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Love is in the Air!


Spring has come again-

Wafting on the wind
Is that familiar ache-
Of loving and yearning…
That poignant hush
That brings with it a sweetness.


Hearts meet, hope and build
Nests, in the wildernesses of dreams!
Couched in the same certainty;
The security of togetherness-

Where, yet again, I and you
Meet and melt, into us…
into that circle of completeness…

29 March, 2010

For Devesh and Bindya, and all those in love 🙂 May God keep your nest safe, warm, and loving always 🙂

Pic. Courtsey: http://www.collecto-mania.com/Circle%20of%20Love/486930.jpg


Meeting Me

The sea calls out to me-
As I walk beside its waves;
Washing away imprints I leave-
Temporal, I know I am, yet still…?

In my arrogance, I wait
And as the tide ebbs-
I walk again, pressing close,

Digging in my heels, causing
Tiny wells and pools-

I gloat, and look in askance
At the sea.
It still calls, unperturbed.
It calls, mesmerizing,
Melting away my dregs of self.

And I surrender.
As I knew I would.

The sea calls-
As I step in,
From the water’s edge…

To meet the endless, limitless me.

15 May 2009

Pic Courtsey: http://thehighsign.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/humoresque153.gif


New Perspectives

Like inky nights
diluted with
pearly moonlight…

Like dry riverbeds
inundated with
rushing waters…

Like sudden stillness
invaded with
thunderous gales…

Or poignant silences
gentled with
murmurs and smiles…

And lack-lustre eyes
moistened with
tears of feeling…

Maybe there’s hope for us-
New perspectives
Untold and untried..

Normalcy now,
would be
an achievement.

2 April, ’91


A re post, to strive and find a muse again:)



If a cell is a unit of memory
Surrounded by matter…
I must be a memory map
Insensate and eternal!

If a cell, then, dies
Does that part of me
Get lost forever?

Are you and your
In me




Dear Me!

For, do I lose..

In that Carcinoma
When you overwhelm?

Or find myself
Fairly inundated
As you seep into
Every nook and
Cranny of my

Tell me
Dear One,

How will I ever
Cure myself

Of you?

7 January, 2009

Post Script:

Just posted this last night on the Ah Poetry comm., after an AGE, on Orkut, and so I had to share it here, as I usually do 🙂

Read this one? For you especially, Dhiren 🙂




When Memories Rain

It’s that time of year
When memories
Rain down on me-

Holding your little hands,
Running out into the rain,
Splashing, drenching,
Squealing, howling!

You two just loved the rain!

The years have flown by-
And this rainy afternoon
I sit, wrapped up in
Muffler and socks

At the open window
Feeling the tingling
Spray of the heavy rain,
In the light breeze…

Watching you play with
Other little hands in yours,
Little feet, and broad arms,
Linking and pulling
Squealing and rumbling-
Laughing and hooting!!

I’m glad, you still love the rain!

My heart warms at the sight
More than any woollens can do;

Am I glad, you two still love the rain!!

19 June, ’07

Pic: http://www.thousandfaces.net