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You give, and I take.
An even deal or not-
That’s how it’s always been.

Till when I knew
That only taking
Meant I was losing.

And giving, well,
As strange as it seemed
Made you richer…

The homily wasn’t lost on me.

And happily enough,
We still have time
To approbate a new deal.


24 November, 2013

Pic courtesy Google Image search 

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

13 thoughts on “Approbate

  1. That’s an amazing fact/philosophy – becoming richer by giving more. Well, depends on what we are invested in. And the new deal – just grab it and become richer!


  2. Hi Usha, This is simply fantastic. I loved the line ‘Till when I knew
    That only taking
    Meant I losing.
    Such depth hidden in them.


  3. I love giving Usha..But I still do have an excel sheet in the back of my mind which keeps debits and credits in tally..It happens especially with close relationships.. Call me cynical..Right now I do not find humans including me of capable of un conditional love or giving as a one way street.


    • Paatiamma, first of all, thank you so much for the read and the sharing of your views. Unconditional love, well, it borders on being a myth, these days, true. Cynical I too am; but suddenly there was this optimism, this rather sneaky thing that crept up on me.. And so.
      Thank you for the visit. Good wishes of the New Year to you and yours 🙂


  4. Hello Ma’am,

    I am a student of yours, Malavika, now in class 9. You don’t take class for me nowadays, but I am sure you know me and see me in school everyday. 🙂

    Ma’am, I discovered your blog a long time ago and have been reading it since then. But how I found it, though, is another story. I only gathered the courage to comment now.

    I was very surprised to find your blog and I like it very much. I love your interesting, open, heart-warming style of writing. I like your verse too, I’ve never seen anything like it (I know very little about poetry and so it feels strange)

    I hope you find nothing wrong with this comment, it’s actually the first time (that I can remember), speaking to you like this. I am really, really relieved to have conveyed my thoughts at last. 🙂


  5. I nearly forgot! I really liked your latest verse too! Like some other commenters have noted, it has a lot of depth to it and I wish I could give as wholeheartedly to those whom I take from! (my parents, the most)


    • Malavika, I know I’ve already thanked you in person, but I must make that official here, especially the part of how honoured I feel that you stayed and wrote in. Thank you, immensely. I hope you’ll share that ‘story’ too, of how you found this blog!

      And, the comment, it’s just fine. Really 🙂 Thank you once again!


  6. Giving makes one richer. How I agree, Usha Di. Your verse never fails to cheer me up. 🙂


  7. All this while I was in a bind
    taking everything that was given in a blind
    No longer I am to fate resigned
    having decided to give back in kind
    and now the situation a little skewed if you find
    just blame it as the thoughts of a demented mind….

    Pretty pretty!! Which way to take, the angelic giving or the devilish giving back?


    • Govind, you make this prettier still
      Having prettily skewered it on the grill
      Of hatke thoughts, notions that seem to mill
      In the depths of your charmed quill
      Always adding to writes here, a thrill
      Giving me more food for thought, if you will 🙂

      Thank you. As always you brighten up the pages here 🙂


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