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The Carousel of Life

google doodle val day 13

Hop on!
I’ll take you
On a ride-

Gaily, you called out,
that fine summer day.

I shied away-
Rides were not my thing!
Not that carousel,
Of dancing horses,
Never still…
Dizzying moments-
Though excitement
and joyful cries rent the air!

Hop On!
You urged,
Reassurance warm;
flecked in your eyes!

What do I say now!

Hopping on that ride
With you-
Was the best thing
I’ve ever done!

No matter that the carousel
Whirled us round..
On a never ending
hurdy-gurdy of emotions!

For, as someone once said,

Love doesn’t make the world go round;
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile!

1 October, ’07


Pic. Google doodle, Valentine’s Day, 2013
Also a tribute to the creator of the Ferris Wheel, George Ferris!
Joining google in wishing him 154th birthday 🙂

Added to which it is Valentine’s day. So this old post becomes a sticky post for the day 🙂