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An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)







Every single day

Is this,

I’m sure you’d agree!

Given what our senses

Are subject

Or, wait!

Should not be subject?

On the subject of it…


The subject of …

StopPlease! (a confounded floundering)

(Aha! My technique seems … apt?)

Me and myself

Have these conversations

The Times, they be such

Even with your own self

You scarcely know

If you’re coming

Or going…

Ostrich, you be

Or an Owl…

No matter that you choose

To ignore

Or that you mumble and hoot


One thing’s for sure

The Manger has that dog

The one who cannot share…

And, because you love ’em so,

You can’t even say






















An ocean’s waves

Folding in, to the shore

Weaving lines, on wet sand

A delighted child, tickled

By the bubbly froth,

The slipping sand, beneath feet

Shouting gleefully, in wild abandon

Warming the cockles of her

Grandmother’s large heart…

The joy spreading upwards,

Turning up her lips

Scrunching up her nose

Accentuating the lines on her face

Crow’s feet around her eyes

Radiating infinite love


A moment frozen forever

Pearling, Moonstone Memory

Shining, ever, in those crystal crinkles!


06 April, 2020, Day 3 of #NaPoWriMo2020 ( A tad late, and altogether extempore – wonders never cease 😛 )



What do you believe in?

I’m asked, when protest

Beads in, on strings of thought

A natural zinging, of resonance.


What do you believe?

The next level of probing

In the inquisition of Faith

To pigeon-hole a generation.


Do remove the interrogator

I retort, and let the question determine.

They acquiesce, perplexed.

Do you believe?” Ha!


You are not of the Faith

They proclaim – brand you thus

If you were one, they argue,

Question us, dare you?


I believe, Oh! I do.

In the essential faith, I carry

Not in a retributive power

But in flawed humanity

That shall, ever, questing, make

Discoveries, within and without.


The zenith of our possibility

The nadir of our actions.


And, believing, we too can believe

In our own selves –

Pray to a forgiving power.

The ONE within, to help, the ONE WITHOUT.


29 October, 2018 (unpublished here 😮 ), for

2 April, 2020, Day 2 of #NaPoWriMo2020


WordPress and I have now crossed a decade together! Hell yeah! Thank you WP, for being that one place that always makes space for the words that sometimes visit, and for never complaining, when I do not visit 🙂


A Challenge

April’s nobody’s fool

Least of all, mine

For that is when

The bug hovers, as if to bite

And bite it does, it did,

Seemingly aeons past

Or so it feels, this moment.

So, I let that warm memory

Thaw them words, frozen

In that block,

Let it pool itself

And form what it will…

Verse, or worse

No matter what

This time, they shall

Not be stemmed

But shall grow on

Blossom how it will

And I shall let what

Fragrance will,

Waft from this

Rambler’s tapestry.

April, I shall suffer fools gladly

If only you would play me!


02 April, 2020 (Day 1 of #NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month, observed in some places 🙂 )