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An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)


One Day

And just when bone deep exhaustion

In my soul clamours for a break from it all…

A gusty wind picks up, and whooshes through

The curtain, that partly opened window;

The one I tried to shut. Tight.

And out billows tendrils of not just

My stringy hair…

But labored threads of threatening thoughts.

The “What If”s, the regrets, the tiny tenacious lichen-like

Scabs of memories. Of another day.

This gutsy gusty thing. I wish I could be it.


23 July, 2012



So why does the silk worm spin
Yarns of purity in lustrous strands?
The sole purpose of its existence-
Oozing itself out,
Not for itself, but Never!

Only to serve a higher purpose
At the cost of its own self.

The blade of grass-
That sustains the food chain.

The Ants, zealous, uncomplaining
Disciplined, unquestioning;

Nature and the Lord’s many creations,
Except, perhaps, man.

Look around, dear Child:

Do they ask,

Why me?

10 March, 2008