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An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)



In the darkness of
the Eclipse

at the height of

hot, searing
cold, dispassionate!

The heaviness

of non existence

can be so painful.

Thank God, however,

Eclipses don’t last!

Usha, 20, May, 2007

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Isolation…no more

Conflicts, thoughts, emotions
swirled around in me, in a
forceful frenzy-
paralyzing me for an eternal instant;
hurting me, crushing me…

mocking my reverence for Life.

The storms of these painful feelings
alienated me from everyone-
leaving me lonely, to face the world

All around me eyes gazed
with obvious contempt and blank unreason

for letting my heart get better of my head.

Disillusioned and broken, I drifted away
to seek comfort.
But the strands of friendship I clung to
seemed like illusions

snapping easily..
leaving me in a void.

And then you appeared-
like the first star on my horizon!
With a child-like naivety, I wished on you-
and miraculously, I regained my Faith in Life!

Yes, you drew me to the eye of my hurricane.

Usha, 3 November, ’81

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as a boat treads water smoothly
as a bird flies weightlessly
so i move in my unconscious self-

Basking in an exquisite feeling
which has no pretence
of speed
of weight
of tangibility…

Sensations predominate
feelings surpass actions
in my immobile movement
thru’ my
Journey in my
Utopia of being!

Usha, 22 Jan. ’82

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Down Memory Lane…

To that strain
of a faint echo..

A familiar melody
of long ago..

My heart dances
in delight!

As from the world
of silence in a
concrete jungle
to the soulful cacophony
of nature..

Or to a deaf mute
given a miracle of
sound, spectacular –

I re-discover a magic
strumming the chords of a
harp in my heart.

Finding solace in
memories of music
of long ago..

A tingling of goose bumps
In melodies so dear-

A quiet on my soul
in harmony with myself..

That’s what that trip
down memory lane –
in music so dear –
just gifted me!!

Usha…3 May 07, before dawn..:)