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The Queen of His Heart …


… and a princess in mine, no less 🙂
That is my younger DIL
(love the way it reads too, in Hindi 🙂 ),
That’s Neeti, for you!


Lovely, lissome, with a sense of humour,
Wit that cracks me up whenever, wherever it cracks 😀
A generosity of the heart;
Empathy, deep and sincere!

These are her gifts
Ones she shares unconditionally!

She is undoubtedly, the only
Who can tame the Lion
With just a word, a hush
A look!

When all the Mother Lioness can do
Is flail, roar as loud as he
Not to mention, sulk – Lion-size
Just as he!

But she? Oh no!
All she needs is say
Why, A—, Why!

The clouds lift
The frown fades
The smiles return
The Queen, she has quite

Charmed the beast.

n n ash1

Absolutely no quarrel on that! 😆

My dearest gurl
The day you found him
And so us, is when, truly
We’ve managed to get a lid
On the tetchy and till-then confounding
Situation that arises
When two Leos refuse to back down 😀

Ah, yes, both those aforesaid Leos
Love ‘Never Back down’
And so they don’t!

You know, of course, exactly what happens
When that happens!
No more, Thank God!

No more! 😆

From the movies to the songs
We’ve shared and enjoyed
Slices of dialogues we gorged on-
“I’m a gooo gurl I am…”
And the epicness of RDJ…

Wooohoooo, gurl!
Is what you make me say!

There’s an uncanny sense of
Sweet sorority, not really maternity
I feel, you know? 😀

You know.
(Now, your Lion’s going to have to figure that one out 😛 )

There are soulmates, in our friends
In the everydayness of familiarity
In the anticipations we hold
With those we love…

Though, especially,
When they aren’t family! 😛

It’s never been that way, with you 🙂
You’re an alter ego;
Someone who’s so me, sometimes
That it’s a joy
A reaffirmation, if you wish
Of my belief
There does exist, an alter-ego

And, Lo!
She can be family too 😀

Though, perhaps, too much, there is, then, of us?
Let me hoot a bit here
(I know you’re joining me, as you read 😆 )

My dearest Neetikutty
Let me this day wish you

Pretty promises that come true

Dreams fulfilling, Monsters running!

Loads of love to envelop you
Linked arms and hearts to catch you
Each time you think
The bottom’s going to fall out!

May you be strong, and healthy
May the joys abound
May the goodness of faith protect you

May you always find love.

Always, but always… and then some more.

We love you, dear one!

Happy Birthday!

(26 August, 2013, through 27 August, 2013)
For 30 August, 2013 🙂

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

5 thoughts on “The Queen of His Heart …

  1. Your choti bahu is lucky to have you as ma in law. I too love the word, choti bahu! I wish I get a bahu like yours and I be a ma in law like you! Waiting for the day! Enjoyed reading about your relationship! Nice!


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