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The storm tossed leaves
on those trees
so reflect my inner turmoil.

Bits of hope
Shreds of despair;
warring and joining.
Joy and sorrow too,
those inevitable companions
undeniable rivals
for life’s affections…

Churning in the sea of life.

The clouds must
break someday
And the wind cannot
blow forever.

Maybe, just maybe
the sun will shine
again, someday soon….

Just for me??

16 November’92


Another one of aeons ago 🙂
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Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

13 thoughts on “Storm

  1. first one to comment…..yipppeeeeee….thts some honour….yaaaa….awesome post….took me by storm….hope the sun has finally shined just for u atleast once in all these yrs….written in ’92….whoa….too good usha….i simply loved the line ‘churning in the sea of life’….seems both of us hv been looking into our old diaries of late…he he….n yaaa….appu liked it too….asked me to tell u without fail….:)


  2. wow!!This is just beautiful!Loved the way you have described life in terms of storm!!!


  3. oh..gr8..one from the pages of history..16 years..I was still grappling with A,B,C,D then :Pand one your simplest of peoms


  4. The most optimistic poem I’ve ever read! Very well penned…just too good for words. It fills me with a new vigor, a new life 🙂 Beautiful 🙂 Yes, the sun will shine very soon!


  5. Wow! ’92. I was three…The clouds mustbreak somedayAnd the wind cannotblow forever.Descriptive as ever! Stormy, shaky, fighting hope. Frankly, the pictures interleaved produce their own anticlimatic effect, intended or not. Boy, am I glad to be back here reading. Exams are such hell.


  6. Hey, I am the first one to comment here :-)A ‘day’ without sunshine is like a ‘night’.Cheers,Salil


  7. Sandeep, and Appu, lol!! Glad that you’re glad too, to be the first here.. And yes, for paucity of visits by the muse, I fall back on old writes, which are there, on demand! Thanks for the good words for the write, and yes, do give my regards to Appu too.. :)Meena, thanks 🙂 Praveen, lol yes, one from the pages of history indeed.. :D! It seems like a long way off, but then again, some things just don’t age… :D! [Shall include myself there.. hehehe ]!!! Thanks :)Tara, thank you 🙂 That is such a sweet note too, and the way you say you take away such positivity, well, that touches me too! Thanksss!Aareet, good to see you here!!! Missed your poetry and missed, even more, your insights 🙂 Well, I did think of not putting pictures, but then Soumya taught me how to insert pics in between the writes, and now it’s become a sort of freaky obsession with me , I suspect.. lol! Thanks for being here! Tiptoe.. was lovely too!Salil, hehehe.. with comment moderation on, it must have seemed so.. 🙂 But you know what? The 🙂 along with the note is heartwarming…:) Thank you, thank you!!!


  8. those inevitable companionsandundeniable rivalsfor life’s affections…Churning in the sea of life.The blend of nature and ups and downs of life is so so beautiful and wholesome here, that the poem brings in a breath of fresh air after a pleasant storm. Missed reading from you, was missing poetry too. Storm settles it in. 🙂


  9. oh by the way, The blog looks absolutely superb and more than techie. Everything in place.You can write a ‘How To’ guide for that. we will be thoroughly sponsoring that with enthusiasm. hehe.


  10. Welcome back Soumya 🙂 Missed hearing from you too, and though this is one you have read before, am glad you stopped by to tell me all over again!! Really did miss you 🙂 thanks, as always!!


  11. Heheeh.. Soumya, now that is like really rubbing it in.. Learnt most of it from you only…and being curiouser than the cat helps.. :)This is one note to treasure, for sure! Coming from a Master 🙂 Thanks!!!


  12. Back then I hated anything with texts, sixteen years hence words hate me as much!How I crave to gulp down the essence of each line!Life has been the storm. We are not tossed in calm waters!


  13. so full of hope , thank u for this 🙂


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