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Second Chances

If you’ve ever been told
Winning isn’t everything,
Winner or not,
You’d have probably scowled 😀

So where does winning take you?
To fame? Throw you up to gut screeching joy?
Or gloat and brag and preen?
Perhaps line your purse
Or maybe help you hitch that ride onward?

I know the best thing about it
(Errrm… not winning ie)
Is you get another shot at it.. 🙂
You’re lucky, you know
You get to do it differently.
You get to say things you never would have.
You get to find yourself.

Yes, winning is good.
But if you don’t, maybe
You’ll get that other chance.
And boy! Second Chances matter.

Go on, and take that chance.
Believe. It’s a miracle waiting to happen 🙂

second chances

8 April, 2013, online
Sashu’s Update on FB, which read: “Always, always believe in second chances. It could be the best thing you’d ever do – for others as well as for yourself. :)” is the reason for this ramble 🙂


Happy Day Haiku :) (For the Sailor Who Took Home a Poem :) )

True blue to your club
Truer yet, to your glowing bride!
Happy Day, her Cap’n!!!

Happy Birthday, Arjun S. Kumar! May the sweet joy of this day permeate the rest of the year! God Bless!

23 December, 2011
For 28 December, 2011

(Title tagline, credit to Sachin Stalin who titled the album of Arjun’s and Sashu’s wedding pictures, thus 🙂 )


Ms. Pea, the Princess!

Once upon a time
On a mid-November day
To happy parents, was born
A pert little Princess.

Full of face
Maidenly grace
A tomboy impishness
A child’s innocence, openness

Quirks, and
Sudden spontaneity
Were all gifts she grew with, into,
And carries, even now

Pretty, is she? Oh yes!
Poetic? Undoubtedly, the best!
Passionate? About almost everything,
Especially a certain…*ahem*!!!
Pouty, petulant? Errrmmm, only to charm! 😀
Playful? Always, as the child
She’ll always be,
No matter however many years pass!


Pea? Ah! Therein lies a
Sweet fairy tale, of the Princess
Who enchanted (as a mermaid would, perhaps)
A sea-faring, handsome young man
Only to be enchanted herself… 🙂
Knowing, through lifetimes lived
And yet to live, he was the ONE
To complete her! Her Prince.
The other Pea, in the pod :D!

So Ms Pea, and her Handsome Pea
Will soon find their day, their way
To the ever after horizon…

But, wait –
No that , but this day
Is hers alone, to be celebrated
To be loved, all the more

To be always wished
All of life’s happiness and love 🙂 🙂

Happy Birthday, Sash-
God bless! Always!

15 November, 2011, for 16 November, 2011 🙂
Pic. stolen from Sash’s DP on FB 😀


For a Daughter I Wish I’d Had!!!

Edited to add, on 29 March, 2014, almost seven years after I wrote this, Arjun, my elder son, and Pratibha, my DIL, have been blessed with a lovely little girl, Naina. My(Grand)Daughter, she is!!

How words weave themselves into our thoughts, and become the tapestry of our lives itself. It is a constantly recurring miracle, in our lives.

Here she is, Naina Muralidharan, welcomed into our lives and our enveloped in our Love 🙂

Naina Muralidharan :)

Naina Muralidharan 🙂


Audacious smiles

laughter ringing clear-
warm hugs and
little sudden pecks on my cheeks!

A whirlwind of a girl;
now here, gone in a flash!
endearing entreaties-
unquestioning love!

Long long hours of girlish talk-
boys, books, heroes and men!
Life, love, trust and THAT!

Confiding giggles-
while ogling the boys…;)
summing them up, then
walking by in disdain!!

Cheering her up
when sadness strikes-
being there for her…
just in case, she asks!

Holding her hand-
without her knowing..
as only moms can do;
though she, being mine,
would know it too…!!!

Sharing myself with her-
my fears, my joys
my secrets, and my ploys-

Ending the day in warmth
so wonderful
so fierce and filling..

Wishing each mother had
a daughter..
so like mine!!

19 June, ’07