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An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)

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Persona non grata

The me in I
I sometimes don’t like…

She admits too
freely… too easily

How lost we are
without you.

She pulls the
carpet from under

In her disclosure;
her insecurity.

Hush! I console her.
She sulks.

Fidgety hands…
She shows herself.

For long
had I thought
I was strong, without you.

Till the me inside,
Persona non grata
From the other strata
re-entered, unfettered!

Usha, 31 March, 07

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A face that crumbles
into indecipherable letters
on a faded yellow paper.

A heart that melts into
ink, flowing mindlessly

Eyes that chisel your form
out of the air and will
you to live.

The mouth moves in spasms
of agony
calling you.

Senses,in perfection
scent the undeniability
the inevitability, of your

A face that is etched
in my memory –


Usha, 21 July, ’84


My Roman Holiday!

Quite by accident
I stepped out of
my straitjacket…

And astounded
myself at
my temerity.

A translucent
cloak for its
misty aura,

I surrender myself
with a gypsy’s heart
to collect a wealth
of memories
to hoard away!

And all the while
I know-
I’ll have to
step back.

The straitjacket’s

So it cannot
Of course.

Like a leaf
from a book

I’ll never write…

My Roman Holiday.

Usha , 19 April, ’07

Inspired by the film, “Roman Holiday”, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck:)


Colour me…

Not the pink
in peach, or the dawn
Of the first faint blush, the first crush.

Not the red
in crimson, or purple
Of the passion, in the first touch.

Not the gold
in the sunlight, or the flowers bright
Of the slow, slow deepening love.

Or the silver
in crystal, or its brilliance
Of gently, gently drawing me into you.

And not the black
in its warmth and intimacy of night
of our our togetherness.

Not the blue or green
in skies, in fields
Of our merging at the horizon of life….

You colour me
With a promise greater than a vow.

You colour me
With the colour of you.

Usha, 23 April ’07

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The world is too much with me-
What business does it have
Seeking explanations,clarifications
Aiding manipulation, conflagration…

Why doesn’t it let me be…?

Why does it stifle, niggle,
Poke and push..?
Pretend to perceive pernicious portents?

Maybe because I’m me –
Unbending, intractable, inviolate
Living by my truth alone
In essence, in His presence!

Usha, 26 March, ’07