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A Quirky Tag!

Alright, am dealing with beating Procrastination and so I come to another pending Tag. This time, it is from Aareet Krsna, a young blogger with a worldly wise wisdom and an awesome way with words 🙂 His tag is to share seven things unusual about me 🙂 It goes back to a couple of months ago actually!

  • A girl who grew up a tomboy. The reason why it is so unusual is that it has stayed with me throughout, lol, and even today I am more tomboy that a lot of girls in my class! I had to insist that the girls of Std. VIII play cricket, as there was a lesson with a bit of reference to the game. Rather than giving theory lesson in class, the girls who knew and the boys who played helped them. That is when I realized a whole lot of things about myself. Other teachers, including the PE teachers think I am a weirdo. Perhaps. :D!!!

  • My collectors’ items. Every scrap of paper on which I might have remotely pretended to be writer, an adviser, an essayist has been collected and stored. For whom or what, thou shalt not ask. Suffice to say, I am, of course a quirky soul. 🙂 I still have the cards I got for my birthday, from school, to the latest that my kids gave me… 3 each, from each of the two offspring!!! I am rich!

  • I cannot forgive myself easily. And that said, that is that!

  • I have an irrational sense of logic that works perfectly fine for me, but gives the impression of my being disorganized. Ever heard that a mess is order, re-ordered in a certain way? Lol!

  • How I came to be named. Dad wanted to go the whole way and name me Ushus, for the Goddess of Dawn… help!! Luckily, Mom did help, and put her foot down. Usha it became. But…. my generation has so many Ushas esp. where I live, in my own family.. a daughter, a daughter in law, neice, grand neice, house help, her neice… Lol. The list is endless. And when we attend a marriage function, it gets worse. Ah, I met Usha, if even an Usha were to say that, you’d have to qualify with Leelachechi’s Usha, or Ramu’s Usha, or Cheriya Usha [cheriya means small… :D]… It is an over dose of the name I tell you!!!
  • My name also got me at the bottom of the attendance register list. Most times it was convenient. :D! Being a Back Bencher [hail the tribe!!!] it helped, enormously!!!

  • My favourite tagline with the kids at school, to confuse them which has to be the all time height of quirkiness.. Lol. I ask them “Am I the problem?” And they are instantly lost. The braver ones smile. Most look shocked. The really Brave and Courageous Adventurers sometimes say Yes. I love that part… hehehe!

Now to tag you guys. The best part! This time however, I shall give you all a leeway 🙂

All those who read this are TAGGED 🙂, even if you don’t leave a comment. However, I would love it if you could just leave a link in the comments box when you do 🙂 Thanks!

[Saved myself a lot of energy hyperlinking :D!!! It has to be one of the most enjoyable but painstaking things to do… 🙂 :)] But I might just drop in and ask … :), if tagees are not forthcoming, LOL!

4 February, 2009