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Life, Again…


Into the well of silence
Flows our unspoken,
But deeply felt dreams;

The day you stepped
Right into my life-

(And broke down
the defences,
Constructed painfully
Through years and years
Of Banging my head-
Against the Wall of Life)

You left me open
And vulnerable again,
To Emotion-

I was lost.

The suddenness of
A cold cold stinging shower,
And here I am
Awakened to Life.

I find the silence
From the Screaming
Emptiness of Loneliness…

Life sprouted again,
Fed by the dreams,
Infused by your strength,
Your relentless tenderness,
And lifted by your
Buoyant, uplifting
Cloak of Love-

And so,
I find


27 March, 2008


Re-post again, till the Muse decides to pay a visit 🙂 Bear with this rambler, please 🙂 thanks 🙂

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

20 thoughts on “Life, Again…

  1. its so true..every emotion has been lived, and relived…n its utterly beautiful 🙂


  2. :)..Now, this is like really freaky, but I was just thinking on the lines of the first sting of a cold shower, woah! :)..It just bolts you out of your reverie :)..I dunno, I feel like this poem’s been running inside me for a very long time, and you’ve suddenly put it on paper 🙂 :)Love this one 🙂


  3. Bear with you ?? you gotta be kidding your wonderful use of words is inspiring !! Even i started liking poetry thanks to you !!! i m surely gonna bear with you !! 😀


  4. Ah life!So beautifully made alive!


  5. Sash… :)thank you dear one!Aruna, oh my! that is such an echo 🙂 But do put it down on paper, and blog, and let us share in those words which have been running inside… 🙂 And thank you for that sharing :)Dhirubhai 🙂 as everyone has started calling you 🙂 [and I rather like it :)], thank you 🙂 Like I said earlier, I am not sure about it being poetry, but I am glad you like it :)Thanks so much!


  6. Its those kind of poems that give u “Ahaaaaaa” feeling 🙂


  7. Your words always speak to the readers. As always beautiful and as always I ask you to publish it one day 🙂


  8. Dhirubhai the name i love it too… after all its associated with Ambani !! most of my friends call me that… but the male friends … and not the female friends… lol 😀 this isnt poetry than what is ?? Being modest if fine… dont confuse me but ! lol 😛


  9. I find it very odd now, when someone says that his/her life is dependent on someone else…I don’t mean to say, I don’t remember the days when I would spend my days in utter hopelessness….but somehow seem to have outlived it all…and now its become my habit to mock at people who talk of romantic love! …and I get my share for that!! :)nice writing anyway, Usha :)wishes, devika


  10. Could relate to it, a lot. Especially the first part. (till – I was lost.)Beautifully penned. Inimitably you, ma’am.Peace. Have a nice day.


  11. somehow it reminded me of the pink floyd classic ‘coming back to life’…the sense of loneliness, pain…I donnow what it is that struck me


  12. The seed always lies dormantin wait for a suitable agentto make it grow lively & vibrant and bring forth flowers so fragrant


  13. woww!!Who the hell left you vulnerable and lost?? I can see you confident and it seems you have found yourself again..Great lines.. FELT them 🙂


  14. Shal Thanks so much :)Solilo 🙂 Ah the P word :P! Thanks as always :)Dhirubhai, Lol. May you be as successful as the Ambani too 🙂 God Bless… No not modesty but just how I view my writes.. LOL.. thank you for the kindness in your assurance otherwise..:) Devika, thank you for the note and for sharing your views. Accepted, but I guess I have a different viewpoint 🙂 Thanks again 🙂 Karthik, thank you too! Praveen.. 🙂 Pink floyd? Hmm… I guess it must be the words 🙂 Thanks..:)PRG, what beautiful lines those are:) Thank you.. and yes, you have captured the essence well!Pankaj.. 🙂 Thanks! Right, it’s a sort of lost and found write!


  15. ushaji.. liked the expression”banging my head against the wall of life”..it was excellent..how many times in all our small lives do we all remember that we are really”alive”..”living” seldom happens.. liked it. mip


  16. hello! vising after ages it seems! :Pbut will be regular now… readin dis made me realise i missed so much! lovely poem!! i connect to ur poems so much! dont know why! 😛


  17. it was so wonderful.. beautiful emotions put marvellously.. loved it!!


  18. Usha, good one, as usual.Love, I have experienced,But never have I, like you, articulated.Cloak of love, each of us wears,Taking for granted, as we go on with our daily chores.Cheers,SalilPS : My feeble attempt inspired by PRG


  19. Hi Usha,i understand fully when you say you have a different view point, my dear 🙂 its been a long time, i came this way…and no updates?hope all is fine and you will be posting soon..wishes, devika


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