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For Her…


She wondered:

The kindness of his gaze;
Or was there something more?

Her quiescent memory
Could give no more.
A familiar scent emanated, gently-
And nothing more…

There is something here…

She thought;
Something that called out…
Faint, but strong…

And he called,
In an unspoken plea:

My love, I wish
I just wish,
You could feel my heart!
How you fill me so!

The faint recognition
Stilled within her eyes;
Withdrawing suddenly.

He yearned again, in silence:

A flare of warmth, did I see,
That lit those beautiful
And utterly lost eyes?
I’m here now, darling;
And will never let go…

Please, just please,
Don’t let me go too
Into the abyss of darkness
Waiting to envelop
Your fondest memories…
Waiting to swallow you
Your mind-
But never, I know, your soul:
For that resides in me!

You’re not lost, my dearest,
You never can be!
Even in this fugue
That has fogged your mind
Our oneness, innate, shall
Blaze its light, and pierce the wall…

And you will recognize me;
So sure am I-
For nothing ever
Can deny
Love’s Call!

4 May, 2008

Fugue is a pathological amnesiac condition, where there is little or no recollection of one’s self, for brief periods of time… Just a layman’s interpretation of a psychiatric condition.

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

4 thoughts on “For Her…

  1. I was just wondering..Why this recognition of love,Why do you need to voice love ,emptying every bit of skill you have….And then at the end of it ,I realized,it was only consolation in assurance that the poem acquired through the poet for the readers.For as you sayLove never goes Unheard.as if surety soliloquies with itself and love smiles assuring its presence,no matter what.An experiment that took even a normal person to trans and to daze ,where love awaits and none.Thank you


  2. Ive never seen ‘Fugue’ this beautiful!!!My hearts squeezed out, feel so raw!! Like impinged, etched forever..I shall thank heavens for the medicine im learnin here :)Good lord, bless these beautiful people!!


  3. Lover’s call can overcome death… make miracles [:)]Loved reading it..dunno why love the expression.. quiescent memory 🙂


  4. There is something here…She thought;juz dat sumthin makes ‘loving’ worth!! i liked de way diz one started off! de quiescent memory…! 🙂


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