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This has got to be one of the silliest ever in terms of rhyme, so please bear with this rambler 😀

When words curdle
From their easy flow
It means your thoughts scramble
From feelings that strongly blow.

So letters detached
From words, once attached
Create mayhem in meaning
(And) the rambler in confusion, wondering…

What went sour?

The words?

Or their meaning?

26 September, through to 1 October 😀


Microblog Mondays 1: Shaking off the dust!

Dust motes have always enthralled me. The way it brings to life the sunbeam that light them up – a traverse oblique path of possibilities! And yet we shake it off; wipe it away; ruffle it up; all to make life more spic and span? But dust that settles and heals those cracks in your soul and heart, what of it? What of that warm comforting pixie dust of pure magic? There’s dust, and there’s dust; and this post is to dust off that which must be, from this blog; so as to allow the magical dust motes to once again flourish in words and blog posts 🙂 🙂

Just a bit of that pixie dust is what I evoke this Monday 🙂 Need all of that magic to get through a tough week ahead! Stay blessed, and may magic pixie dust light your way too!

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This is part of #MicroblogMondays; click on the picture to be taken to the link 🙂 that will tell you what it’s about!