A Quest on Overdrive … :)

An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)


Find that this still holds good, for my views, of about four years ago 🙂 That is why this is shared, with wishes for the best for all observing Women’s Day, today!

A Quest on Overdrive ... 🙂

I have been tagged by Indian Home Maker, on Feminism. I cannot put this off any more, it is too late already, and so, the usual rambles I go on, shall, this time I hope discipline themselves to suit the occasion and deliver themselves with dignity. At the same time I must issue a disclaimer, that at times this post could go way off the topic, entirely due to the writer’s rather delicate frame of mind, in not being able to apply herself fully to the task, having done no research, and having to attempt this from the gut – literally 🙂 Am perched on two cushions, on a rather uncomfortable chair [not having been able to indulge in the one thing I have been longing to buy, a solid straight-backed and supportive wooden arm chair, for my computer as those swivel thingys have not so far done…

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Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

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  1. Went for a long walk before Holi Ho Halla begins and now reading posts of Women’s Day… I remember this one!! 😀


  2. Read it and found it very interesting ..
    have a great day and everyother day tooo


  3. loved reading you views Usha…i too find lot of inspiration all aound me..all we have to do is look around with a clear heart and mind
    the problem in our society is it is comparision obsessed, not that comparisions cant be productive,its just that many a times they are silly
    for instance once i was told wow you do it as well as any man would do..and i was stumped what so you have asumed a man would always do good job and our job is to do as good as they do…
    i dont jobs to be as good as anyone its just me i want to do well thats it
    when Bonita was born and this will come as a shock to you..I asked where the baby was a girl or a boy..the nurses and doctors made sympathetic face and told me dont worry it will be boy next time..what!!!!


    • Soma, I loved your views here! You say it true when you speak of how obsessed the society is with comparisons, which always become counter productive! I’m hardly surprised at the reaction to when Bonita was born! It’s the most insidious thing about our world, here in India! Thank you for being here and sharing of yourself too!


  4. Really liked this one and to work or stay at home or to pursue higher studies , it should be a personal choice with a good communication with one’s spouse. Other people such as relatives and people around have no role in judging us. I really don’t believe in dividing the household tasks to a decimal point between spouses and then fighting over them just because both are working . Home can be a happy place only when both man and woman take an active part doing things they can with out nagging each other and showing superiority and only what works in a family can extrapolate to the larger society as a whole.


    • You know Sunitha, that is such a sensible thing too, that division of labour down to the exact decimal point being quite senseless. However, at the same time there has to be a division of labour, in the family, and an even one at that. How each couple/family works it out is of course a personal thing, but there has to be a sharing for each one to feel part of it, and not too overburdened which can lead to “nagging” as you put it! Does it happen? Very little I should think, hereabouts 🙂 Thank you for the way you shared all of that! God Bless!


  5. Hey Usha I have nominated you for Beautiful Blogger and Very Inspiring Blogger Award
    If you choose to accept the awards please click the link to know more.
    have a great day 🙂


  6. A very well-written article. i fully agree with your views. It’s so amazing that I too wrote one article on my website on the same day, and some of the views are very similar about the domestic helps. Please read my article. I hope you’ll like it.


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