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Microblog Mondays 2: The import of Culture


You’re probably wondering whether you want to read this at all, going by the number of “culture”d posts that are growing on the internet thanks to the event of the Moment that the whole world and its Mother-in-law are talking about! I refer, of course, to the KissOfLove Event that played out yesterday, in our neighbouring district, which then took over even National Television when the “protestors” invaded what would have been a peaceful, love-filled demonstration of the real thing behind what two flowers head-butting each other in movies of yore indicate 😀

I smile as I write this, having just come away from reading Shail’s perspective on the whole idea of it, on her blog (link)! But that smile stops there, when I recall a forward sent to me by father, with this picture. I don’t need to add more words!


While there are always people who would condemn, flay such notions behind events such as these liberal and life-enhancing ones, it is the argument they use that infuriates one. Culture; our culture; our Sadaacharam – or the right way to do things; where, the word aacharam means conventions, traditions et al. We speak of “Aarsha Bharata Samskaram” – the way of the Rishis; and this has been brilliantly contracted by none other than a discerning young and strong voice, Navmi’s, in contracting it to the first letter of each of the three words – Aa Bha Sam – Aabhasam – ironically, this means vulgarity. Again,  I do NOT need to say more.


Culture to me means humane living – in my space, and letting yours be yours.  🙂

3 November, 2014

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Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

16 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays 2: The import of Culture

  1. Well I am not sure what to say .. I think in my own little mind we the people are very selective in what we like and when we like .. THe above poster says it all and It is so true.. there will be BANDHS strikes is a movie shows some steamy scenes , YET that movie probably will make a lot of money the reason being MANY people go to watch just for that scene.. Yet we make such a big thing of it ..

    On the other hand a PErson is going about his business against a wall, in full public view that is not seem as Vulgarity .. I wonder why I never heard about a STRIKE taking place by the same organisations against such vulgar scenes that happen on our streets

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  2. I was thinking about writing something on this particular issue myself. Though having second thoughts, but I might write one anyway. Let me join the gang of armchair analyst this time.

    This is an event which was not supposed to be violent but turned out to be one. The supporters as well as the people who agitated against the issue must understand few very important things.

    We have a culture (the values we only talk off). We need to respect that as we are part of it. Yes you do have rights to hold your friends hand in public, but why cant you just limit it to that if people around you arent as liberal as you are. Yes you do have your rights to express, but , why do My dear Keralites only talk of Freedom of Expression, why we talk of rights!! Where does the reformer or activist hides when we witness eve teasing or when people refuse to vacate seats reserved for ladies and elderly. Simple acts which might make you really feel really good.

    For the agitators, give me a break guys. We have much bigger issues than people kissing on the road. Where are the roads by the way! Where are the basic road etiquettes… etc etc..

    I guess I have too much to say. A blog is better to express rather than a comment here. Hope it sees light soon.

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  3. I think it’s high time India (which includes me) climbs down from its high horse and stops harping on the culture tune! Enough is enough! What kind of culture are we talking about where girls are raped and murdered … People are chauvinistic about language, region, religion and what not…And oh yes any mention of this point of view will quickly get the reaction that problems exist in other parts of the world so why only talk about India or that every tradition has meaning and what not…I think we should simplify our life and live and let live! And as you summed it up in the last line! Couldn’t agree more

    Random Thoughts Naba..#MicroblogMondays: Gardens & Books Read

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  4. There’s a saying that goes like in tamil – “What we have seen and enjoyed are the same ones that you are going through”. I feel it reflects better in its original language.
    Everyone has been through these in their life – kissing or whatever. In those olden days, when that culture originated, people were more accepting of these facts in the life of a human being. Becoming society animals has been the culprit to all these problems, imposing rules after rules and failing the humanity in everyone.

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    • In a sense Uma, you do speak of a certain truth I too have observed especially with my grandparents – who were so much more open-minded that a lot of young people these days! Thank you for sharing of yourself here!

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  5. This is the first I am hearing about it, so I’m glad you wrote about it. Off to Google to read more.

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  6. I like your definition of culture. Definitely worth following, that. The world around seems to have their own ideas on what is acceptable and not. The thing is, each seems desperate to press into us that that idea is the right one, and not our own.

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  7. A few lines from me on culture: The culture we know as of now has been added to from time to time down the ages, by people openly and willingly accepting new things, by being forced to accept certain others, and also by just such acts of defiance against established norms from a different time period. Culture is not something fixed that cannot or should not be changed. There is nothing called “our” culture. Many of what we *think* is *our culture* has come from the various cultures around the world, been gradually assimilated and accepted as our own.

    It is funny to see what people accept as culture without questioning, pissing in public being one of them, obviously. 😛
    Yesterday I saw a pompous ass on TV, some local goonda, holding forth on nammude samskaram and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. All the upholders of sadacharam are talking through their collective hats. I won’t be surprised to see them say in a few years that our culture demands that women cover their heads and face. They will even swear on their Gods that it has been our culture since time immemorial, even as they keep pissing by the roadside because that you see cannot change as it falls under Freedom of Expelling Bodily Fluids (for men).

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    • Despairing though I am, Shail, of the situation, while I nod my head in agreement with you, I cannot help but laugh at how they shall demand of women all of those things, because…”because that you see cannot change as it falls under Freedom of Expelling Bodily Fluids (for men).” That says it all.
      Thank you Shail!

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