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Through the Halls of Time…


All along the Halls of Time
Adorning its endless walls
Are those pictures;

If ever I were to regress
Into a past-
Any one of those myriad lifetimes
I may have lived-

I’d know one thing for sure:
Somewhere, somehow-
Among those portraits
Will hang some; very special ones…

When you and I meet,
And Greet-
Even if, to part;
To meet again,
Further down the Hall!

And that, you see,
Is just that!


25 December, ’07


Picture, Courtesy : http://www.flickr.com

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

22 thoughts on “Through the Halls of Time…

  1. being together…with someone special..nothing like that…and even after a long time after we have parted, it will be there in our memory..as pics hung on our mind’s walk of fame..


  2. Indeed Praveen, nothing like that 🙂 Thank you for being as prompt as ever.. 🙂


  3. Memories, of a beautiful past to be cherished forever! For me, it’s the meeting of two friends, after a very very long time, those old memories gushing back…those times running on a 70mm screen (in sepia tones!) in our mind’s theater! Ah! How lovely…:)


  4. Hah! It’s the Christmas poem! 🙂


  5. “I’d know one thing for sure:Somewhere, somehow-Among those portraitsWill hang some; very special ones…”so true…simply fell in love with these lines yaar….wow man! you are takin me and appu on a roller coaster…’92 and then ’07….then n now! you have improved leaps n bounds…amazing man…you wud have been such a talent back then…n a bigger one today 😉


  6. lovely usha! memories are indeed our treasured possessions….n when with someone very special to u…its something u want to back to again n again!people come n go away…what remains with us are their thoughts..rightly said…adorning the endless walls of our mind are those lovely pictures…very well written!


  7. ah! again a favourite 🙂 lovely to be readin dez again!! 🙂


  8. “Even if, to part; To meet again,Further down the Hall!And that, you see,Is just that!Us.”And that is my favorite part 🙂 Beautiful thoughts, beautifully expressed.


  9. Its signature you. Its signature love, togetherness, the simple bond, the nothing bond that is everything, its your touch, unmistakably yours. Through the halls of time I reach again where memory had guided me to, once.It was worth revisiting again. Thank you ma’am. For you don’t necessarily write poetry always, you do something more. You make us feel better. Us, who so dearly look forward to emotions that will touch, once.I will stop blabbering.


  10. Remembering is heart’s own special way of being in touch with a loved one. Sometimes memories are triggered, by an unknown face, a bright day, a smile, an echo of a foot step…. All making life worthwhile and beautiful.To meet, we part again and we part to meet again and the circle just flows… :)…Lovely post again…


  11. Definitely!US shall meet- Sure Thing!


  12. Sorry for the delay in the replies… :)Tara, thanks for the nice words.. and it looks good from that perspective!! A Christmas Poem?? Oops dinna understand… :)Meena, that is a lovely smile too..:)Sandeep, hahaha! Thaaanks!!! Dunno about the talent, but yes have been rambling for a long time,with a bit of a drought and famine in between… seems like a good season these last few months.. 🙂 And yes, stop dithering and Get Appu on ur blog fast.. he sounds so interesting.. 🙂 My regards to him!Priyanka, indeed, itz the memories that live with us, isnt it? Thanks for a lovely note there!Sash.. thanks for reading it again.. 🙂 and for sharing that ! 🙂 🙂 :)IHM, thanks so much!Soumya, 🙂 the corridors down the Hall of Time, has taken you to the right spot.. of course you’ve read it, and know it too..:) But thanks thanks and thanks again for the encouragement and support..:) And pleasse blabber on… 🙂 It’s fair music down here.. 😀 😀 :D!!Mahita, this is so beautifully written by you too.. To meet, we part again and we part to meet again and the circle just flowsThank you!Prabhu, lol! Who knows! It may come to be yet.. 🙂 Glad you could get here!


  13. love running through lifetimes — you at your idealistic best 🙂


  14. Intresting reading….. I liked these lines most; “When you and I meet,And Greet-Even if, to part;To meet again,Further down the Hall”Although appearing simple, these lines convey the ultimate truth of meeting and parting!


  15. this is so wonderful….its like i can see a hallway of pictures….pictures of “us” of times that i’d like to live again and again….thank you for giving me this walk down a foto filled, gallery…


  16. Hi – enjoyed visiting your blog.. this was beautiful… i think it’s so important to show gratitude for our memories.


  17. Shalu, 🙂 Roopa thank you so much!Rakesh, thank you too, for dropping in and leaving that note! Vrinda, a pleasure, always to read your notes too! Thank you!janaki, thank you for the visit, and the kind words! Indeed that kindness is always richly repaid in the feelings one experiences!


  18. Again, too good a one Usha..i feel a lump in my throat reading it…very evocative!wishes, devika


  19. Hi Devika!It’s so nice of you to have read a few this time:) Thank you for the read, the time, and the gracious and warm words left here:)


  20. will do, always Usha..just that i only keep track of mail follow ups to reach blogs…and get late in reaching..those which are there in the mail box..i reach regularly :-)wishes!devika


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