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One Day

And just when bone deep exhaustion

In my soul clamours for a break from it all…

A gusty wind picks up, and whooshes through

The curtain, that partly opened window;

The one I tried to shut. Tight.

And out billows tendrils of not just

My stringy hair…

But labored threads of threatening thoughts.

The “What If”s, the regrets, the tiny tenacious lichen-like

Scabs of memories. Of another day.

This gutsy gusty thing. I wish I could be it.


23 July, 2012



In nods, in tiny smiles
In glances on off chances
And accidental brushes
With the finger tips
Or a swish of clothes
While moving by.

In sudden stealth
Of secretive looks
In gleams of warmth
Like embers coated in ash
That, with breaths of love
Glow, in anticipation.

Your whispered words
Of adoration. Are they
Just superfluous?

23 December, 2011

(Chasing a word niggling my head. Title :D)

Audio here (Added on 25 August 2012)

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52714712/laconic.mp3]