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Clouded Hopes


That cloud, it grew, as it passed

Over sea, over beach, over valleys and hills…


And burgeoning with the heaviness

Of promise, or was it warning?

It arrived: longed for release.


As did she, looking upward

In empathy. Know the portent

Of that darkness, of that weight

Of expectation, of the helplessness

Of being left, to the

Winds of change.


And while she waited, it blew away.

Was blown away.

Looking longingly after it, she wished

She too could grow wings and follow;

That she too, whimsically could just

Up it and off.


A day later, she heard it rained

Where he was.

Unappeased, she forgave herself.

And waited for the next one.

17 July, 2012


On a random thought, while gmail chatting with Soumya, about a cloud that did not rain here 🙂

Text belowUncanny, the thought that it took me by the scruff and wrote itself here. 😀 The last line says I hoped to read it from him 😀 

On 16 July, 2012:

Soumya-Amused: :
and how is the weather there?

 me: Almost but not quite rainy.. overcast most times… but the intensity of the rains is yet to pick up
07:00 Soumya-Amused: hmm same here.
  but interestingly
  the cloud that goes above your house, the same comes to ys.
  esp the ones that do not pour
07:01 me: Now THAT is a thought 😀
  One should write about it, no?
 Soumya-Amused: Yes yes.
 me: So I’ll read it soon?”
Your turn now, Soumya 🙂

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

15 thoughts on “Clouded Hopes

  1. he he I liked the chat.. but hey guys take all the rain from here , we have had so much of it .. dont want more .. we need the SUN please .. my plants are dieing because of excesss water..

    SUN SUN please comeeeeeeee


  2. Nice! Here, in Chennai too, heavy clouds come and drift off giving us a sultry weather!


  3. Thanks a lot for this ma’am. Can never thank you enough for including me and inspiring me in every way of your own poetic journey.

    Coming to the poetry,

    “Unappeased, she forgave herself.:”

    Just gave a new dimension to the mood of the verse. Quite a line this. 🙂


    • Soumya, I should be thanking you for getting me to want to write again :D! So we’re even now 🙂 🙂
      That line? I rather like it myself. 😀 😀 I dont really know what it’s doing there except that I rather really really like it 🙂 Thanks Soumya!


  4. Inspired by a chat! Wonderful. Like Soumya I feel the line, ““Unappeased, she forgave herself.:” gives it a whole new feeling 🙂


  5. Still full of hope. Interesting! I feel I have witnessed the whole scene.


  6. Beautiful but a sad feeling how cloud is testing us this time..sun still glaring and smirking often taunting ..did you think i would hide huh
    ouch the never ending summer


    • It is supposed to be monsoon here, Soma, but it just does not rain 😦
      I too feel like saying ouch!
      It’s going to be a long hard summer, if the clouds dont shower 🙂 So let us hope anyway!
      Thank you!


  7. Finally it’s drizzling here for 2/3 days looks we are going to be deprived this year. Nice poem.


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