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Trés Charmant

The shy smile
Eyes not quite
Meeting yours
Soft spoken
And a wisdom,
That shows itself
In her deep gaze
Her words
Her stories
Her infinite imagination.

I’ve wondered, over the years,
What it must feel like
To be as filled
With stories, as she is.

The quietest of writers
(Loudest of thoughts though ❣️)
Gifted yarn weaver
Magic in the warp, weft and weave;
Her mind, her soul,
Must be a kaleidoscope-
Each shift of perception
A wondrous narrative;
Each strand of thought
Yet one more possibility;
Each shift, maybe poignant
Maybe delightful…

Whatever it be,
What it always is
To me,
Is a revelation,
Shared in all humility.
Is a revelation,
Of the iceberg’s tip
One that will meld,
And melt.
And stain the vast ocean,
When she warms to the words.

She has, she’s made
Me pause, hold my breath
Fascinated by the magic
She casts, absorbed as I read,
Felt in the goosebumps
That last, and reflect in reminiscence.

She’s a universe.
A galaxy, if you will.
A constellation fashioned at her whim,
In the stardust of her quill,
In the quantum of creativity
That will always amaze.

Please know, M
For me, you’re already perfect
May it come to be
That you know it too!

Happy birthday, dearest Malavika!
Wishing you pixie dust and the warm glow of never fading embers of love!

20 April, 2021, Day#20 of #Napowrimo, celebrating a dear one, someone who was in my class, in 6th, and who’s now someone I’d be proud to know as a peer. Someone whose writing will never ever stop making me feel proud, whose innate honesty and questing heart and mind will always have my respect! She blogs here – LINK.

May that smile never fade! (This one’s really rare, no?) 🤩