A Quest on Overdrive … :)

An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)


That touch upon the soul…

A thought of you,
your love – enmeshed
in the weave of golden
molten moonbeams…

makes me catch my breath
at the wonder of it all!

The sound of your voice
Its velvety softness,
low, deep timbre of affection
lending strength to vows we made!

Your comforting presence
leaving an indelible mark
on my soul..

Even in your absence.

The kind that will
never, but never,
fade, or go away.



Because of you…

Burning my love
and melting my heart…
So long as you are in the light
my love…

Winding the spool
enduring the laser jab, the endless whirling…
So long as you can hear the music…

Flowing in ink
no matter its my blood…
So long as you can thumb the pages…

That is what I’m told.
You’re the reason I am.

So I have to be.
So I have to do.

And so I have to.

And funnily enough-
so I want to..
Because of you.

Isn’t it strange?
How I still love you?

Usha, 14 May, ‘07



Was today what
I had been waiting ….
waiting for?

Standing outside myself…
looking within…
poking around
misty, mildewed,
cobwebbed corners of
my consciousness…

I ask myself
Is this where I
should be?

Feeling so loved,
so beloved..
so cherished.

And yet…
sometimes, so alone.

Lonely as only alone
can be.

Reality bites..
It hurts..

But then
Only Love can
bring pain..

And only Love
can bring
the deepest, purest joy!

I guess,
this is where I should be…

In us!

Usha, 6 May, ’02



So when you took
My hand-

[After stealing my heart,
With my hand too, I had to part!]

What did you feel,
I asked, remember?

I’m holding my world in my hand,
You said, remember?

Did I feel lost?
You asked, I remember.

How could I?! I retorted,

In the circle of your Love-
Led by the hand,
I finally found me,
In Us.

Usha, 22 September,’07


Damocles’ Sword

Am I that sword
that hangs over you?

Aghast, you wonder that
I dare to ask!

Ah, but I wonder too-
Did you ever know I think?

And think, so deep and long,
Ponder, vitiate, then surrender.

Sometimes to you.
Sometimes to my thoughts.

Which brings me to
the moot point –

I am that sword, aren’t I?
That destroys your peace of mind?

Because neither of us
Can ever move out –

Of each other.

Usha, 7 August, ’07