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Nit-Picker’s Ballad


On the loveless shores of dissatisfaction
He wanders, dark and sombre.
She said she loved him, you see.
And he wonders why.

You, the reader, would now smell a skunk.
You don’t? You’re supposed to. There!
Why does he wonder why! Because, you think?
Fine. But why?

He wonders, that’s why.
Now, why he should, does it matter at all?
No, you think? Why not, I ask.

Walking the shores, with promises of love
Given endless dreams, and lustrous hopes
A hand held warm, a heart cosseted gently
Why would he wonder? Why should he?

But then he is that alter ego of everyman
The one that never takes on trust,
The one that fell foul of love
The one who found no love within.

And yet that one, too, is he
That quietly stood, and braved the angst
When she lost her mooring.
Gathered her when she was washed ashore
From a tumultuous voyage, bereft, and battered.
She knew. Though he did not.
Saviour he was not. Survivor, he was.
As was she.

A pause to this tale, here now;
To tell you how love, it creeps upon you.
Perhaps to envelope, perhaps to smother,
But always to fill each pore, till replete it is.
And so it was, with her. She knew.
And so it was, with him. He did not.

So there comes, then, this moment:
Survivor to survivor; the honesty of a heart,
The unfathomable depths of utterance
And the incomprehensible betrayal of the ear.

She confessed. He ran.
In circles, on that loveless shore afore mentioned.
What then? The storyteller is asked.
What then? And you wait with bated breath.
Willing a fairy tale to happen.
Knowing that some things are never to be.

Will he stay?
Will she accept, then?

But ah! The threads, they dissemble, the weave fragmented…
And the spell of the storyteller is broken.
He sighs. His gnarled fingers wrap themselves around his staff.
And on, he plods.

Thinking, dreaming, of what could have been.
Had he stayed.

1 March, 2013
Online, on yet another silly line of thought 🙂

Part II of this ballad, so-called, is here (LINK) – edited to add on 18 Jan, 2015

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

15 thoughts on “Nit-Picker’s Ballad

  1. this hits close to me . very well written. very well. for what it reads as and for what the words meant


  2. Wow…. no fairy tale for him…


  3. Ahh… I suppose fairytales rarely happen !
    Loved the Poetry ! How did I not discover this blog before !


  4. You have woven magic around this one. It is just awesome. I read half of it last night and had to go off for something, but came back to it the first thing after waking up to read the end… This will be one of my favorites for sure.


    • Sunitha 🙂 Awww… thank you too! I need to go and check your blog on Parenting. Just getting free now, after the study hols have been declared, and till the first of the exam papers come in 🙂 So, this weekend, I shall!
      Thanks so much!


  5. What then? What could have been? I wonder. He should have stayed. Loved the way you made use of the ballad style. Read it like a ‘three-years’ child.’


  6. “And so it was, with her. She knew.
    And so it was, with him. He did not.”

    This is more like a plot, a story. Slowly unveils and keeps us guessing like a short film. 🙂

    I loved the smoothness. But somehow, it strikes me more than just a ramble. Is it that random? You will never give us the real answer I know, but it sinks in, deep. 🙂


    • Thank you Soumya 🙂 As to the query about how much of a random thought this write is… well, you answered it didn’t you?
      I like to leave it to those who participate in the read, and if they are still curious, and want to know more, then I think the rambler’s job is done 🙂 🙂
      A short film? Nicey nice! Thanks so so very much!


  7. may he walk on…and on brighter shores find greater love or on happier shoes, find exciting journeys that will finally lead him to a fairy tale! 🙂


    • David, I came back to this one today because something in this called to me 🙂 And I find I have not left a word of thanks to you, for that wish, for him, and the kind words for the write 🙂 Thank you!


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