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We… CAN!


Can we-
Ever, but never

Put aside masks

So part of us?
I’m human-
Oh? I’m Super-human!
Uh-Oh! I’m Super-duper-Human!
And so speaks
The Social Conscience,
In all those (ph)(f)aces
Of our existence!

I wonder,
Yet again-
Can we
Someday, sometime
Merge our colours
Into the stream
That once was?

(The Greens, The Reds
The Saffrons…
Strand by strand
Thin myopic reeds, like veins
Dispersing, dispensing, insidiously
Into the bloodstream of a populace
To tinge, stain, mark

Fuse again, into that pure white
Light of the knowledge
That we are indeed built
Upon that cell, with the
Same stream of Consciousness
Running through its memory!

Are we so far gone
Down that wilderness
As a rampant equine
Without blinkers?
That we shall not ever
See the wood for the trees?
(Or is it the other way around?)

Can we
Right There.
Just stop.
And think.
Know. Believe. Act.

Rewind to that
Moment of Truth
When a Great Soul
Told us-
At that Midnight tryst
We Can! We did!

And down the
Chute of time
We undid…

How I wish we’d
Strive again,
And know!

Can’t We?



5 November, 2008

(Gandhiji’s Picture, courtsey, theinspirationroom.com)


In wait, for the indomitable human spirit to rise again, here – an echo of which we heard this day, in the U S of A!
Also Congratulations to Mr Barack Obama, for being the harbinger of a possibility that we should explore 🙂 The possibility, of course, being the clarion call he made for Unity of all the colour, creed, orientation, class, political ideology!!
I believe, that it is possible:) With the Children of Today… Can’t we tell them at least that? That They Can… ? Teach them the wonder of the uplifting song called

The Impossible Dream

from that timeless movie on Don Quixote, “The Man from La Mancha”

Also, I just came across this on Youtube.. And it charmed me no end!!!

Gandhi’s words in this Telecom Italia TV ad:

“If you want to give a message it must be a message of ‘Love’, it must be a message of ‘Truth’. I want to capture your hearts. Let your hearts clap in unison with what I’m saying. A friend asked yesterday, ‘Did I believe in one world?’ How can I possibly do otherwise, of course I believe in one world”.


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

18 thoughts on “We… CAN!

  1. ah! a different genre from you, i guezz!! mergin of colours and creed, for the one world!! a write thatz introspective n at de time has this shade of optimism…! inspiring, trulyyyyyy!!!


  2. Clap Clap!!Awesome write and an awesome message that stirs the souls.and yup thats one of my fav videos too :)and I believe WE can and WE will infact WE have already begun subtly though 🙂


  3. Sash.. great to have u here, at the top spot! Thanks a ton, for the note, and for the recognition of teh genre.. lol! You know how it is with me.. always curiouser than that Cheshire Cat, hehehe!Shal… 🙂 Thanks, and indeed we could do with more and more and lots more of such optimism. We can!


  4. a great poem to match the great speech…and that too at such a short notice..:Dthe speech reminded me of the ‘I have a dream’ speech at many parts especially the way he delivered it..and that ad…one of my alltime favs..a classic!


  5. Oh my God, this gave me goose bumps!Absolutely awesome. Love the message…More than just one message.I too believe in one world. Can’t We?WeCan? Yes, we can. We will. Let me take a look at the video now.


  6. Praveen, indeed there were times, especially when one of the news channels [I forget which:)], split the screen showing both Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. , that the magic of that speech came to the fore.. However the We Can, of Obama’s came quietly, and with elan.. an assurance.. and it was quite inspiring.. as you mention, this is an impromptu write, [and so suffers the vagaries of that haste:)]. Still I wanted to share it..thanks for a great note, and appreciation!And more.. thanks… hehehe.. for helping me with the Video..Indebted for all the help :)IHM.. I so wanted to share this with you, since you are part of the inspiration for the write, and I am glad that you could drop by! Thanks for the resonance you found, and the warmth of your reassurance!


  7. Very well penned! Beautiful as always 🙂 It took a while to read this, my mind kept rushing back to memories…what I uninterestedly studied in History, I could see it all in color, running in front of my eyes…”I wonder,….that once was?”My favorite here :)We can? (with a question mark?)We can. (with a full stop. 🙂


  8. The cynic that I am , I split the possibility into further strands in the poem I wrote on my blog. This one is filled with optimism. I am not sure when I would write an truly optimistic piece ! Good work. I liked the lines “The Greens, The Reds…” . I hope that the democracy he talked about to be world democracy and not just for USA. Yeah world democracy where there is chance for every one to disagree.


  9. Well, I am back. Your writing has an unsatiable quality Usha. I read through a whole lot of it, but you are too prolific :).I loved Loquacious, I am a mushy romantic at heart. What is the Japanese connection – senryu, haiku, tanka? and even kamikaze? I am a horrible versifier, and I know how tough it can be to write readable verses — and you excel in it!


  10. i wud not have succeeded in giving u goosebumps…but u did….this was different stuff from u daa….loved it nonetheless….the best thing i like about u is the way u keep on exploring new pastures….n are never found wanting…commendable daaa…we can…we should….we will….Gandhiji said, ,


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.


  12. Hi Usha, I got here from your profile..:) I wonder if you remember the Giggly writes.. you made a link on Ah poetry :)I’ve got my blog now.. and would love it if u could just take a look sometime…And yes, I like this, the positivity in it, really. I want to believe we can!


  13. Tara, 🙂 I can imagine about the History part; me too 🙂 and now it comes back, doesn’t it? lol! Thanks also for the emphatic “.” at the end!!Trinath, I too hope that it would be a time to hope for; a time when these ideals would be translated into action! I hold that optimism 🙂 Thanks for the note and the encouragement!Roopa, blushing now.. 🙂 with all those delightful words on the rambles.. 🙂 I’ve always admired the lyric poetry of the Japanese way, where you have to be very careful of syllable counts and things.. just an interest that is all 🙂 No other connections, lol! Thanks for dropping by again, and sharing those words :)Sandeep, hehehe.. ! And Wow! For this note to treasure 🙂 Well, it was goosebumps there… the almost was unintended!! Lol!Indeed, good use of all those modals, can, should and will.. 🙂 In the land of Gandhi, it is but our duty too, to .. :)Meena, 🙂 Thank you!Giggly, oh my… of course i do remember your laughter riots.. cant wait to read them again on your blog.. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words here! And thank yuo for letting me know!


  14. Of course we can!! What a delightful thought expressed excellently. Especially loved the lines:I wonder,Yet again-Can weSomeday, sometimeMerge our coloursInto the streamThat once was?(The Greens, The RedsThe Saffrons…Strand by strandThin myopic reeds, like veinsDispersing, dispensing, insidiouslyInto the bloodstream of a populaceTo tinge, stain, markIndelibly!)Fuse again, into that pure whiteLight of the knowledgeThat we are indeed builtUpon that cell, with theSame stream of ConsciousnessRunning through its memory!Lovely!!


  15. This post made me introspect! It should make anyone think deep into the purpose of one’s life, how life can itself be bettered by not being superhuman but by superhuman efforts while still being an ordinary underdog! Are we so far goneDown that wildernessAs a rampant equineWithout blinkers?That we shall not everSee the wood for the trees?Yes, we have indeed gone way too far into confusion, into a wild lust for material things, while forsaking people! We, those who proudly claim to be abreast with the latest happenings of the world, can never match the integrity or will of our parents! It will be very interesting to watch the next generation grow! Wonderful lines and a great video in company! Thanks very much! CheersRakesh


  16. WE CAN?Every question mark with WE is just the reflection of the progressive but form of I/Me. More than WE, its time to reflect WHY and WHAT? If we coerce ourselves to same WHYs and WHATs. The entangled triangle of could->would->should should self preserve interests! If we are even half way through this vision, WE CAN benchmark wouldn't seem that far sighted!


  17. “Can we- Ever, but never Put aside masks So part of us?”Charade has become a part of every human’s life and the retrospection, though shall give food for thought, I wonder if we will act!“And down the Chute of time We undid…”Which can be undone again!!! … through time, through the grit of men and women, with iron will and determination… WE can make a difference.Lovely post, again! Introspective, thought provoking, subtle yet bold.


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