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GenX Teacher, Anyone?


We’re already here, the GenX and the “teachers” of the GenX. As an alleged member of that profession, “teacher” that is, I must attempt to define my take on it. Please be advised to bring a huge dollop of your sense of humour, and keep an open mind. It’s absolutely essential when you read what you are going to. As our beloved Lalettan has already mouthed, in his much admired role of Dr. Sunny in “Manichitrathaazhu”, I shall attempt to break all conventional rules of  yada yada as far as the perceptions of today’s teacher’s role is concerned. Please also be aware that this here is only a pretend teacher, who is going to have a whale of a time, giggling all the way. Duh. 😛

A moot point here is: does the GenNeXt need a “Teacher” to teach at all? This has been variously perceived and every single inservice workshop I have attended, has attended to this point – rather creating awareness in us, of our extremely delicate role – fragile really when you think of how SO indispensable we are NOT. Pulled a double negative on you in case you did not understand. Try doing a math on that. 😛 My holsters are free, and my hands are itching to give a shot a go – after having done one bundle of papers so far. Which is why I treasure this, from D (psst, his blog is here –LINK )

His words when he shared this picture on FB: "And, to think, there are good souls out there saving us from THIS! Thank you, Sensei :')"

His words when he shared this picture on FB:
“And, to think, there are good souls out there saving us from THIS!
Thank you, Sensei :’)”

Thank you for joining in the shared laughter.

Yes. I am a self confessed Nazi when it comes to correct grammar and spelling. Unapologetically, but not fanatically so. I mean, if a Nazi cannot be fanatic, well, that’s me 🙂 Back to the neXtGen. 🙂 They certainly do NOT need one for the Grammar; enough interaction, meaningful ones, online will soon wise them up 🙂

So? Maybe …

1. Parents are too close to make  objectively subjective learning happen?

Case in point, the kind of attention, too much of it, that parents tend to give, sometimes smothering them entirely, is relieved to a certain extent when they are but one of the many in a classroom? Take a look at this one 🙂

I like the term "individual neglect" :P

I like the term “individual neglect” 😛

Though, for a fact, I know of some teachers too, who do smother 🙂 🙂

2. There is a need for directions, sometimes, even if you want to get lost?


And who better than a teacher, to ensure she/he gets lost in the right direction? It CAN happen – has happened, I KNOW 🙂

3. Something, there is, that wants you to do it… your heart says so 🙂

I love this one!

I love this one!

4. .. sometimes they DO need you to tell them things … even though they CAN look it up themselves!



5. Because you do have these convictions, like Miss Wormwood, even though you aren’t hemmed by it? And you love that Calvin in your class! (Pssst. I have one, and if he’s reading this, I hope he knows too ❤ )



6. Because there is a joy in the crazy crazy absolutely weird explanations that come! I know, as would a whole lot of others in this “profession” know too… 🙂

Tee hee :)

Tee hee 🙂

7. They don’t really need you to learn content, but yes, courtesies? Respect? Be inspired? Like we were? The teacher is certainly not God, not anymore, thanks to Google, but a committed teacher most certainly is a fine role model – especially if she/her is the sort who does not impose herself upon the learner – like this one. NB – the notions of the cartoon below are just for the laugh. It is amazing that I do know people who make this happen – let kids think, for themselves 🙂



8. there are times when the class is thisaway, and your thoughts are OHMYGODWHYAMIHEREways, you still want to be there, and make a difference. 🙂



In fact, if not in my class, I know several whose classes are ALWAYS this way, except when they are taking a test 😛 😛 Students (of whichever school 😛 ), I know will instantly connect 😀

9. one sometimes needs to teach a “lesson” or two in paying attention? 😛



10. Or help solve the identity crises that are as contagious as are rampant these days? 😛


Homeschooled, informally schooled or not schooled perhaps – education does happen; it is this natural learning, that I believe, should happen, learning for life, instead of for examinations. However our system is yet to be equipped to meet that particular challenge, though there is an attempt at it.

Last Saturday, on 30 August, we had a wonderful workshop on a topic so terribly important this day and age. A topic that has been introduced as a one period a week subject – Believe it or Not – Gender Sensitivity. The funny thing was that the period had been included in the timetable, but sufficient training was not done – as in the case with all of CBSE’s endeavours. They act , then wait for the reaction, before then supporting their act 😀 😀

However, this very important and pertinent topic was addressed by CBSE’s Resource Person, who is also a psychologist – Ms. Usha Anand. The full day session was an eye-opener, even for me, who prided myself for being very open minded, and gender sensitive! One interesting exercise, to kick off the day’s business was identifying 10 adjectives each, in our groups, to describe a girl, and a boy. Teacher’s given such work, are enthusiastic, judgemental and over-the-top! She asked us to share the words for a girl first –

Sample this: modest, shy, responsible, honest, pretty, long hair, strong, sweet, yada yada

Then she asks, aren’t boys shy? aren’t they responsible?, honest?, have long hair?… you get it, don’t you?

Dumbfounded. That’s what we were! We spoke of equality and equity – distinctive! We shared experiences from our own classes, did role plays where gender stereotypes are enforced, or broken (rarely!) and all the while we (at least some of us) learned!! At the end of it all was the reality check: You won’t achieve all of this in this year, she said, in fact it is going to take years! But. BUT, what was most important was that we needed to re-think first, before we even thought of taking it to class- start the process, at least, both in class and in our minds, and let it work its way through. Unless we opened our minds, nothing was going to happen likewise. Truly enlightening. Whether it is going to happen remains to be seen. But the seed is sown, and in a fertile, giving mind and heart, it will take root. I take hope from that!

Wishes for the day, to all those who teach, who mentor, who support and scaffold. To everyone on each School’s staff, both teaching and non teaching; you oil the wheels of the future of the nation! May you do that to the best of your ability! God Bless!

To the students, learner groups, everywhere- YOU are the reason we are. Thank you, for you. 🙂 ❤

2 September, 2014, for 5 September, 2014


All these excellent cartoons belong entirely to their owners – and I’m sorry I couldn’t ask personally, for permission to use them – all copyright to the rightful owners! I merely googled the title, and then teacher cartoons 😀

When I googled images for the post, my first set of keywords were the title itself, and it took me to this blog. You’ll find it interesting reading: Gen X Teacher (link)

Also, this is blog tradition – doing a Teachers’ Day post each year 🙂 The previous years’ posts are given below. Click on the year to read 🙂





For more Teacher Tales, on this blog, check out the new tab on the Menu 😀 “Teacher Tattle” or simply click HERE 😀

*** Edited to add, on 5 Sept 🙂

I was sent this power point presentation, by a young lass, who has been in my class only a year, a couple of years ago 🙂 With it came the instruction that I was NOT to open it till today morning 🙂 Am really touched, Sreelakshmi, and I hope you don’t mind my sharing it here 🙂 🙂 Click on the “FOR YOU” to see the ppt 🙂


Author: Usha Pisharody

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11 thoughts on “GenX Teacher, Anyone?

  1. Happy Teacher’s Day to the wonderful teacher that you are and all the teachers i’ve ever known. Loads of respect and love for all that all of you do!

    …entertaining post, yet again!

    I went to the gen x teacher blog and the discussion around that one girl’s comment – made for an interesting read! So thanks for that too!


  2. Happy Teacher’s Day!
    I’m not surprised Ms. Usha Anand’s session was an eye-opener. Many prejudices (connected to gender, religion, caste, region, language, etc., etc.) are so deeply ingrained in us that we do not even realize they exist! We have a long way to go before we get rid of these prejudices, but as you rightly said, “the seed is sown, and in a fertile, giving mind and heart, it will take root.”


    • Thank you PI. 🙂
      Indeed that was one of the most pertinent and relevant workshops we’ve had in a long long time. I’d like to think that even if one person is a bit more open than she/he was before, then it has made sense. The root is settling.


  3. Wow! I find the fact that you had a session on ‘Gender Sensitivity’ very VERY promising. And am sure you had a lovely discussion session too 🙂
    Oh, and Happy Teachers Day 🙂


    • Thank you Navmi 🙂
      Very Promising? Definitely. I know we have these random discussion, a lot LOT more these days in our Staff Room – but then that room is one of the better and more grounded spaces in school! 🙂


  4. ha ha – Individual neglect – I like it too…its high time Usha…let them learn on their own instead of all those spoon-feeding sessions !
    OMG !! LOL at #4 😀 😀

    And what a lovely discussion on “Gender sensitivity” – it makes me think how we got it all wrong !!
    Anyway, where there is learning, there is growth and with a teacher like you around, the students are really blessed. Hugs Usha 🙂


    • Uma, thank you so much 🙂
      That discussion was one of the much needed eye-openers we really needed to have.
      And more than the students, I think we, who work with them, are more blessed to have had this chance too 🙂


  5. Said then. WIll say it again. You inspire. Reading your teacher learner posts always leaves me with a smile. YOU are the reason so many still believe in us.

    Liked by 1 person

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