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So, has anything really changed?



We’re on the eve of observing yet another anniversary of the horror that we went through with Mumbai, on 26/11/08.  We’ve killed most of those who carried out the attack, nabbed one, and are ineffectually attempting to get at the real perpetrators who enjoy a rare status in another country, where they have all but blatantly admitted to to their collusion in the event. Oh, that is a weak word. Too darned polite. Their masterminding the event more like!

Three years on, and many deliberations, and reams of paper (of Judgement, Media, to name a couple) later, and pointed references in investigations (thanks to Wikileaks too), which should be sufficient to nail the coffin of the lone arrested, we still are rather lost, though the pathway is illuminated. I am a humble layperson, who has not much “sense” of things around, but rather responds when suddenly it all gets too much. (I remember how “sense”less several journos were back then, 3 years ago, on ground zero, asking families and friends of those trapped in Taj and Oberon, to give them a “sense” of what was happening to them! BD was the Queen of ’em all!)

Three years on, this humble layperson cannot understand why Kasab’s star-hotel-type-internment is still being paid by humble Indian taxpayers. This layperson cannot understand why the Judgement cannot be carried out still. She cannot condone the fear that runs through a ruling class that will not play executioner when they so need to. She is otherwise non-violent, but she fears her threshold of tolerance has dipped alarmingly.

Three years on, a vigilante (so says Arnab Goswami of the man who slapped Pawar today) who dares confront a minister might suffer throes of agony once the said Minister’s henchmen are through with him, but Kasab will continue to enjoy his peace in the quietude and comfort of his space.

Not three, but more years will pass before Kasab is either freed, paroled, extradited or sentenced (again!), and we shall have to watch mutely. I have never wished as hard, when I saw “A Wednesday”, for the second time recently, as I did that day, that we could do this, in real life too, just as in reel life. And while there is this jaded feeling of expecting the inevitable delays in delivering justice, there is hope too, that renewed proactive responses will find a way to let justice happen. For even though Lady Justice is supposedly blind, those who serve it might at least open their eyes, and be faithful, loyal seeing Dogs for  the Lady.

Hope springs eternal, they say, in the human heart. I still hope, though the spring seems to be running dry, a bit, each year.


24 November, 2011

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Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

9 thoughts on “So, has anything really changed?

  1. All that I could say what’s gonna happen this day is that the sale of candles on 25th evening all over india will go up! everybody will light a candle each and drop it at the doorsteps of Taj and Oberoi Hotels and the erstwhile Victoria Terminus!! Ministers will lead the procession and place a bunch of flowers on the tomb of the martyrs !!

    What else!! what else can people of the country gonna do? what else the policy makers gonna do?? wht else the elected representatives, and mass leaders gonna do??
    Beloveds of those Lost will shed tears for their life!! things will roll on as usual and this episode will be remembered every November 25th and 26th!! Many blogs will be published!! many will update their facebook status – me too 😦 – many discussions and debates will roll on Google Buzz and G+ (every body has the freedom of expression though)

    there is a noxious Indian Expression “क्या करें साब, सब कुछ ऊपरवाले के जाल हैं!!” the most common expression of the losers!! were are seasoned to live with it!!


  2. The worst thing that English has left in India from the dictionary is the word called – diplomats.

    And, politics is something that we have propertied.


    • Soumya, your comment slipped in while I was replying to Hari 🙂 Yes, the English. And our earnestness in serving them and following them. While their diplomats and politicians are regularly under the scanner and are more accessible to the law, ours enjoy an immunity seen nowhere else!


  3. Hari, thank you for the patience in sharing your take too. Yes, as you say we shall observe the “proper” etiquette of observance, ensure more candles are it, more flowers adorn the martyrs’ sacrifices, but we shall also feel deeply, and be moved. Most of us will be, and that is why at this time we do make that effort.
    However, no matter that we are a democracy, there is a sense of a democratic governance not happening, what with nothing having come out of three years of investigation and numerous appeals.
    Let us not forget, though. Let us realize that it will be a population that is proactive, that will remember what happened, not just in Mumbai, but in little things around us that will ensure a better way of life. Sigh.


  4. I don’t think anything has changed ever since….people and media till today is same…less or more careless


    • Maverickshree, thank you for being here. I do feel the same, that very little has changed, except perhaps the perceptions of the common man, who tries not to forget. But the mechanisms of the law, and governance? One wonders!


  5. Very disturbing indeed, to realize that nothing much seems to have changed over the years. Sometimes they even seem to get worse. But yes lets hope things do change for the better.


  6. The very way we live, how we travel, shop, watch movies,visit friends and family etc has changed and still the threat of terror attacks has not gone!!

    Love the adorable puppy in the header with an older dog.


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