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Why is it that the heavy heart

Never slows down, despite my willing it?

Why does that indefinable, infinitesimal

Infernal lump in my throat still allow me to breathe?

Why, even when I drown in self inflicted silence,

Do words impinge, float, escape, and express themselves?

Even as my heart, my soul curl themselves back

Into the fetal form, closing themselves

Turning inward, why do I still go on

And move, and find myself open



Why cannot I let that period define

And close a labouring life?

Curl my whole self, tightly

Airlessly, compacting myself

Implode, to that zing.


Pulling the plug, within.


26 April, 2012


My Most Beautiful Thing

In the mosaic of existence
Try as I might, I cannot
Pick a speck – for each
Is intertwined

There is bliss
Pure, uncontested;
Revelling in a moment
Lived well;
Finding harmony-
Rarer than a four-leaf clover-
That chances upon you
Elusive, in a blink

That bliss-
Drenching in a sudden shower
A stolen kiss
Revelling –
In the joy of mischief played
In the innocence of the victory then
The harmony
Of a silence, a fierce warm hug

The most beautiful thing is
Being given that chance

To celebrate Life.

24 April, 2012

This is part of my contribution for My Most Beautiful Thing, the Blogsplash where bloggers all over are participating, sharing their moments, pictures, writes, feelings, on this topic. It has been inspired by Fiona Robyn’s book “The Most Beautiful Thing”, which is available on Kindle, for free, today! This page on Facebook,  gives you details, and lots of posts on beautiful things, to read and rejoice in!

24 April, 2012


The Most Beautiful Thing – Blogsplash!

Here’s another tiny ripple into the blogsplash that is happening today. Read on (what I have copy pasted from Shail Mohan 😀 ) to join in:



“What is your most beautiful thing?

Is it your one year old niece’s golden smile? The pale pink peony buds in your garden? A silver ring given to you by your grandmother? Your shiny red Vespa scooter? Is your most beautiful thing a place or a moment? Is it a philosophy or a value?

On Tuesday the 24th of April, I’m taking part in a Blogsplash to celebrate beautiful things, inspired by Fiona Robyn’s new novel, ‘The Most Beautiful Thing‘.

People all over the world will be blogging, tweeting & writing about their own most beautiful thing.

You could post a photo or write a prose piece about your most beautiful thing. You could write a small stone or show us a piece of artwork you’ve made in honour of your most beautiful thing. It’s completely up to you. You could be extravagant and post a whole series of your most beautiful things.

Writing Our Way Home are making a directory of everyone who’s taking part, and they will also re-post their favourite entries on their blog over the following month.”

My post will be in by tonight 🙂 🙂 (Hopefully!)

I do hope all the readers here will also join in, in whatever way you could! (And no, I have not yet read the book,  but I sure hope to! The book will be available on Kindle, for free, today and tomorrow, for those taking part 🙂 )

24 April, 2012



Disappointment has a rancid taste.
One you don’t expect;
One that will, each time,
Take you by surprise.

No matter that you anticipate,
Expect and avoid, simultaneously.
No matter that you know
It will somehow sneak in.

Contrary as it seems
There is a pattern.

Each time, the same.
The build-up to expectation.
The garnering of shreds
Of feeling, tangible and otherwise.
The neglect of  the knowing.
The  ignorance.

The pattern falling in place.

And you tell yourself.
I know. I knew!
I’ve learnt my lesson.


20 April, 2012


Of Beginnings; Of Birthdays and a Sorority to Cherish :)

It’s a beginning, once again. A cycle of time, regenerates itself, in different parts of our land. Today, the 13th April, it is Baisakhi, it is Bihu, a time to celebrate a harvest, a start, a closure too. Tomorrow, 14th April, it is Vishu, and yet another Medam, (the first month in the Lunar Calendar, in Kerala) takes birth. The link to the post on Vishu has been receiving visitors aplenty, and that is why it is linked here, so that those who wish to know more about it may just pop thataway and do so 🙂 And for the setting of the Vishukani, you could get a bit of Mother’s Advice here 😀 (The post is Vishuaashamsagal…)

The best wishes of the season to each and everyone. May the glorious golden of the Konna Flowers bestow that selfsame richness in each aspect of your lives, touching it with prosperity and good fortune!


The month of April is wonderful for other reasons too! My first born, Arjun, celebrates his birthday, and so do other loved ones. My elder brother, Viju, Commodore V.K. Pisharody, on the day after Vishu.

This year, I want to spread my net of gladness, and send out loving wishes to other Ariens who have touched my life, inspiring, scaffolding, being supportive, being the patient listening ear, being part of the sorority that has surrounded me with the deepest empathy and given me the benediction of their friendship, unconditionally and unerringly known each time I needed to have a shoulder to lean on, and bawl my head off, figuratively, of course 😛 :P! Well on occasion, literally as well.

My dearest friends, this is to wish each of you
A day and year filled with laughter, and nothing blue
Moments spent in gladness, each day anew
May worries and stresses, be far, and few
All love, and God’s Blessings, I do wish YOU 🙂 🙂

Elsie Abraham, for the 14th April

Omana Vasudevan, for the 18th April

Renuka Menon, for the 19th April

Ladies, you are the best there is!!! This post is entirely dedicated to each of you! Advance wishes for a Great Day, followed by the best year, so far! I pray that each of you finds that life unfolds in just the way you wished it would! 🙂 🙂

Beautiful songs, too, to go with the wishes: Below 🙂 🙂

That’s What Friends Are For  

BY Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Gladys Knight


Another link to the same song which has an amazing quatret singing this song – Dionne Warwick, Whitney Huston, Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder!


And yes, I will always look to you, for succor and support as I have been, all these years 🙂 Thank you for being part of what makes me ME 🙂 🙂 The song below says it all!

I Look to You, Whitney Huston:


Once again, Vishuaashamsagal to one and all!

(P.S. Sorry it’s such a linky linky post 😛 😛 )

13 April, 2012