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Right Here, Right Now! Wherefore… ?

In the course of an attitude training session the staff of our school attended, we were asked,

“When is the best time?”

Answers flew around, after the initial hesitation. Childhood, to teenage, to babies, to being an adult, being a parent, sleeping, eating, entertaining oneself, solitude….

The answer, when given by the Resource Person, Mr. C K Suresh of ATMA, was so clear:

Right Now!

So to the next question:
“Where is the best place?”
This was more easy to answer…

Right Here!

No, this post is not about either 🙂 But this is the music, that plays, in the background of this fantastic, eyeopener of a video, given below (sent to me via a link in an email from Dad 🙂 He’s getting around for sure! For someone who learned how to use a computer about 8 years ago, at the youthful age of 70, this is marvellous, don’t you think?? :)).

If you have 4 minutes and 55 seconds worth of time, I would recommend it highly to you. And if you have a few more minutes, perhaps you could answer the last question at the end of the video?

“What does it all mean?”

The comments section of the link given, of this video at the youtube webpage has several interesting comments too. Perhaps, if inclination permits, you could visit the page below. But do watch the video. Given the interesting content, I am sure that many of you would already have seen it. Perhaps you may enjoy seeing it again?

It’s called:

Did you know?


11 March, 2009