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Makeover :)


I hardly ever like the rooms and the furniture and the stuff at home to be the same over a long period of time 🙂 So when the urge gets really strong, I go on overdrive pushing, pulling, changing positions, shifting stuff! So also here, this little rented space in the virtual world! Hence the makeover. It is always difficult choosing and setting, and after looking at ever so many themes, I finally decided that one with a customizable header was the one to look for.

Twenty ten theme that WP provided seemed best suited. And finally was able to do things with the header that I have always wanted to 🙂 The inspiration comes from IHM, who has so many beautiful beautiful headers of TJ and the wonderful memories it brings, the emotions it strums hauntingly, each time we see one. The choice of pictures here is entirely my extended family, one of the fantastic foursome of the kids, and random stuff we’ve shot, my brother, my kids, daddy, and some, me 🙂

I loved doing this, though I should not have been at it all, given my back… but sometimes it’s like this, and I have to give in to impulse!

29 November, 2011

830 ish pm 🙂



Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

28 thoughts on “Makeover :)

  1. I couldnt see the pix on my phone so got onto my laptop..and love the pics on them? Are u in the pic with ur friends? And the pets are yours? oh and the nature pics are beautiful! Really nice selection!


    • Dee, thank you so much for the words here 🙂 The pets are mine, and my parents’… and pictures of the nature are from near my parents’ place. The kids are mine, and their cousins, a close and inseparable foursome. No, I am not there 🙂


  2. Beautifully done Usha di!


  3. With your back problem should you have done the pushing and pulling?…Anyways nice reading Usha!


    • Suma chechi… how lovely to see you here 🙂 No, I have not been pulling and pushing, rather getting people here to do it 🙂 But on the blog, well, only I can do it, but have been doing it in bits and pieces! Cant afford to have another episode!
      Thank you for being here, and your concern!


  4. Love the headers here, and the new look of Overdrive!! Love your extended family, and the one I can see right now has the most adorable eyes! I too moved to 2011 only for the randomly changing headers.


    • Thank you so much, IHM… the inspiration, as I have already said, is you! Then I saw Shail’s makeover too, and decided that this has to be! Incidentally the Vigilance theme also has this feature. I discovered it while attempting the changeover.
      Those adorable eyes belong to our cat, I think, Malu. Sadly she left us for Pets Paradise towards the end of August. 😦 It was really a difficult time for all of us.
      Twenty eleven theme I think has an additional feature of allowing a single post to be read without any distraction of the left and right sidebars. Need to check that and see if I can take the headers and widgets across 🙂


  5. LOL and now it has changed to a handsome black back in green water 🙂


    • The Handsome black is Chinnu. She is the grand dame of the four. The eldest of the lot. And she loves the water. Would live in it too, if permitted. We have a pond, at our parents’ place, our very own, with lovely clear and clean, green water (in fact, in Malayalam, plain water is called Pachcha vallam- literally translated to mean raw/green water :D) So your words were absolutely perfect!


  6. Lol you are like my mom…. ! she had different sitting positions every month for the hall and the bedroom !!! lol she never liked the steady house furniture ! 😛 😛 😛

    yea the header theme is great ! I gotta take that one too… but just too lazy these days


  7. Love love the headers and the new look, Ushus! I love this new random-header feature of WP :).

    Moving furniture and other stuff is not the same as changing your blog theme, so take care , Ushus..dont take pangas with your back 😀

    Hugs and much love 🙂


    • Deeps, ooops, missed this, with comment moderation off, I have to keep looking :D!
      No ma’am, no pangas with my back, the shifting around my kids take care of but this, only I can do, na? So… 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement, Deeps. always a pleasure to hear from you!


  8. Is that why your blog was inaccessible? I wondered what was happening! I spent a lot of time trying out new themes when I moved to wordpress. And then asked junior son to check. Finally Twenty Eleven was the one we both decided upon. I miss atahualpa though 😦 It was very flexible.
    Your headers are looking lovely 🙂


    • By the way I feel you have to delete and add the feed to my page, afresh. Now it shows an error, doesn’t it?


    • Shail 🙂 Thanks so much!
      I made my blog private, while I fiddled around. Took most part of a day. So perhaps it took a while to get its blip back in the virtual word 🙂 I’ve been wondering how to convert a post into a page? Any info. on that? And since it is a free space, I guess I have limited options to work with. Have not managed to get to that.
      Twenty eleven is good too. I am thinking of making that switch over, but dreading the fact that might have to do the headers again. Sigh. Not now. Maybe a vacation project, once I get the corrections out of the way!


  9. wooo its seems you and I have a lot in common…I absolutely love arranging rearranging furnitures in my house and it took me a long time to reach a stable point ( duuno for how long though) on the adventure journal theme..but its me and that is what blog is about it should reflect your choice if not you…


    • Soma, welcome here too 🙂 Ah, you too? Well, now this urge is moving into my virtual world, and though this is the first template change I’ve attempted in 2 years, I guess it might become a habit! I hope not! For now me is happy :D! As you say, your blog should reflect what you want it to, and be you… so… 🙂
      Thank you, once again!


  10. Hi Usha,
    I haven’t read many of your posts and plan to read some today.
    This theme of wordpress i am liking very much. Loved all your pictures.


  11. Hi Sangeeta, welcome here too 🙂 Thank you for being here and reading! As I mentioned in my other blog, I have been reading some of your mouthwatering recipes. Must get there too soon!


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