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Something there is …


… that doesn’t love a wall

(Wrote Robert Frost, in the poem Mending Wall 🙂 )
For an audio of the poem, recited by Moi, to help a student preparing for some competition, ages ago, here it is :D!

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52714712/mending%20wall.mp3]

And something there is, nudging me, within, and tingling at the fingertips, and tip of my tongue, to give expression, to… ?


I am not sure, but there is this feeling that I should be writing, sharing words, which just don’t seem to do more than hang around, just out of reach. So I decided to go ahead and give the fingertips their time at the keyboard, since I find that when words come, I do not have either writing materials, or a keyboard in sight, or at hand. So it has to be this, a forced attempt, which, by the look of it till now, is just that, a very very forced attempt.


Still, I have one discovery for the day. And I just posted that on FB too! I can have an audio player/link in a blog, and this isn’t for a self hosted premium blog, but just another free worpress dot com blog. I’m going to go crazy with my add ons now, especially of the verse I have recorded, mostly for the pleasure of listening to my own voice. Talk of narcissism  😆 !!! And talk of how strongly I am going to show its apparent evidence here :D! God save you all readers!

Right ho! Done for now. Check that audio, for the sound of a silly woman :D! And, for those who would like to add this, it’s really simple.

1. upload an audio file on any webstorage site, like Dropbox or soundcloud

2. Copy the url

3. The short code is “[” “audio” “url” “]” that’s it! Remember to use it without the ” “, and leave a space between audio and url. The url of course has to be an audio, preferably an mp3. I used the dropbox link. Make sure that the link is stored in the public folder 🙂

4. The above, point no. 3 does not work with the soundcloud link. There, you simply have to click “share” above the audio link on the track in soundcloud, then click upon the url, and paste it here (for free wordpress blog ie). The upgraded, self hosted blogs can of course have their own plugin players 🙂

Happy day to all 🙂 🙂

25 August 2012

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

13 thoughts on “Something there is …

  1. This is what I love about you Ushus..that you are always ready to learn something new.:)


  2. Wow!!! Heard your voice for the first time 🙂 And I am going to try this audio option too. Thank You!


    • Dear IHM 🙂 Thank you too! You can add any kind of audio link. And dropbox.com is the best place to store them. You get, I think 2 GB free initially and if you can invite and get others to use and share dropbox, you get add on space too. For free.
      Do try it 🙂


  3. You have a sweet voice. “the pleasure of listening to my own voice” – one reason why I enjoy recording the audio of the skits for our special assemblies. 😉
    Thanks a lot for sharing this. And that poem is one of my favourites.


  4. 🙂 lovely voice i must say …
    will give it a try myself for sure 🙂 but I am sure people will stop coming to my blog ..


    • Thank you Bikram 🙂 But don’t worry, I think it will be very interesting to have these interactions even by voice 🙂 It adds somehow to the written words. And it is easy, as I have just mentioned to Bindu 🙂 Looking forward to yours too!


  5. This is how you sound.. you sound so young 🙂
    Also you sound like Jaya Row.. Youtube her


  6. Wow! Wonderful…! What an experience….! You must have enjoyed more recording it than I listening to it, I’m sure. What sweet voice…! And so generous of you to share how to do it. I’ll definitely give it a try, but i know I won’t be able to do it as good as you! Well done!


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