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A piquant thought nudges me-
As to
Why words topple into me
When the clocks tick midnightwards.
Perhaps they’re tired of hanging out of reach
And think I might just not notice
As they slither down the thought strings?
And so with eyes dry drowned in midnight oil
I grab them, before they squirm out of reach!
Only to array them before me
And wonder, suddenly, where all the magic did go

I should have left them be.

28 February, 2012


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

14 thoughts on “Worded

  1. The magic is right here, happening as you weave thoughts and words around and then they entangle with each other – that is nothing short of magic 🙂

    …and closer to midnight – maybe the thoughts are just waiting for an opportune moment to strike. The slience of the night. The vibrance of your thoughts. There cannot be a better romance! 😀


  2. ha ha.. loved it.. 🙂 loved all the slithering squirming words ..


  3. Look at the magic right here
    Its evident for all to see
    This freedom of thought without a care
    Dont let them words just be

    Let them flow is such sweet abandon
    Let them bloom and flower ever free
    Under the midnight stars or the afternoon sun
    Dont let them words just be 😀


  4. This is so beautiful. Hanging out of reach,. slithering down thought strings, catching them before they squirm out of reach… Loved the expressions! 😀


  5. you’re spot on and I confer that most of my output is concluded post-midnight too.. I’ve even woken up, got out of bed and written lyrics, lines or a melody down before it’s all evaporated in the morning..


    • Welcome here, Tigercity. Ah! I have these times too, when, half asleep, just before I get up, and entire write would have formed, but I’d have been to lazy to capture them!
      Glad you re able to harness all of those things before they evaporate!

      Thank you for the visit, and sharing of yourself 🙂


  6. I loved this! 🙂


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