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In the glow of a Silver Sheen…


… bask a beautiful couple. A made-for-each-other-couple 🙂 A couple who’ve been inspiration epitomised and role models not just for their generation, but even ones to come 🙂 Much like another couple, who celebrated their golden years together just three years ago 🙂 (link)

You’ve met the ‘him’ of the couple here. (link). An out and out brilliant, efficient, mean-machine 😛 And doncha worry, that is going to make him more happy than anything else; the last epithet, that is 🙂 🙂 I’m referring to my elder brother Viju, here, who, in 2011 received the Nao Sena Medal for Dedication to Duty. I won’t add more and embarrass him – I’ve already sung a paean on that earlier blog post 😀

You’ve met the ‘her’ too, of this special couple, on that self-same link, where I have mentioned her being the warm support and backbone of the family. My elder sister-in-law, Anuradha; Anu to all of us, even my kids! Anu is a special brand, a one in a million empathetic and bubbling person! Always at hand, to lend a helping hand, a kind and patient listening ear, to take initiative, to spread cheer, and energize even the most lethargic 🙂 A child at heart, and a mature kind soul who does not hesitate to reach out, should you need support. That’s Anu. Altogether, a paragon. Absolutely, and with it, the proud possessor of a mellifluous voice, which she has passed on to their children too, Archana and Arun!

Through the years they have been together, they have built from strength to strength, in terms of values, in terms of how to learn lessons from life, in inspiring others to do the same. Both of them are deeply spiritual, practice yoga, and meditation, and that is what you see in the glow on their faces, even today. Through thick and thin, whether for friends or family, you will always find them, just a call away, just a blink of an eye away. Such empathy, in these days of nuclear existence is a myth, most often. But they, though their generosity of the spirit, and presence in times of sore need, underscore humane values best learnt by doing.

As an Officer and a Gentleman, Viju is one of the best; as his wife, just as visible, and participative in his life, and career, Anu exemplifies the cliche, which is very true to her – behind a successful man, there IS a woman. Please do NOT mistake this for a mere sexist remark – this goes way beyond, because I have witnessed how they are equals and partners in everything that happens for them, and for us, as their extended family – which extends beyond, to each person whose lives they have touched.

Anu and Viju 25 years ago, Aug. 31, 1988, Cuffe Parade :)

Anu and Viju
25 years ago, Aug. 31, 1988, Cuffe Parade 🙂

Anu and Viju, last year, still a gorgeous and happening couple :)

Anu and Viju, last year, still a gorgeous and happening couple 🙂

Curiouser still …

It is also the day when my younger brother Vinu (mentioned with this link), and his wife Tripti, also celebrate their wedding anniversary! Lovely isn’t it? Vinu, the third Officer and Gentleman in the family (The First, being my father, of course 🙂 ), and his wife Tripti are again path-breakers – and extremely involved in not just their work spheres, but in the well-being of everyone whose lives they have touched. Vinu, like Viju (and me 😛 ), are all known as ‘terror’ s in business 😀 True. Very true 😀

August 31, today, is when my elder brother Viju and Anu, his wife celebrate 25 years of togetherness 🙂 and Vinu and Tripti, their sixth. They too bask in that silver sheen of happiness!

May the silver glow gift slivers of happiness and health, and comfort and togethernesses, always. God Bless!

Anu and Viju, Tripti and Vinu, along with Arjun, at his wedding 28th June, last year

Anu and Viju, Tripti and Vinu, along with Arjun, at his wedding 28th June, last year

Wishes come to both of you from all of us:

Dad and Mom, Anu’s parents, Tripti’s parents, Kuttan, Indu, Manoj and Mahesh, Kalyani, Karthik, ME, the kids, Archie and Arun, Arjun and Ashwin, along with Pratibha and Neeti, and of course, Appu, Paru and Kuttan; and Blackie and Goldie; and moving further to our innumerable Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, et al – and on behalf of All friends and well-wishers 🙂

It’s a beautiful day, and it just gets better, doesn’t it? Loads of love to both couples… wishes, prayers and blessings too (I know how MUCH you guys like my mush and goo, so I’ll avoid the punchlines here :P)- Have a blast, whenever and wherever you can 🙂 🙂 You do light up so many many lives just being you! Stay blessed!

29 August to 31 August, 2013

For 31 August, 2013

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

4 thoughts on “In the glow of a Silver Sheen…

  1. What a way to wish the familia! Loved the punchlines mingled with loads of affection in the write Usha mam :)Wishes from my side to the lovely couples on their wedding anniversary:)


  2. Finally!! You know what! And… Thanks!!!


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