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The Done Thing…

… out here, is to be predictable, 😀 and do an anticipated write on an honest-to-goodness-you’d-expect-me to-write day. When you’re finished reeling from that piece of hyphenated nonsense, you’d have figured out where you are, and where I’m still not. At. (Yes yes yes, I’ve heard that yada yada yada thingy about ending sentences with a preposition, but that doesn’t stop me from stretching that to acceptable vs unacceptable forms of language usage, you might have heard of. There. I tell ya, there is something immensely satisfying about thumbing one’s rather busybody nose at things. Sigh.)

So yes, we come to the anticipated part. A blog on teachers, teaching, learners, learning, on 5 September, each year, since we recognized the ultimate teacher in Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, statesman and scholar, and an ideal to live up to. (Dang! that preposition hands over the abyss again!)

It’s expected, yes. (Do take a look at the years paraded at the end of this blog. If you manage to wade through this riff raff of words. Better yet, hit Ctrl+End, and look at them years, 2010 – 2015 -no I don’t expect you to read anything more than the hatke blog titles – yet another predictable feature of this space  😛 ) I missed last year. So I’ve got to make up two years’ worth.

We’ve covered the anticipated, expected, the “day”, or rather the reason for it, and now to the honest-to-goodness part. I’ve been pretty much confessional in the 2015 wala post. I need to go a step beyond with this one. Something weighs heavy on this heart, and it needs sharing, to ease it. Or maybe, in the long run, add to it. It shall come, as it is meant to.

Teaching is a vocation. Duh. A noble profession. Double duh. A selfless service to humanity. Duh duh…cough cough cough. It’s been said enough times, that saying it anymore takes everything away from even the etymology of them words. When is the world going to look at teaching, “teaching”, if so, as a profession also? If indeed one looks at the entire idea of having “professional”qualification, and having to take endless tests at different levels to “qualify” to “teach”, then it also follows that one should try to look at the whole situation with  the objectivity of other professions.

Yes, there is more of heart here, perhaps, and a delicacy to the process and progress both organic and linear, in teaching, since we deal in live material, but doesn’t that, in turn make the entire exercise more relevant, and therefore enforce the need to be more professional? Yes, you are now going to tell me about Doctors, Nurses, the Services, the …. do, please continue to enlighten me. Of the entire list you bring in, I hope you realize that “Teachers” are perhaps the most over-worked, and least recognized. Except of course, on Teachers’ Day. And I assure you, one is deeply thankful for it. I kid you not. I am. And I am not being sarcastic. I look forward to this day, because that is when the naughtiest child, as always, ups the most studious, in voicing them wishes. Every danged year. Trust me. 🙂 And I love that. Oopsie. I digress. This post isn’t about me, it is about what is expected.

When you work with live material, such as young hearts, young minds, passions unbridled, potential yet to discover, bushels hiding shining lights, can one even imagine the pressure brought to bear on this one individual, in a class of 30 +? I’m being Utopian here, for most classes in India, except for the exclusive schools, have 45+. I actually have a class this year with 60+. Forget the numbers though. In a class of even 10 children, this one individual in to monitor, administer, counsel, guide, grade, “discipline”, instruct, be a role model, recognizing each individual student’s unique set of gifts, burrowing and digging deep to discover it early enough in the teaching year and fan the gleaming embers to a fire by the end. What usually happens is that the teacher’s tale is on  fire. I’ve been there. It’s a similar story in many places. (No, tale is spelt correctly 😛 )

And yet this individual soldiers on. There is this verse, so called by Henry Van Dyke, that is fished out at will each year to celebrate a true teacher. It goes like this:

The Unknown Teacher -Henry Van Dyke (1852 – 1933)

I sing the praise of the Unknown Teacher.

Great generals wins campaigns, but it is the unknown soldier who wins the war.

Famous educators plan new system of pedagogues, but it is the

Unknown Teacher who delivers and guides the young.

He lives in obscurity and contents with hardship. For him no trumpets blare, no chariots wait, no golden decorations are decreed.

He keeps the watch along the border of darkness and leads the attack on the trenches of ignorance and folly.

Patient in his duty. He strives to conquer the evil powers which are the enemies of youth. He awakes sleeping spirits.

He quicken the indolent, encourages the eager and steadies the unstable.

He communicates his own joy in learning and shares with boys and girls the best treasures of his mind.

He lights many candles which in later years will shines back to cheer him. This is his reward.

Knowledge may be gained from books, but the love of knowledge is transmitted only by personal contact.

No one has deserved better of Republic than the Unknown Teacher, No one is more worthy to be enrolled in a democratic aristocracy, ” King of himself and servant of mankind ”


We don’t have these “unknown” teachers much these days. In the times of social networking, the slowly crumbling walls of convention and the easeful way that both learners and teachers interact outside and inside the classrooms, thankfully this unknown soldier now has a platoon from within the peer group as well as from amongst the live culture she deals with.  I sound like a broken record, I know, but I must say it – I know, I’ve been there too!  😛 With great crumbling of walls comes great glasnost, which in turn brings freshness of the spirit, but also blurs lines and either side, teacher and learner, overstep boundaries. Happens all the time. Some are “too friendly” or so they say, some are “too lenient”, or so they say. And those who have always been consistent, unchanging, get short changed. This is because change is the reason for progress. And change is needed. The acceptance and openness that change brings is what changes us for the better. Understanding this is perhaps the most difficult thing.

And finally, there has always been this thing that teachers have been, are and will always be a “partial” people. Partial to the studious, partial to the courteous, respectful of learners, the vocal, in terms of healthy interaction, maybe partial to those who speak, write, “behave” well. And once you are seen to prove this as true through your behaviour, as understood by a series of gaffes, misuderstandings, these come to stay and you get labelled. Duh. That’s one blemish that all the bleach in the world will not remove. No use saying, like Lady Macbeth, “out damned spot” – you have already become Lady Macbeth, who murdered the aspirations and dreams of some young ‘un, in the hope of seating your favourite as the chosen one. But then, that’s the thing about life too. It doesn’t stop, for either party. It goes on… maybe a bit more disillusioned by life, maybe, maybe, but nothing stops that relentless ticking onwards, no? 🙂 I’d be the first to admit that yes, such people do exist, and enough readers here would identify with it. However, there is this small detail of generalization, and most often we tend to throw the baby with the bathwater, in a manner of speaking.

So to all of you soldiers, in this game, The Game of Teaching, remember, if you get that Valar Morghulis, your response is, D.U.H. … Valar Dohaeris . That’s what is expected. That All men, read teachers, must serve, even at the cost of the inevitability of not being able to live.

But you know what? I’ve this anagram, deeply personal, that a friend had given as a life saving strategy. FTS. I love being where I am, profession-wise, and if I had to go over the years and be asked what I’d change, I’d still opt to be where I am. That, by itself, tells you, that learning, which is a part of teaching, and teaching itself, is all of the above, and some, and pretty much something I’d want to do again. Amen, is all I’d say. 🙂

That said, let me wish each member of the profession, the support staff, mentors, coaches, life gurus, every person who has touched your life in some way and helped you learn some danged lesson in life by commission or omission, a fruitful day 🙂 May you all touch more lives with the goodness of your being. May your learning never cease. May those who learn with you be guided by you onto paths that call to their hearts. May you instigate curiosity, temper their souls with a sense of adventure, shake the stupor out of their limbs, and make them want to scale their own aspirations with a zeal they never knew they had. Just show them that they can do it. They will. Then. That, you can be sure of! (yippeee, 1500+words, and a preposition to finish it off! 😛 )

5 September, 2017

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P.S. References to GoT’s Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris are universal in nature, and to be seen as a deliberate attempt to spice up a rather dreary blog. Thank you, if only you read it to pooh pooh it 😀


A Teacher Is

… what her students make of her

… what she inspires, more than what she does

… just another obstacle on the way to growing up 😀 (more so for the teacher herself 😛 )



… unforgettable; errrm… eminently forgettable?

… someone who hounds you, but can never get at you the way your parents can!

… a person you can hound, relentlessly too, provided they’re not of species that porcupines are part of, and have blunt quills to let fly 😛

… awe-inspiring on a day she is inspired too; or sometimes on a day she completely loses it, and lets loose a barrage of words you can only admire open-mouthed because you simply cannot comprehend anything other than the fact that she is MAD. 😆

… surprisingly nice, when you’d always thought otherwise; when she drops that mask, and smiles at you 🙂


… is an all-knowing deity, sometimes, especially when you’re in Class 1 🙂 ; or just another dumb blonde who did not ‘get’ that question you asked, about Stephen Hawking and his query on ….? 😀 

… someone you don’t want your parents to know, too well, anyway 😀 ; the further they keep from each other, the better all around 😀

… a budding-romance-killer 😀

… heck! a terrorist, a kind you simply cannot arrest or even complain about, to the ATS. Sigh.

… criminally more language proficient, or criminally less. Either way, it’s a no-win situation for the recipient of the language skills session 😛

… a lot, a little, more than what is, and sometimes way lesser than what one thought…

But, a teacher is …

… nothing much finally, unless she thinks so 🙂



These are probably some thoughts that periodically go through the minds of the learner group, and sometimes teachers themselves. It’s funny, but rather real too, some of them; and having been part of the teaching – learning activities from both sides of the proverbial teachers’ table, I can well attest to the sentiment, or lack thereof expressed 😀 A slice of life in school, if you wish 🙂

But, on a serious note, back to that first line. This is something I have always deeply believed in. Many a time (ahem! indeed, it has been so 😀 ), when we’ve had interactions with parents, they speak of how highly the kids speak of us at home; it’s one thing to take it at face value, but another to believe fully. Each time I have been told this, I always say, and mean it too, that if there is something to be appreciated, it has to be because of the kind of learner group, or the learner himself/herself, that made it so. Appreciation is a two-way street; it has to be, for it to work it’s magic! And I can personally testify to that. I’ve learnt, and still am learning each day. Sometimes, it’s the only way to ‘teach’.

Interestingly a quote that I made a cover picture on FB went like this:

“Any teacher that can be replaced by a machine, should be.”

Arthur C. Clark

And so it is. In this day and age of information explosion, the only reason why teachers are needed, is to help the learner group wade through life; and that can come only from a dedicated and committed group. Much is being touted about ‘value-education’, and HOTS (HIgher Order Thinking Skills); why only teachers? Anyone and everyone that the learner group interacts with, at home, in the community, each person is just as responsible for the development of these, don’t you think? Of course, the argument being that the majority of the child’s waking hours being spent in ‘school’, it is then quite unequivocally on the teacher to ensure it, is, I find, a poor excuse to avoid accountability. This argument, I know, will, like that Ravalgon advertisement, of yore, continue … 🙂 And then again, the same ‘teachers’ ‘ value system, is it infallible? Or are they equipped with the skill set to infuse the HOTS, in their learner group?

Just a couple of days ago, a former student, Srikanth, who has just finished his Engineering had come to school, and he expressed a great desire to be part of the teaching process; interestingly he mentioned that it would not be immediately, but only after he had some experience in the field, for only then could he be able to relate the content of what he would teach, to the  environment to which his learner group would exit to, Now that is one teacher whose class I would like to be part of, absolutely 🙂 🙂

There are teachers who give of themselves generously, and those who demand. The Mahabharata exemplifies one such teacher – Dronacharya, who demanded of Ekalavya his thumb. A more un-guru like action could not ever be there, even now. Such teachers still abound, and where the proverbial thumb is not demanded, sheer bias and partiality work their poison. Sad, but true. And fewer still are the Ekalavyas of today – who would rather shrivel up and cease to exist, or maybe take the deviant path of letting all hell break loose. The devotion of the Ekalavya of yore is debatable, in its result; a teacher has no business being partial, even though it is purely human that some form of it does influence her. However, there is still to be maintained a stern and unwavering faith in one’s own ability to do the right, by each and every person who passes through one’s time, whether in the Classroom or out of it.

Finally, this here is a  tribute to all the wonderful teachers I have had, and have had the good fortune to know, and work alongside 🙂 🙂 To some of the most awesome parents too, mine, to start with: Here’s to you all!


Google Image search threw up some wonderful quotes and pictures for ‘teacher’; and I’ve used some of them on this blog, for they say so much better than me, what I want to 🙂 All the pictures here belong to the owners of those creations; I’ve merely aired them here too 🙂

Today, I remember, with poignancy, and with a hint of mischief as well, 5 September, last year, when we had a meeting with some members of the Management, and our interaction with the legendary Dr. T. I. Radhakrishnan (link), who is no more with us. Yet another Dr. Radhakrishnan Sivan (fellow teacher at a sister school) and I were the recipients (lol, no award this! 😛 ) of questions, put by Dr. T. I. (I’ve recounted that incident on the blog dedicated to him); and how I googled the answer on my mobile 😀

Happy Birthday Dr. S. Radhakrishnan!

Happy Teachers’ Day, to the fraternity, the sorority, and to mentors, everywhere 🙂

May more such teachers continue to be sources of inspiration for us!



4 September, 2013, for 5 September, 2013

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The Ogre is Charmed :D

Quite seriously. You see, like the now famous Shrek, she does not even have the excuse of being banished, being green, big, and ‘un’easy on the eye. To make matters worse, she’s in human form. There. And yet, each day, whether or not she wanted it, the ogre in her would somehow make itself known, and the resultant fall-out would always make her wonder at days like she had today, or rather yesterday 🙂

But should she have been so surprised? Her kids, the ones who see her almost daily, are clever, indeed, verrryyyy clever. They’ve learnt to apply what they pick up in class. They collaborate. They research effectively. They are getting better and better at divergent thinking and delighting with their creativity. And they have such great timing 😀

Day: 14 August, 2013
Time, 3.45pm, thereabouts, special class for them, about to begin

The ogre is busy getting the ‘smart class’ video ready for them, having given them a small story to read while she works.
A loud cough is heard, very very loud, and very very painful. She decides to ignore it, knowing them 😆
Suddenly, clapping, and the words of the Sanskrit Birthday song (will edit and add later, as I had not recorded this as it unfolded :D) fill the room, and the shell-shocked ogre, who cannot stop grinning, and blushing at the same time turns to face them. She’s wearing red, and is sure her face is just as red. (Have to ask the kids about it 😛 )

This had to be a first. For her, at least 🙂
A young lad, A., comes up and hands her a card, hand-made, with a verse he had written, and a gift wrapped book. She is persuaded to read, and to open her ‘gift’. Richard Bach’s ‘Bridge Across Forever’. Woah. Woah. She’s super-overwhelmed and speechless. She is. (You see that was what was meant earlier, their researching skills, and collaboration :D)

The verse, the book, the gift wrapping :)

The verse, the book, the gift wrapping 🙂


And she is enchanted, charmed no end. She knows that her heart holds much more than the words she has spoken, in deep affection, for them. For she’s shared, here, more on them. They are a Class Apart, truly. And one whose affection is seen in this Rich Harvest. She’s been three times lucky to have them, and while this may be the last year they are together, with her, she knows they will be added to the ever growing list of really special people who have touched her heart.

She wants them to know this. She wants everyone to know 🙂

Heck. Enough of sounding like an imbecile, talking in the third person. I think I ought to do the actual thank-yous myself.

Thank you, endlessly and infinitely, you marvellous  XD kids. You’re awesome. Truly. I mean, I give you all something close to verbal overdoses quite regularly, and yet you do this. Sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart 🙂 (Interesting trivia: a couple of years ago, another XD class gave me the most wonderful ‘farewell’, the picture of which I’ve shared on one of the albums on FB 🙂 ) Yeah. (and my own two kids would underscore this – XD is awesome :D)

And, to top it all, my phone rings, while I am out with Kiran, and N., and the voice asks me to come out, for he has a surprise for me 😀 I have to explain I’m not home. Undettered, Karthik pops up at where we are, with a bagful of goodies: candies and chocolates! And yet another a belated wish 🙂 And a certain young girl,K.,  of the above mentioned class – she was the surprise 🙂 🙂 My day is made. Thank you, both!

15 August, 2013

I want to wish you all for the Independence Day, but coming away from the tragic news of the INS Sindhurakshak, and her missing crew of 18 (as of writing this), I find a heaviness inside that prevents me from rejoicing for the nation. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the crew as they pass through this difficult time.

And while I’m at it, all of you kids, and others who are here, please do take a look at this link that warns us about our use of smartphones. You might want to change certain settings, if this gets you worried.



You’re worth it!

The day promised to be long. Heck, her class to start the day. He missed last year’s class.  No one claimed his attention. No one insisted he bring his book. He could conveniently and silently slumber, mentally. Play games, lose himself in a whole game, playing at multiple terminals. He had even wondered if he should simply not put in any effort his mother pushed him to, in order to pass. But there were limits to how much his imagination could rule. Reality had to intrude.

And, so, a new class. A new person, the same though, each day, to begin. He knew her. He knew how tenacious she could be. And that she’d allow nothing to escape her eagle eye. He gave himself up to the certain knowledge that she’d zero in on him, and make life difficult. He’d have to live, real-time.But he was pleasantly surprised. She smiled at him, and left him alone, to do as he wished, in the second last bench, then the last one, and then, as his turn at the front benches rotated, the first, second, third, and yet again, to the second last. Not a peep out of her, as a week and yet another half passed. He heaved a sigh of relief, and moved on, day-dream-wards.

Till that day, a month ago. Suddenly, out of the blue, she summoned him to the first bench, away from his comfort zone. She spoke often, directly, to him. She kept his mind zinging, ensuring that he needed to concentrate, directing sudden questions at him, to gauge his understanding. He had to participate. No matter that he could not relate, or could not give that satisfactory response, she’s put words into his mouth.

Still he resisted. He’d come unprepared. She let him prepare. She’d give him space to make his assignments complete, she’d give him leeway, and not call his parents when he knew she had to, in order to keep her sanity at least. Unwelcome and grudging though it was, he was beginning to respect the way in which she persevered, badgered and coerced without him knowing, it seemed.

Till last week, Thursday, when a perverse streak in him surfaced, yet again, and he came with studied nonchalance, his work incomplete. It had to be her bad hair day. He never knew when the swift rapier sharp words hit, but he found himself in detention. A phone call was made, to his father, who gladly agreed to have his son stay back. She had assured his father she’d drop him home. No escape.

Sullenly he waited after school, watching his friends leave. Friends? Ha! How could they just leave? She called him, and asked him to wait in class, leaving a small package for him. Eat, she said, and I’ll join you in five minutes. He opened the packet. A vegetable puff and a cutlet. Wow. And boy! Was he hungry! He made short work of it, and wondered how he could continue to stay mad at her. He had to try though. It did very little for his self-respect to suddenly be pliant and willing. But what could he do other than just wait it out?

She came in, suddenly, briskly, asked him to sit. Opening his book to show her what he’d done, he quavered, wondering how he was going to word his half hearted apology. He felt he owed it to her, for her concern about the state of his stomach at least. She knew fourteen-year-old boys, that he realized.

Out of the blue, she asked him about his daily routine, his tuition classes, the subjects he liked, and did not, and the general methodology of his learning pattern; what he’d liked to do, if he didn’t have time to come school, or the desire to. They spoke in his mother tongue, and did not study a word, or write, or read. They simply talked. Again, grudgingly he acknowledged her ability to do just what he never thought she would. She was a wily one. He’d have to up his guard some more. However, in the course of simply sharing simple things, he managed to let slip a lot of closely held secrets. How self-conscious he was. How he hated to be laughed at, and how the others in class would, knowing this. How he could not get along with most of the boys. How he hated to ask for help.

How an hour fled, he did not realize. Then, in a couple of minutes, his father was there, to pick him up, having arranged it with his teacher. She spoke to him, suggested a few things, patted him on his back, and did not ask anything else of him, other than he commit himself to being better, because no one else could, for him. Hearing it from her, it made that difference. He’d almost decided to forgive her.

Till yesterday. When he got summarily thrown out. He’d pushed the limits of the Devil’s patience. He smirked at that memory. How apt! The analogy too. Though guilt tinged, and tingled where it should not, really. Nothing was complete for that day’s work, despite reminders.

So, there he was, reluctant to face her that day. More so as his work was complete and she’d know. In an about face, she did not ask him, or anyone. Instead, she got the whole class to do a written task, in class. Identifying about fifteen students, she asked for their work. He, of course, had to be one. Every now and then, she’d glance his way, and nudge, with her expression, in a manner that only he could make out. He gave her full marks for discretion. He did not want to, but then, he sighed, and did. They had to write about rains. He loved the rains, but he did not know what to write.

Half an hour passed. The bell rang. She collected the books and left. The books were returned an hour later. He didn’t open his book; he knew it would be bleeding. Her strokes were vicious, to him, each time she’d taken a look at his work. So what was new?

The last period came by, and he was in a hurry to go. Arranging his books to take home, he spied the note book. What the heck! he thought. I might as well get it over with, before Amma does. Cautiously he turned to the page. There! Red. Red. Red. But wait… seriously? Oh God! Really?

A fine attempt, she wrote. Try to write in paragraphs, and organize your points better.

Damn. For the first time, he understood that girly shampoo ad, that he laughed at all the time!

11 July 2013
Based, loosely, on a real time incident. Fictionalized appropriately. But of course 😛


“Discover Wildlife! Be a Teacher!”

… so goes a quote, anonymously posted, that I discovered in my casual stroll through the WWW yesterday! I was totally captivated by it, and immediately shared it where it would reach a wider audience, especially those who have the taste for the hatke. Obviously, Facebook 😀

In the comments sections, produced herewith, with the help of a screen shot(click to enlarge pic 🙂 ) is a telling reminder of how much fun it is (Leenuka 🙂 ) and how we can even discover new species in our adventures 🙂 (Abby!)

Ok 🙂 So that may not show up clearly, but I so liked the responses from two wonderful people I know there- one of whom is an awesome teacher I look up to, and am a big big fan of! Abby 🙂 (((Hugs)))

Doing a post for Teachers’ Day is also getting to be a tradition too for this blog 🙂 This in 2010, and this one last year. What more can I add? I guess enough to make me want to write something.

From way back, in school, I’ve always loved Teachers’ Day 🙂 The day when Teachers were not teachers, and the fun we had with student teachers! How, on that day, our Teachers were ever so charming, and approachable, and how we could take liberties with them that day…. 🙂 Times have changed since then, of the perception of a teacher in class.

Teachers are not just approachable now, but I guess more vulnerable too 😀 You don’t really know what’s coming at you… either child or parent or the Administration! That is only the tip of the freaking iceberg that keeps growing, global warming in the teaching community notwithstanding! (And I am not even going to go into the fiscal aspect at ALL :D). And still, no matter what, I love what I do. That is enough for me 🙂

This is not going to be an organized and neatly compartmentalized post, let me warn you, before you get too deep in here. This one is a lark, a happy lark, singing to itself, a paean to itself 🙂

This is a tribute to the teachers who shaped me, and made me look at myself as a being with potential. I know for sure that what I am is because of them! It is not for nothing that Henry Adams wrote of teachers:

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. “

I know I still do things today because of something or other that has influenced me, in my own days as a student in college, or in school 🙂 We all do, I think! More so, when we rebel! 😛

Yesterday, during that stroll through various quotes available on the net, I did discover a few that I do want to share today 🙂

A teacher’s job is to take a bunch of live wires and see that they are well grounded” ~ D Martin 

Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself 🙂

Teachers touch the future.

There are three good reasons to be a teacher – June, July, and August.  ~Author Unknown
(in this case let me make it April, May, and 10 days each during August-September, and December!!)


This particular post as I have already mentioned is a dedication to my own teachers from school, and from college, and one particular awesome teacher from College – Dr Shoba Venkatesh Gosh (She used to be Ms Shoba Venkatesh in college 🙂 ). Early this year, when I came across a search term, with her name on the dashboard of my blog, I made an effort to google and find out more about her! Was very very elated to make contact through an organization called SPARROW, to discover she is now a Professor of English at Mumbai University! Woah. Made my day, entirely… 🙂 Went back to being the adoring kid in her class, and wrote out an email, an adoring email, of course to her… a part of which I have shared below! Well so much for being a teacher 🙂 I’d rather be her student any day!

I quote from the my email (dated March 7, 2012) to her: “The other day, while writing in another of my rambles on my wordpress blog, I mentioned your name, as someone who has been an all time inspiration in life. And today, while going through search terms on my blog, I saw your name, and immediately decided that this had to be the day I would delve deep into the virtual world for traces of that memory, and see if I could find you, however virtually. 

So I googled Shobha Venkatesh Ghosh ( I remembered that part too!); and was shown many links, all referring to Dr.Shobha Venkatesh Gosh. Had to be you, of course 🙂 And you still look awesome, the self same tall, lissome and attractive lecturer I used to look forward to listening to in class, in JNC! (saw a few pictures on SPARROW’s webpage) ( Do you still do theatre?)
I do realize you would not be able to place me, neither would you remember what I looked like, for I was that eager beaver average ordinary (all said in one breath! :D) girl who hung upon your words in class. A sure case of adoration, one I still  have to get over! Sorry to come on so strong!! After all these years 🙂
Coincidentally, I am a teacher. A school teacher. English. (which I took , after doing Science in PUC, because of a sure and defining influence of a certain lecturer!). And each time a student who has finished school comes back with kind words I think of you, and even otherwise. I’ve quoted your name n number of times when asked randomly what inspired me; first and foremost it has been you 🙂 Glad that I can, at least now, let you know all of this 🙂 Your rendition (if I could call it that! It was a class act!) of Pontius Pilate still lingers, and though I have lost the words, thinking of your performance always brings a smile!
I shall not embarrass you anymore. I’m glad I could get in touch (provided of course you do get to read this schoolgirlish mail, from an almost 49 year old who refused to grow beyond 12 – that’s a private joke my son and I share 🙂 ). 
I hope too, to be able to mail you again, on occasion, if you would not mind. It’s great to know that I have been able to at least make a one sided contact.( Dear me! Provided, of course, that you are the same Shobha Ma’am.)” Unquote 😛
What pleased me more, made me more overjoyed that words can tell, is her reply, and the fact that somewhere she did have a fuzzy memory 🙂 🙂 What does one say to such “thrilled to bits” feelings that well up? 🙂 🙂

To wrap up, here’s the song (lyrics in the description area) from the film “To Sir, With Love”, iconic as far as inspiration for teachers go :); sung by Lulu, years after she first performed it for the film itself, in which she acted, as one of the students. Evergreen inspiration!

Happy Teachers’ Day to all those who, each day, knowingly and unknowingly are part of the teaching process… so that is ALL of you 🙂

4 Spetember 2012, on the verge of 5 September, 2012
Teachers’ Day 🙂