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When Memories Rain


It’s that time of year
When memories
Rain down on me-

Holding your little hands,
Running out into the rain,
Splashing, drenching,
Squealing, howling!

You two just loved the rain!

The years have flown by-
And this rainy afternoon
I sit, wrapped up in
Muffler and socks

At the open window
Feeling the tingling
Spray of the heavy rain,
In the light breeze…

Watching you play with
Other little hands in yours,
Little feet, and broad arms,
Linking and pulling
Squealing and rumbling-
Laughing and hooting!!

I’m glad, you still love the rain!

My heart warms at the sight
More than any woollens can do;

Am I glad, you two still love the rain!!

19 June, ’07

Pic: http://www.thousandfaces.net

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

17 thoughts on “When Memories Rain

  1. Ahhh!! mother missing kids haan ?


  2. I am smiling as I write this…so much nostalgia…..and to be able to relive the moments still….:)that’s a cause for cheers..:)To not just relive but see what you saw long back..Is this what they call a full circle moment?:)”It’s that time of yearWhen memoriesRain down on me”..beautiful! …memories do exactly that ,specially the ones that are the closest to the heart..:)”Watching you play withOther little hands in yours,Little feet, and broad arms,Linking and pullingSquealing and rumbling-Laughing and hooting!!”These made it come alive..:)I could see them playing..all tangled up in each other…:)You know…I can never exacty make out if you have lived a moment or it is a fond dream penned down on paper…(as with the post on daughters):)All I can do is marvel..:)


  3. Rains are beautiful… getting drenched and splashing is real fun. Monsoons are my favourite season !! beautifully put in words as always Usha !!


  4. Memories, nostalgia, rain.. interrelated. ‘I am glad you two still love the rain’.Beautiful yet again Ushus!


  5. A splash of rain and a flash of time!Hmmmnnnn…..


  6. My heart warms too…and I don’t even have any woolens 🙂


  7. Meena, always… 🙂 But it’s ok too 🙂 Thanks for being so prompt as always, as I always tell you :)Meg-Indygurl.. :D! @”You know…I can never exacty make out if you have lived a moment or it is a fond dream penned down on paper..” Now if the writes make you think that, my job is done… so that I can leave it to the readers’ imagination 🙂 🙂 I know I know, I’m creating mystique there, LOL…:D!Still, the muse speaks, and so it gets here 🙂 Thanks for that:) Well, when the kids were younger, we used to all run out into the rain together, and my sis in law is even more into doing such things, 🙂 The hols used to be great fun.. 🙂 Recently, just before I wrote this actually, the elder offspring was here on leave, and starved of rain, and when it began to suddenly pour, he grabbed a towel, for what I still am not sure, and ran out.The strangest thing was that all of a sudden the rain stopped.. That was hilarious, and the younger one and I kept hooting at him.. :D! And that is another beautiful memory :)Trinath, you said it! Thank you!Dhiren, thank you, thank you 🙂 It’s a fav. season of mine too, along with winter :)Solilo, 🙂 Thanks so much… will have to get used to that name too :D!Sanket, 🙂 right! The flashes give such brilliance though! Thanks so much!Roopa, you know 🙂 🙂 Thank you!!!


  8. I love rains even if it were the only season…Good one, Usha.Keep it going..:)I am on a break — down with fever…But then the morning dose of usual poetry is become sort of an addition…and on a round to see..wishes, devika


  9. I loved this one…could feel the warmth of love and the wet touch of rain…in your words…


  10. Devika, I remember you writing of that on your blog once, the fondness for rains. Thank you for your kind words. And I hope you will get well soon too!


  11. Sindhu, thank you so much!


  12. My heart warms at the sightMore than any woollens can do;Am I glad, you two still love the rainthe circle of life goes on and on…so true:)


  13. Mithe, that is such a nice perspective.. the circle of life.. thank you 🙂


  14. That was heart-warming. Really. Very. Lost in it…Peace.


  15. Drenched!! enjoyed the read, so so much!!! ‘m lovin’ it 🙂


  16. Heart warming. Sweet as always! 🙂


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