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Rich Harvest :)

The previous post was about how relieved I was to start the vacation, and now a day away from getting back to work is when I finally (Phinally 😛 ) find time again, to hurriedly share with you the rich harvest of the joyful season 🙂 The cards, received from the students of the classes I go to, and some from those I meet and greet on the corridors :)! That is really special!

I have these collections! Collections, I tell you, because I am a hoarder and cannot bear to throw away even a scrap that might have a faint sentimental value or perhaps may come in use, sometime 😛 :P! Of course I am a Junkie… of the nicest sort, please note, and my addiction is keeping stuff, possessively and guarding it jealously from the Spring Cleaners sharp eye :D! 

And here they are, most of the lot that I transported to my parents’ to show them, and show off! But of course 😆

These are handmade, precious, all of them! 🙂

And the words on the inside? Even more precious 🙂 🙂 I heart them! 🙂 Collage created online :D!

And there were bouquets of roses, and tulips; strawberries and bunny rabbits and teddy bears  🙂

And a peacock, from very very special children of Class 10 D 🙂 🙂 Look, from bottom left, clockwise, how it slowly unfolds, unfurls and spreads joy with its gorgeous beautiful feathers 🙂

And musical cards, with a tiny light, and Jingle Bells, and tiny pop-up cards 🙂

Words, quotes, wishes that really moved me!

I shall not look these gifts more in the mouth, than they give to me! (cannot! 😛 )And this, after an almost three month break from school, as I had been unwell!

This year has brought me some of the most special moments yet… two beautiful daughters (I do not like to say “daughters-in-law” 😛 ), that my sons chose, to spend their lives with, quiet acknowledgement of some stray (but important) notions  I had regarding recitation :), the closeness and warmth of friendships, meeting people I had only till now interacted with in the virtual world! And two awards from Shail Mohan 🙂 (Will get to it, next! :D)

All heartwarming! A bountiful harvest!

There have also been the pits, the dumps, the absolute lows, when days seemed endless, and patches on the ceiling took life, as I pondered on where I was going… literally and figuratively 😛 😛 Still, the lows are important, because then you build yourself up again, to climb, exercise your mental and physical abilities, and know, for certain, that sometimes, the only way is UP 🙂 🙂 It was underscored beyond doubt for me, this year!

No if onlys, for me this year. I refuse to acknowledge them, at least!

And, I do wish each of you well, for the coming year! May 2012 be all you want it to be! God Bless!!

31 December, 2011


Happy Day Haiku :) (For the Sailor Who Took Home a Poem :) )

True blue to your club
Truer yet, to your glowing bride!
Happy Day, her Cap’n!!!

Happy Birthday, Arjun S. Kumar! May the sweet joy of this day permeate the rest of the year! God Bless!

23 December, 2011
For 28 December, 2011

(Title tagline, credit to Sachin Stalin who titled the album of Arjun’s and Sashu’s wedding pictures, thus 🙂 )



In nods, in tiny smiles
In glances on off chances
And accidental brushes
With the finger tips
Or a swish of clothes
While moving by.

In sudden stealth
Of secretive looks
In gleams of warmth
Like embers coated in ash
That, with breaths of love
Glow, in anticipation.

Your whispered words
Of adoration. Are they
Just superfluous?

23 December, 2011

(Chasing a word niggling my head. Title :D)

Audio here (Added on 25 August 2012)

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52714712/laconic.mp3]


Phinally… :P

The end of school year, for this year 2011 is here. Never have been more glad to have a vacation, than now, this year, this day, this moment. I am overdoing it, na? But that is way it is! Can’t wait for 1530 hours, or thereabouts, when we can all depart to our homes, away from it all!!!

So why do I feel this way? Sometimes it’s like that, sometimes the pressure builds up, the vents are shut down, the spirit is willing, but by God! the flesh takes no note of it!

There have been moments when I gave up, almost. Did not though, else I would not still be around, ranting and raving at the system, and all that I want to do with it :P! You give all of yourself, in the knowledge that the others will do the same. What naivete, what innocence!! At almost 50, I should know better, right? Well they  I whipped off my rose-tinted specs quite fast! My perceptions remain the same, though. Thankfully!

I have to thank Shail, for making today special, with an Award conferred 🙂 Shall write more on her, and it, in a while 🙂

And, today I feel good too, because I’ve got 52+ cards to give my class, the VIII ‘A’. Pssst… don’t tell them ok? It’s a surprise 🙂 Can’t wait to see their faces, when they see ME, of all the people giving it! Will share the beautiful cards I received, hand made, in another post 🙂 They are the darlingest, the most mischievous though they be, the kids! And that is the only reason I’m there!

Have a great day, all! Will be back laters 🙂 🙂

Merry Christmas too! May Santa come calling, (though I just saw this on FB, shared by a Ken Hess!) 😆


23 December, 2011


A Toast to the Peas :)

He’s handsome and  tall, and she’s pretty and  petite.

He sails uncharted waters, and is Her Captain :). She’s his muse, his siren, his darling mermaid, whose song he will always come home to 🙂 She’s the Captain’s Lady!

She’s magic with her words. He’s witty and sharp 🙂 Together their words create worlds!

They’re mirrored souls, pieces that complete the jigsaw of their souls. One soul 🙂 In moonkissed love 🙂

They make their vows today. To complete each other. To cherish. To be the best of themselves, for each other, for their own selves.

As they step forward, into a life, together, may they be hounded by blessings, may they be loved, loving, each NOW moment. And may rainbows charm away each storm that passes!

Dear Sashu and Arjun, May God Bless you two peas in a pod, always!

16 December, 2011
For 18 December, 2011

Pssst…  🙂 this was supposed to be a scheduled post, to appear at 1230hrs, at the muhurtham, when I was attending their wedding :D! I just got home to realize that it was saved as a draft and not a scheduled post! Sigh.

Loved being there, and meeting Harish R Varma, Arun (Unchecked Exception), Anu, Sachin and his lovely wife, Amarjit 🙂

18 December, 2108hrs, finally home 🙂