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Ode – I


If it could be like this

You and me and happiness
till past
Eternity.If it didn’t have to be
just an interlude
in the misty, nebulous
world of dreams!

If only all this
were true-
that you’re still with me
walking this road together…

I miss you, my friend.
The part of me that you were
Will always be yours..
Till that promised

Past Eternity…

10 December, ’85


Picture, Courtesy: profile.myspace.com

A re-post again… 🙂 Pushed up from the bottom of the list, in February when this was first posted. Just came across this today and decided to refresh it 🙂

This write has a sequel of sorts :)… Do read, if time and inclination permit:)

Ode – II


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

18 thoughts on “Ode – I

  1. ohh wowww…loved it so much!! so real…so amazing….its as if u wrote some of my feelings…sooo very nice!!”If it could be like thisAlways-You and me and happinesstill pastEternity.If it didn’t have to beplay-acting,make-believe:just an interludein the misty, nebulousworld of dreams!”lovely lines usha….really!! n d rest too…all of it…beautiful!! 🙂


  2. read both..Ode-I was to the point…2nd one needed a re-reading session for me to completely grasp the meaning..:Dnice work


  3. Priyanka, thanks for the warm words for the write!! Really glad to have you share in it too!Praveen.. 🙂 Thanks for reading both.. :)If it puzzled you, then i guess i did succeed.. lol.. in making it seem rather so!!


  4. Love it! “If it could be like thisAlways-You and me and happinesstill pastEternity.”Ahhh! Beautiful. And also”…The part of me that you wereWill always be yours..Till that promisedPast Eternity…”Glad you are reposting, I will get to read them. 🙂


  5. Shail, 🙂 Thank you! Glad that you could drop by and read it too!IHM, am really a newbie at this: both blogging and being tagged.. 🙂 Do give me instructions [that i can do well, follow instructions, ie :)) Thanks, also, for tagging me 🙂


  6. nice one…. loved reading both.. 🙂


  7. alagappan, thank you for the visit, and the note 🙂


  8. “I miss you, my friend.The part of me that you wereWill always be yours..Till that promisedPast Eternity…”Lucky someone :), if you wouldn’t mind me saying so…Beautiful…


  9. “past eternity”!!! wow! you give a new dimension to hyperbole Usha. and “nebulous dreams”! where do get those adjectives!! have you published any poems? you can totally bring out an anthology 😀


  10. Mahita, thank you .. indeed that would be a lucky someone, lol! I wish… LOL! Roopa, ahem, ahem! The P word! Only this kind of online publishing has ever happened to me, ;)! I don’t think there’s be any taker for this sort of mush and goo that forms a lot of my writing, 🙂 !! So thank you immensely for the faith! Honoured 🙂


  11. nice…. i sent the link to the fist one to my girlfriend….not saying that the second one was not good..but somehow it did not appeal to me as the first one…but yaeh the forst one….amzing…salutes maam


  12. read it again…n loved it again…so commenting again…haha… ;)really beautiful….i see myself here…dis is wht i feel too…its sooo lovely…


  13. hey..why dont u join writer’s lounge…its a group blog with many talented ppl…it wud b great to have u there….its http://www.weandwords.blogspot.comgive me ur email id if u wish to join in..


  14. The army guy, VS 🙂 thanks for that heartwarming note; esp that you sent this to your gf.. 🙂 🙂 Hope it has the desired effect.. :)Priyanka, now that is really lovely of you to keep coming back, and also for the invite:) Have put in my bit there, at the blog 🙂 Thanks!!! Though, of course, I wonder if at all there is much I can do there! The posts are really nice!


  15. Beautiful as ever! 1985? My God, I wasn’t even in this world! This is a truly ‘out-of-the-world’ poem! Seriously, it’s very well written, just touches your soul. Friends are such an important part of our lives, and somewhere we realize their true worth only after they leave, I can identify with this beautifully! I miss my school friends badly, and this poem makes me miss them more…:|


  16. i loved this, absolutely!Nice one, Usha :-)wishes!devika


  17. Tara, lol, yes… 1985… and that goes a long way back na? :)My first born was born then.. :)Thanks for the lovely words for the write! Devika, Hi :)Thank you too, for being able to drop by at a few of the writes here! Really glad you could share in this as well!


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