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…another four letter word, most times, these days.

Ok. Rant time. Reader discretion advised. 😀 I’m not, rather, in one my sanest of moments (which incidentally I am not, anyways, most times 😛 ), but now more than ever, I am questioning stuff; things I’ve somehow known would happen, would not happen, had hoped against hope would happen, or not; and of late life deals another blow, after all those blows it has, more often than not, been delivering anyway, regardless of its frequency or impropriety of occurance. I told you. I’m raving mad. Stark, whatever whatever. 

In nature things are so simple. You’re a deer, you run for your life, if you see a lion; if you’re a lion, you run to ensure you can keep running (story here in a prev. post) ; either way the lines, the laws, they are all so clear-cut. No insidious underhand subtle or overt plotting planning double-faced and stony faced (punctuation deliberately manhandled). But life for us so called intelligent superior humans, is just so complicated. Am reminded of Arjun telling me that he liked a particular line from “Bachna e Haseenon”, where Deepika says “Life utna hi complicated hai jitna hum banatein hain” (Life is as complicated as WE make it). She did not know persons like I know, or for that matter a lot of us know too :P. While I do understand where she’s coming from, when she says that, putting the onus upon oneself, to de-complicate stuff that is happening to you, there is this huge web of life that one is involved in, and if one is stuck on the sticky strands of the web, well like that proverbial spider, it quite overwhelms you. Life, I mean.

How does one explain that life does go on, to a rape victim, who is shattered? How?

How does one tell a parent who has lost a child that’s life, and one must look beyond? Where?

How can one assure a young woman/man whose eagerly awaited Valentine just made the final disappearance from his/her life, riding onward to the Heavens above,  and he/she being reminded each day of his/her absence/presence, is at a loss on how to move on? Life? Where do I stand? What do I do? I am asked.

How do I tell my friend who’s been preparing so hard for a particular something, and she’s been refused in the most unethical of ways, Hey, Listen up! Do you think it might be a godsend you know, this humiliation? Ah! the joys of having it said to your face, Oh, you’re not IT. When you know, I know, They know, very very differently!

And then there is suddenly the upside. The egg cracks, but gets cooked sunny side up. 😆

How life looks up, when one has been able to silence a marauding mob of opinionated egos;

Of how one is greeted with a silence that speaks volumes, that gives to one an invisible pat on the back 😀

Of how life gives you so much, and you find a bit of it in epiphany- a moment of communion, silent, mirthful, and entirely disrespectful, in a meeting??? 😆 😆 😆

And yes, how your child takes you by the hand, on the phone, and patiently tells you, explains to you, as if you were a child of three, how to go about engineering a mutiny? Oh the joy of it all! And aids and abets your wildest dreams of actually attempting to  execute it, sometime when the time is right, and the insanity has reached saturation point? The joy! The bliss!

You got it, dear readers. I have reached that state of nirvana, where I am fit to be certified. This post shall be the confirmation of it all, as I get incarcerated in some loony bin, pretty soon. Please do enquire as to what had happened to this dastardly mutineer if no posts are seen again on this space.

Insanely yours.
19 February, 2012.

Another upside. I actually got a post in, on yet another Sunday!

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

24 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Do make someone post the address to that loony bin. It will help knowing there is one that will take people like us. 😀

    Now coming to the real part of the post, no man is an island. We are all connected in a million different ways and will always be, how much ever we hate it.

    And I have always doubted how does one get certified in this particular domain. Will that make me an expert on the topic ? 😛


  2. At some point we all question things… Some are better are dealing with emotions amd loss… Look at ihm… Look at people around you… As many people who are sad, there are people who are showing tremendous courage..


  3. “She did not know persons like I know, or for that matter a lot of us know too” Tada! That’s it.
    Count me in. I might just have to follow you. Only thing, I HATE being locked up. That’s the only thing that’s keeping ME sane 😉
    I will just pat that ‘dastardly mutineer’ on her back and say ‘Attagirl!’


    • Shail, noted for reference, in writing here, to those who probably will have to drag me screaming, there 😀 That’s you and Tito 😀
      Well, I guess the only reason I too am wandering free is that very same and violent dislike bordering on claustrophobia too. So we’re lucky :D!

      Thank you for that pat on the back. Now I have to mutiny. Let the son do the actual battle-plan.. he’s trained for it, anyway 😛 😛
      Lol. Thanks Shail, for looking at it the way you did. 🙂


  4. Aaargh life some times can be Usha and i am not trying to act brave or anything and the examples you quoted how does one see the ray of hope when one hast seen loss of extreme kinds….
    there are things I have seen and experienced and Usha all i can say is howl if you must howl loud till every pore of face is swollen and then deep breaths and get up so what do i do next moment….sometimes,rather most of the times….this unbearable pain feels like slicing you layer by layer but in these moments get out dont stay alone..or it wins and you have to even if means drag yourself out do that go out scold your self do whatever dont stay alone and share….with those who care 🙂
    hope to read more from you 🙂


    • Soma, thank you thank you thank you… for this 🙂
      Yes, to all of that. Yes, to not being alone through it. I keep calling this friend, just to let her give vent to that sense of injustice she feels, and keep in touch with that young person going through a rough time. All one can do is keep sharing, if you can, listen, if possible, scream, no matter you’re going to be thought insane, and plot devilish things, just for the heck of it 😀 Deeply satisfying sometimes 🙂 🙂

      After reading this you still want more? Lol. Thanks for the faith 🙂 🙂


  5. *joins the mutiny*

    Life..while delivering blows, also bestows healing touches 🙂

    …reminds me of the song, “Turn Turn Turn – by The Byrds” … and the passage it is taken from.



    • David, welcome to the mutiny which promises to be the mother of all mutinys 😛 🙂
      Lovely words there, from the song. Thank you for sharing that uplifting thought. Will check the song too! God Bless!


  6. You must be feeling better now, after opening up, Usha! Though I am not good at expressing myself, like you do, with words, after I vent out in some form, I cool down and after the night passes, I feel silly for all the negative thoughts. So, it is as they say, there is always a morning after the night … in Tulu!

    Huh, advices…I go into a shell, most of the time too!

    Take care.


    • Sandhya, I just ramble and rant, and that is it 🙂 But thank you for having kind words about it. Yes, I am feeling better for it, 🙂 Because as you say, there is a morning after the night!
      Thank you Sandhya 🙂


  7. Okay, reading this article, I feel the overwhelming urge to tag you 🙂 You are now tagged to take up this Life tag – http://coolkamikazecat.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/life-in-one-word-fascinating/
    Can I call you Usha Aunty? 🙂


    • Kamikaze, welcome here 🙂 And you may call me anything you wish 😀 Usha Aunty? Sure thing 🙂 🙂
      Uh-oh, a tag? Nice one na? I need some really nice things right now 😀
      It would seem that I have asked for it though – took a quick sneak peek at the tag 😀 But ah! The answers? Let’s see, then!

      Thanks for being here 🙂 God Bless!


  8. Awaiting the post eagerly! This blog is a part of this cat’s territory now 😉


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