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Haven’t you wondered

How some conversations


Words spooling

Meeting, meshing

In patterns,

Random, refreshing

Exquisite, eclectic

Esoteric, inscrutable too.

Sometimes it’s the

Tiny motifs that delight;

Sometimes the awe

Of the big picture.

Though sometimes

(A lot of times, perhaps)

Them threads

Go for the jugular,

Choke, stifle,

Leech, bleed…

An anguished

Knotted silence

That shouts

In the splotches

Of the tapestry

That’s come to be.


I love those times

When they’re just


Rich, resonating…


(Wouldn’t you say? 🙂 )

19 April, 2018, Day#19 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018



Just when you think

The fates have lavished

You with all they could –

Family, friendship,

Love, empathy –

And you rest, replete,

You wonder,

Is this it?

Is this enough?

That feeble notion

Grows in volume

Gathering peels from

Notions of

Covetousness and inadequacy.

Enough? Am I? Have I?

It’s enough to drive you

Round the bend.

So you slow down, take stock

And how! Goodness me!

To re-discover your quaint self

Who is the keeper of a sanity

You thought you’d lost.

You are enough, she tells you.

You are enough.

What you have, or not

The foibles and the fairy tales

That are part of you, or not;

Mostly, what’s not, she says…

Make you YOU.

So, don’t hanker, or give up.

You’ve got what you have.

Nothing to discard

No more to append

(For you know, you’ll pay the price)

Nothing really, she says,

You’re okay.

Renounce, if at all, you must,

That thought that

You need More.

You are enough.


18 April, 2018 , Day#18 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018 – as nonsensical as they come 🙂




They say, they do

That soulmates are one soul

Split, halved, if you wish,

Lost needles, in the

Haystack of existence.

It might amuse the

Game Changer, to put a few

In close proximity, to never meet,

And others so far apart

Fashioning a fairy tale of their union.

Just so, so you don’t feel entitled,

Even privileged, to find your own.

It’s that Omniscient thing

That these Game Changers have…

Playing cloud croquet, if you please

With them halves that need to meld.

So, don’t you ever think, or say, much less,

That down the corridors of Time,

Through aeons, and past, future, alternate

Lifetimes, you shall stumble upon yours.

Take it from me,

That cliché has a way of working out

When you look the other way

There is no fairy tale

Or a dream come true.

But, when you bump noses

In that existential haystack,

(Think you fooled that Game Changer?!)

Don’t you just take it for granted

That this would happen, all along?



16 April, 2018; Day#16 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018(back on track am I 🙂 ) Q to unfold by midnight 😛




Never the way

It’s supposed to be.

Straight? Narrow?

Sometimes, too much.

Other times, blurred lines

Being lost in open space.

Pigeon-holes and square pegs

Dress-ups, for all nighters,

Revelry, all alone.

Or Wallflower prominent

At ’em raves.

The only balance I’ve ever found

Is while riding my bike.

Wind in my hair 

Dust in my wake…

Then’s when, I’m never odd.


16 April, 2018, Day#15 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018

The muse, I know is sending them #smh signals 😛 at the way the writes pretend to be verse. She knows its worse 😀