength of
the sureness
of believing
in the wonder
of you.
as you do
me and you
in entwined
a soul
split in
with me
with you
in love and
in life
with one
till always

and some.

Usha, 12 June, ’91

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You Are…

You are to me
that soft
that merges
sky and sea
and land
with no horizon;
leading me
on in a continuum
of love.
Only love.

You are to me
the sunlight
sparkling off
gentle waves
in a diamond-
burst of
lightening each
dark corner of
my heart.

You are to me
the gold
at the end of
the rainbow
of my love.

Usha, 17 July, ’92

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Is that the ultimate aim?

Does life culminate,
climax, to explode
into the loud pandemonium

of a breathless euphoria?

The sun shines warmly
accepting its innate loss;

gloriously, gratefully almost
giving away heat.

I feel a loss, but feel again
Life’s paradoxes balance.
While i realise a pain
I know of added happiness.

Happiness and euphoria
become synonymous,
after a while of give and take.

For emotions starved
a pinch of happiness is
a pinch of euphoria.

Usha, 30 Jan, 84