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If I could photograph
Each drop of rain, from whence it fell
Parting painfully from the cloud
Of like minded thoughts in drops

Falling down, down, down
Barely seeing.
Just zinging down.
Of a different sort.

If I could capture
The colours that drop caught,
In tandem with a million others…
Slip into the rainbow then,
And live those emotions.

If only, if only,
I could then save that drop.

From being spattered.

With my eyes, and through my lens
Keep it frozen, right there,
When it deflects, reflects,
Not genuflect to the scheming
Insanity of those who don’t
Quite know,

The magic.

The absolute beauty.

Of how that drop came to be.

15 June, 2014
Online, prowling the www, on FB, and seeing this picture on Jeevan Mohandas’ profile 🙂 🙂

my eyes

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

18 thoughts on “Photographic

  1. I know what you saying. .but if we could picture every drop then it will become common …

    Nature has its secrets

    Lovely poem..


  2. Beautiful usha ji… u sent me to a world of imagination.


  3. Sigh. That has been my wish too, photographing with eyes. If only!
    Beautiful words, I quite imagined those drops falling. Kamikaze, yes of a different sort. What a way to put that 🙂 Loved it.


  4. As Shail has written, that part about kamikaze is my fav too. And even more important ,” not genuflect to the scheming insanity of those who don’t quite know the magic.”

    I have the same wish. That my eyes could capture an image and keep it forever.


  5. *sighhhh* 🙂

    Click, click, click – my shutter would go all the time 😀

    Your words flowed like the rain!! 🙂

    …i wish for more kamikaze!


  6. Usha teacher, glad to meet someone with similar love for rains. 🙂


  7. I come here after years and whattay coincidence again! You use the word Kamikaze – my earlier pen name. Even I wish my eyes could take photographs 🙂


  8. Lovely verse ….. this is much appreciated by myself a photographer


  9. Ma’am, if we were to capture everything, what good does the memory do? Isn’t it the capacity to reflect upon memories which aren’t captured by a camera that makes us human? The best shots I feel are the one’s we do not snap up, what say? Wonderfully written was a joy to read.


    • You have a point there, Madhav! But sometimes I so wish I could just capture THAT moment and hold it true, for I know my own memory to be hazy when I just want it not to be 🙂 Wishes, wishes… all are but wishes of the heart 🙂
      I’ve always felt that those who have a photographic memory are blessed. Probably cursed too, to remember and know things they would rather forget, but there it is 🙂 What we lack sometimes, we want so very much 🙂
      And, there is such unimaginable, mind blowing beauty all around, that one simply wishes one could do this 🙂 🙂

      Thank you Madhav! And welcome to this space!


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