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The Rain Is Me


The rain is
me, now.

Grey, grey clouds
that hold my heart
and soul, captive;
heavy with leaden

Huge pearly
drops falling;
from my eyes??

My thoughts
my dreams, hopes
aspirations and expectations,
peopled in my mind-

by the pain
that never seems to stop.

That will never let
me be.

The downpour
of agony
sweeps all away.

A sun rises anew,
in the cycle of life again;
flood waters recede-
as they must.

To garner myself
my thoughts and
my precious self…

How tough it is-
to learn to live again.

Usha, 1 July, ’07


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

4 thoughts on “The Rain Is Me

  1. This is so beautiful ma’am 🙂 could completely identify with this one!


  2. “…to learn to live again ” – Isnt tough if one realizes what left behind was MEANT to be left behind.


  3. @anu: thanks:)@enigma: True, very true..but that realization never comes easy, does it? Despite all the introspection and the worldly wisdom one gathers..:) Thank you for the insight!


  4. oh my godddddddddd!!!!!!!!! usha i absolutely and totally and completely love this one as much as i loved utterances and sepia dreams 1&2!!!! the pain is literally pouring out from this one!!! the description is so real!!! the cycle of pain … how it enters … and how it recedes … and how we’re left to gather pieces and start life again!!! and yes tough it is, to start life anew!!!i’m so sorry …. but i cant pick out favourite lines from this one!!! each and every line is precious!!!and somehow i get the feeling that, this one too … has a special meaning for u!!! and i wish i could say a lot more …. but then like u said sometimes the unspoken speaks for itself!!!amazed, once again, at the depth and intensity of all your writes!!! god bless you usha … and may you never have to face any pains!!! let there be showers of blessing -Showers of blessing,Showers of blessing we need:Mercy drops round us are falling,But for the showers we plead.let Him bless you with his showers of blessings!!


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