A Quest on Overdrive … :)

An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)

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Yes, I dared.
To speak.
And more.
To act as well.
Upon them words.

Caught you unawares, I know.

Still, what matters
Is this.

Caught your eye.

Didn’t I just!

Your move, mate.

And see if I’m not

I’m game.

The game.

It quite devours. Does it not?

Done. Dusted. Or not.
And then we wonder
What the eff just happened!

11 February, 2017
Online, on traitorous thoughts of trivialities tending to tempt tantrums 😛
Go figure. 😛 



Makeover :)

I hardly ever like the rooms and the furniture and the stuff at home to be the same over a long period of time 🙂 So when the urge gets really strong, I go on overdrive pushing, pulling, changing positions, shifting stuff! So also here, this little rented space in the virtual world! Hence the makeover. It is always difficult choosing and setting, and after looking at ever so many themes, I finally decided that one with a customizable header was the one to look for.

Twenty ten theme that WP provided seemed best suited. And finally was able to do things with the header that I have always wanted to 🙂 The inspiration comes from IHM, who has so many beautiful beautiful headers of TJ and the wonderful memories it brings, the emotions it strums hauntingly, each time we see one. The choice of pictures here is entirely my extended family, one of the fantastic foursome of the kids, and random stuff we’ve shot, my brother, my kids, daddy, and some, me 🙂

I loved doing this, though I should not have been at it all, given my back… but sometimes it’s like this, and I have to give in to impulse!

29 November, 2011

830 ish pm 🙂