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For the Love of Music :)


I had been tagged ages ago, by Nimmy, to share some favourite songs in two languages 🙂  10 each to be precise 🙂 I have  decided to do it two or three parts. Since some of it was already in the drafts, from about an age ago, I decided it was time there was some movement on this space, and here it comes, a few, too darned few I must add, for I desperately wanted to add more. These are songs, some of them at least, that I grew up with, some others which I found wonderful for their lyrics, the music, and the sheer joy of sharing in their music. I do hope it will connect with you 🙂 and you will find that enjoyment too!

First off, the English Songs 🙂

1. One of Us – Joan Osborne

Do look up the link and check the lyrics, they are truly amazing!

2. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Roberta Flack

This has to be one of the most deliciously romantic songs ever… and I mean ever 🙂

3. Bohemian Raphsody, Queen

Sang this in chorus at School, came first [our class ie :)] A memorable song!

4. Truly Madly Deepy,Savage Garden

(Embedding disabled… another beautiful song to watch, do follow the link:))

5. Everything I do, Bryan Adams

Now this one give me gooseflesh, all the time 🙂

6. Stay the Same, Joey McIntyre

Embedding disabled 😦 Must watch song, must listen to song :). Can’t quite describe it, but it tugs at the heartstrings 🙂

7. Dr Hook’s Sexy Eyes

Bouncy, bouncy, and raunchy… but lovely 🙂 IHM’s blog has “When you’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman”, so I chose this one 🙂

8. Leo Sayer “When I need you”

Yearningly beautiful… 🙂

9. To Sir With Love

This had to be one of the most inspiring films ever, and this scene from the film is particularly touching and heartwarming! Am sure some of you will remember, and enjoy it all over again!

10. Abba’s “Chiquitita”

Another lovely song… 🙂

11. Vicky Leandros’ 1972 Eurovision Winner of a song, Translated here, in English, “Come What May”. The Original is Après Toi, sung in French.

Heard this first, when dad brought home this LP and was captivated by the voice, the strength of it, and the versatility 🙂 I heard the French version first [no I do not know French 🙂 :)] and later discovered the English version. The lyrics are lovely too!

In English:

This is in French:

And Oh 🙂 so very many more 🙂 This is just an atom on the tip of the iceberg, but then what to do, Nimmy said 10 only 😦 Though I did add one more :P!

More from Hindi and Malayalam to follow in another post. For now, this itself has drained me, though very pleasantly, I must add 🙂 🙂

11 May, 2009, very very early in the day… 🙂

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

29 thoughts on “For the Love of Music :)

  1. Many familiar and fav songs here Usha!

    Thank you, so very much, Shail 🙂 Perhaps you’d like to do the tag too? Would love to see a list from you too, though I am sure that 10 is a meagre number, :)!


  2. WoW! I didn’t know any of the song besides Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage garden. BUT I enjoyed all of them. 🙂

    I guess some of them go rather a long way back 🙂 Perhaps that is why 🙂 Thank you for listening to them and for letting me know how much you enjoyed them 🙂


  3. Wow! Love the cool new look of your blog. Haven’t heard much Englipis songs in my life, but will take a look at your list for sure 🙂

    Pallavi, good to see you here 🙂 And yes, do take your time to listen to them. Thank you for the lovely words for the blog 🙂


  4. Whooooooooooosh…..!!! I was wondering hw cme almost al my fav songs, came in ur list, specialy “One of Us and Everything i do”.
    Totally awesome songs, infact many of those songs brought lot of memories back, of school n college days n abt those half broken bands…

    Sreelakshmi, 🙂 Glad to know that! REally! I mean I am over the moon that there is resonance that is building up with so many 🙂 Thanks so much!! One of Us is an out and out leader… among a lot of others 🙂 and Everything I do.. well *sigh* I moon over Kevin Costner in that video :D!


  5. OMG! Each and every one, is my fav too, esp One of us…!! I haven’t heard the last one, but am going to now…and since our tastes match, I’m sure I’ll like it too

    🙂 Imp’s Mom, I am glad you are glad to find favourites here! And Joey Macintyre.. well… *sigh*.. again 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for being here!


  6. listening to all the songs and loving it!

    joey mcintyre…sigh…

    🙂 Yes ! Joey Macintyre 🙂


  7. love the list Ushus 🙂 and so many that I see here that are mine too 🙂
    but then if I say I knew, you will laugh affectionately and say the same back wont you? 😀
    So for now…I will say that yes knew and knew perfectly what your list would be….

    ush: now you know too 🙂 And I shall leave it at that 🙂 🙂 :D!!

    and that one line where you have written it gives you gooseflesh 🙂 I will simply say two peas in a pod Ushus 😀

    ush: giggling… knowingly… 😀

    Love absolutely love the Joan Osbourne one 🙂

    ush: Would you believe, just recently, one of my 10th std. students happened to mention to me that he found a song about God, and it was a bad bad song, and like, how could people listen to it and all.. He was quite offended! I asked him, and we found out it was this song… so I told him to listen with a different perspective… and I guess it kind of clicked, and he came back later looking relieved 🙂 The song was One of Us 🙂

    Sexy eyes? 😀 oh yes raunchy and all that and a fav 😀 and IHM’s choice is beautiful too 😀

    ush: Would have put “When you’re in Love with a beautiful woman” but I did not want a repetition 🙂 This one is really cute too! Used to holler out loud, my brothers and I whenever we heard this 😛 😛

    To Sir with love ? 😀
    Now why would you go ahead and put that one here too?

    ush: *Looks smug* and *giggles, hopelessly*!!!! 😀

    coz I knew 😀
    you and NOT put that one in the list? 😀
    impossible! 😀

    ush: *smug look dissolves into pout* 😛 😛

    Abba is an eternal favourite! 😀

    ush: It is… 🙂 I know :D! and I wanted one of the meaningful ones, so I chose this! REad about Dancing Queen on Smitha’s post, how much her daughter loved it, and decided to add another of theirs 🙂

    and thank you for sharing the one by Vicky Leandros 🙂 had no idea 🙂
    loved it 🙂 and am now going to download it 🙂 or atleast get the CD from somewhere 😀

    ush: CD? Well I hope you do find it, or else you can always download it! Vicky Leandros incidentally can sing in as many as 7 languages with such ease [including Greek 🙂 I am told], that she is such a prodigy.. rather was, when she won that award 🙂 Another cute French singer you should listen to is Alizee… pretty thing, great moves, and beautiful singing! Found it on my elder son’s playlist, and found her quite endearing [he finds her darned sexy 😛 :P!]

    Ushus 10 only???ONLY? 😀
    I mean did we forget the Ushus who breaks err I mean twists the rules..bents them just so 😉 ?

    ush: Lol, Indy, don’t you want me to follow rules sometimes? At least this once… and I didn’t really I cheated and added one more. So there!!! *Sniff* You would not find me such an obedient gal for sure 🙂 🙂 🙂 :P!

    Hey Leo gal 🙂 you are my twin 😀
    muahh! 🙂

    ush: Yes Ms Pea, says this Ms Pea 🙂

    love you 🙂
    but you know that 😛

    I know, and I love you too 🙂

    And thank you for the awesome comment 🙂 No, it isn’t a comment, it’s a bit of you sprinkled brightly all over this post 🙂 And please… will you do this tag too? I would like to know how much more of a twin one can be :P!
    Thanks Meg 🙂 Made my day, entirely!


    • muah muah 😀
      yup will do the tag 😀
      of all the people who have tagged me till now , would be the most delighted to take it from you 🙂

      ush: Now I know that is going to be one lip smacking list 🙂 And am waiting for it 🙂 Soon, please?

      and bents is bends 😀
      the grammatically correct aatma of yours is now in my body 😀
      you used to holler that one?:D

      Ush: Lol @ grammatically correct aatma! Am I that bad?? *giggling*

      😀 Ushus Why I am I gettng a pic of a gal whos just ummm so….me? 😀

      muah 😀

      ush: well…. you did say it earlier, did you not?? Ms Pea 🙂

      and thank you for all that about another *ahem* sexy singer 😀
      will be sure to check her songs as well 🙂

      ush: *ahem* watch it first before you share it with your brothers… 🙂 They will flip 🙂 🙂 !!

      (((hugs))) for that awesome ‘you’..that I see in your words to me 😀
      and one day I promise we shall meet 😀

      ush: Amen to that 🙂 Que sera sera ??? 🙂

      this was like the old days of ‘yore’
      I mean it seems like ages since we ‘spoke’

      ush: Right! The days of “yore”… lol! Thank you too Indygurl. And the conv. gets more easier to do with this move to WP, na? Feels like old times, yes indeed!


      • All I can see in your comments are “smileys” 😉 (56-23)! :O :O

        yes I counted! 😀 😀

        Lol, Meena… I guess that is amazingly true. Have now begun to realize that I cannot help but hit the colon and bracket every now and then.. even when I type in a serious mail.. LOL. How I managed to not put even on till now, is a wonder! But I guess I have to start somewhere 🙂 🙂 :)!!!!

        Michael Buble I have not heard of till now. Must check that one too 🙂


        • geeez…. one writes two paragraphs… and another one counts the smileys… we bloggers sure are a really navra (free) lot !!!

          lovely collection Ushus… Everything i do is my favourite too and I love truly madly deeply tooo !!!

          like meenu says below lionel richie and stevie wonder were classics too… some of the above i havent heard… and i cant hear either in office… !!!

          but will try and do it some time later… !

          Lol @ the kinds of comments… two paras to smiley counting! No accounting for taste and interpretations, as far as bloggers are concerned! Whichis such a good thing finally!

          How come you haven’t been on the list earlier?? and me too busy to even notice you did not get here! Lol. Dhiren, those two are fav.s but so also the others you mention, Carpenters, Bee Gees too! And Olivia Newton John, Whitney Huston, Mariah Carey, shania Twain, … the list goes on. But I just chose a few off the beaten tracks too, to share. Thanks Dhiren, good to see you here!


  8. nice list of songs there although I haven’t listened to many of those..
    queen, bryan and savage garden…:D

    P., I guessed those you would know 🙂 The rest are a little further down the line, and of an odd sort of genre I guess, the ones other that the romantic numbers 🙂 Listen to the first one, for the lyrics 🙂 And Joan Osbourne’s voice quality 🙂


  9. hey! wonderful list 😀 :d Have you heard lionel ritchie?

    Yes, another all time fav. But could not add any here 😦 I think I like “Hello”, and Party all night the most 🙂 And of course Stevie Wonder.. Just called to say I love you 🙂


    • Oh yes stevie wonder! Thats a classic.. I can never tire of hearing that song 😀

      And michael buble! 🙂 Lost, home and ‘way you look tonight’ of my best friend’s wedding fame!

      🙂 One more for you… for giving me a song to listen to 🙂


  10. Ushus, I love the list. So many similar choices. I esp. love ‘Everything I do’. I used to be a Bryanatic 😀 😀

    ush: I’m still a Bryanatic :D! Particularly love “When you love a woman”, and “Summer of ’69” and, well… all the others… :D!

    ‘To Sir, with love’. I was so moved when I read it and later watched it. Thanks for adding it.

    ush: Yes, the book, and the movie were both an experience- one of those timeless and deeply moving stories, isn’t it? A pleasure, really, to share it here 🙂 Thank you too Solilo!

    Pssst… The pooram one will be the next one, ok? Pacca! Promise 🙂


  11. LOL, i have actually not heard many from this list!! will work on them right away!

    Please do, Ajit, I am sure you will enjoy them too!


  12. This is a treat, the buffering has started, I love Dr Hook – everything, this one’s a fav too 🙂
    And right now Everything I do is playing…. You know I have this tag, half done in my drafts!! Just listening to your list is making me feel so nostalgic!! We have similar taste in music 🙂
    Now let me hear the rest of these…

    Yes indeed, IHM, I found out very early that our taste in music is almost the same 🙂 And I do hope you will complete that tag. Would love to find more resonances there :)!
    And it is lovely that you finally got time to make a visit. Glad :)!


  13. wow!! u got some fine taste in music!! hehe. i love some f the tracks u hv mentioned here.. esp, roberta flack, leos ayer n savage garden n bryan adams and abba n joan osborne too!!!! it came as such a big surprise!! whooaa!! 🙂 hadn’t heard de rest f de tracks thou. thank you for sharing some awesome music here!! 🙂 Such a joy, indeed!!

    love you!! 🙂

    Thank you too, Sashu :)!

    Such a joy to have you saying how much you love these songs too! Never thought that you would go so far back as Roberta Flack 🙂 Am totally and pleasantly surprised by that! Have you heard her singing “Killing me softly”? Another beautiful song!

    thanks Sash… lovely to have your wonderful words here too!


  14. Enjoyed the nostalgia – thanks Usha!

    Corinne, thank you too. Indeed, nostalgia, isnt it?


  15. just read through will come back and listen through, but you already have my favs in this so should be back soon! And welcome back after a long break!

    Thank you Sindhu, for the warm welcome back :). And yes, am glad to know that there are some which are your favourites too!


  16. You have been tagged!

    The second born? Found that 🙂 Thank you!


  17. Usha,just came here to tell you how glad I’m to see u back in the blogosphere.Havnt gone through your list in full though…will be back to read and will be eagerly waiting to read your malayalam & hindi picks:)
    For now,so so happy to see you back:)

    Deeps, thank you so much for that warm welcome back! Am happy too, to be back though, it’s going to be just a peek in now and then, given the hectic schedule I am still stuck in 🙂 Do take your time to go through the list, and if possible do the tag also, if you have not already 🙂

    Thanks again, Deeps…!


  18. Bryan Adams, Abba, To Sir with Love…..Usha you took me back to the era of Golden Music….hmmmmmmm, lala, la…Guess am going to listen to all these old albums today…perfect Sunday……..and Rasputin…byBoneym…I always , always cry….good selection there…We have an excellent selection of good music….Havent heard afew you have mentioned..will do, and definitely this ..One of Us.

    Poonam, right, the era of Golden Music 🙂 Like the way you put it! I had to put in only 10, and though Boney M, and Baccara and the Pussycats and Anne Murray, and Kenny Rogers, and every so many were on my list… I just randomly chose a few from that endless list to share.
    Hope you had a great Sunday with the music:) Good to hear from you. Thank you!


  19. What a lovely collection! Absolutely timeless ones!

    To Sir with love has been one of my favourites ever since I read it Class 8!

    Loved this post!

    Thanks Smitha. To Sir With Love… well, it still gives me goosebumps, to see the film, or even hear the songs!


  20. never heard any of those… dono whether I will hear any of them soon as my search for music ends with tamil films 😦 Will give a try when I get sometime

    Kanagu, thank you for the visit, and yes, do try listening to them. Maybe some of them are “acquired taste”, lol, but I guess the appeal of Music is universal!


  21. And I love your blog name… similar to mine 😀

    Now that you mention it, Yes! Straight Drive! As in Cricket? Or perhaps something more? Nicey nice!


    • yes… a cricket term only.. toyed with many cricket terms and settled with that due to
      its straight forwardness and perfectness it needed 🙂

      Thought as much 🙂 And your blog reflects much of it 🙂


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