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Microblog Mondays 2: The import of Culture

You’re probably wondering whether you want to read this at all, going by the number of “culture”d posts that are growing on the internet thanks to the event of the Moment that the whole world and its Mother-in-law are talking about! I refer, of course, to the KissOfLove Event that played out yesterday, in our neighbouring district, which then took over even National Television when the “protestors” invaded what would have been a peaceful, love-filled demonstration of the real thing behind what two flowers head-butting each other in movies of yore indicate 😀

I smile as I write this, having just come away from reading Shail’s perspective on the whole idea of it, on her blog (link)! But that smile stops there, when I recall a forward sent to me by father, with this picture. I don’t need to add more words!


While there are always people who would condemn, flay such notions behind events such as these liberal and life-enhancing ones, it is the argument they use that infuriates one. Culture; our culture; our Sadaacharam – or the right way to do things; where, the word aacharam means conventions, traditions et al. We speak of “Aarsha Bharata Samskaram” – the way of the Rishis; and this has been brilliantly contracted by none other than a discerning young and strong voice, Navmi’s, in contracting it to the first letter of each of the three words – Aa Bha Sam – Aabhasam – ironically, this means vulgarity. Again,  I do NOT need to say more.


Culture to me means humane living – in my space, and letting yours be yours.  🙂

3 November, 2014

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