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A Piece of Art!


How did that
piece of art
get that way?

It’s a thought I’ve had,
recurring, persistent…

Imagine, the colours
in that oil painting, just so-
the strokes, each one,
making magic, when it happens!
a knife to smoothen, sharpen,
blend and perfect…
Only then, will that soul
of the artist, permeate-

And the painter? Replete!

Imagine each sculpture
chiseled, just so-
how it knows the form
within, taking shape:
through blows, taps, edges
and endless jabs..
Just the right force
in the sculptor’s hand;
else, it just might not be!

And the sculptor? Humbled.

The flowers in the vase
be it Ikebana, or just
your own special, inimitable way-
the fern placed, just so-
and the aster – that way.
Gently placed on the
thorny holder..
you want it upright-
standing tall and proud!

And you? Mesmerized!

The poem you just wrote
the story that just came-

How did it get that way?
Maybe because, you did! –
your heart in it, you pondered
patiently: the words wrote
artfully, and it happened, just so.

The writer? Soaked in it!

And I believe,
The Artist, up there,
would look at us..
thinking, how he moulded us!
A little push, that fall, rising again,
helping us to form – just that way!
Colour us with feeling, just so-
tap and smooth, the rough edges
and, watch us stand proud!

And, yet again, I do believe
No matter, if anyone
understood us, His work –
He’d believe in us;
and He’d know – it was

I wish, though, we could believe
So fully too!

Usha, 15 May, 07


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

4 thoughts on “A Piece of Art!

  1. Wonderful pondering,wonderful observation! Specially the ‘Faith’ you enthuse the reader with! Im goin to owe a lot to you!


  2. “And I believe,The Artist, up there,would look at us..thinking, how he moulded us!A little push, that fall, rising again,helping us to form – just that way!Colour us with feeling, just so-tap and smooth, the rough edgesand, watch us stand proud!And, yet again, I do believeNo matter, if anyoneunderstood us, His work –He’d believe in us;and He’d know – it wasWorthwhile!”If i may pick,Loved these lines ,with due love to the other lines:)


  3. beautiful!indeed a piece f art!!liked de way ya developed de idea n de endin wuz juz mindblowing! beautiful!!!!


  4. Itz a beautiful prose,Ma'am..U got it absolutely right..Though we are His worthwhile creations,wonder how many of us make our lives worthy of Him-His Love,Mercy & Grace..? ;-pGod bless u,Ma'am!


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