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The Pinking-Giri, A Movement of the Times!

I actually said I would say Pink-chaddigiri, but later modified it to hold a wider spectrum of the Pink range! I know that the fans of Munnabhai’s Gandhigiri, will frown in disapproval at my having stolen a coinage from their absolutely laid back hilarious film, that did show the world that certain things, done in a certain, way, especially in a non violent way, will reap certain harvests, most of it being Positive.

And so also this unleashing of a novel way of making our voices heard and noticed, and ensuring that the dart, the arrow from Cupid’s bow makes a mark, if not in the heart, at least elsewhere :D, and makes those villains dyed in the vilest purple turn pink at the thought of such, Oh My ..Such Shame!

There are detractors, and there will be. I have deliberately not sought out those either to read, or to share here, for I believe that sometimes we need to do something, think out of the box, and engage ourselves in unexpected ways of confronting issues, so that finally the ends are achieved. In this case it is to send a strong message across that we would like you to understand, please, Mr M. that it’s not about Valentine’s, it’s not about morality, but it is about showing strength, which you did in the most undignified fashion. Not you, but your goons being incited to beat up young girls, molest them publicly, in the name of Morality.

So let us now learn a lesson in Morality. In Shame. From whence begins an awareness of doing what is dignified. When you were in class, Mr M., there must have been occasions when the teacher did scold, or even tease you in class. [She/He did, didn’t she/he? Or were you such a double dyed brigand then that they dared not? But yes, years ago, there were Morals, with a capital M, like yours, weren’t there?] If you did feel a sort of shame, you would certainly have tried to be a better person for that! If it was deserving, all the more reason to change, isn’t it?

Therefore, it is in your best interest, to relive a certain feeling again. To learn, Mr M. that a group of like minded individuals, who do not believe that their choices have to be made for them by those whose tunnel vision is anything but democratic, in this country, are firm and strong, and will not let a beautifully and sensibly articulated Constitution of a Great nation, be crucified or held ransom to the will of a few misguided and misogynistic men, whose only answer to anything that inflames their sense of Morality [lol, do you understand the word, Mr M? Or you hoolig-sorry-party workers ?] is to take it out on young girls, sometimes kidnap, sometimes force an apology for no reason, but in all cases, bring great distress to the victim. Some morality indeed this, if it does nothing positive for anyone! Finally, it is not your Call. It is not. NOT.

Get that, Mr M?


I shall make tomorrow a Pink Day. A Pink Letter Day in the best of traditions. At school, sharing a lot of your wonderful work with my colleagues, I urged them to wear Pink tomorrow 🙂 Their responses ranged from giggles, [at the thought of the Pink Chaddi Campaign] to, but why we don’t celebrate Val. Day! So I, like a dog, with a bone, unwilling to let such an opportunity pass, got on to the Soap Box and railed, at why. I think I did convince them.. Lol, and there were a few nods! Along with a few comments..”It’s the Pub culture! ” So I said, well, it may be, but then this is a democracy, and shutting down the pubs is going to ensure nothing but a slump in the economy, especially here in Kerala, where liquor accounts for the maximum by way of the State’s revenue! And so a few squirmed, a few hummed and hawed, but well, I tried, I did 🙂 And for that I am glad! I know there will be pink in the air, in some pockets, for sure, here too.. 🙂

For now, that is assurance enough. The voices will gather strength; it must and will happen.

For all those who will be out, visible and in really happening places, especially the Delhi Protest, the gatherings in different cities, and also the delivering of the Pink chaddi’s to the bête noire of the nation’s thinking and rational populace, best wishes from all of us, who are with you, heart and soul! We’re there too, walking alongside, and making that protest. We’d like to make our choices , thank you, Mr M!

Do read this one from Indian Homemaker. It is a powerfully moving post, why we need to!

13 February, 2009

Edited to add: For those in Bangalore, do join the protest march, at MG Road at 12 noon. More details on Indyeah’s post here:)



Inked in Pink

Inking the world, in India, lol, has only one colour for those who value sanity and will not cower in the face of injustice, however infinitesimal it’s perception might be. Pink.

This is not a protest to just say we want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It goes beyond that to preserve a culture, indeed, of having the privilege of being an Indian, with a Constitution that grants one a freedom, as Indyeah’s wonderful posts, here and here, have spoken.

While celebrating a day set aside of love, however it is perceived, from the West, North, South or outer space, has anyone forgotten, [read, Ravan Sena] that finally it is a beautiful sentiment, and a feeling of comfort that one is celebrating? That no other country save India, right down the ages, in its more than 5000 years of heritage having come under the influence of so many differnt religions, culutures and influences, ingrained from each the best to emerge a beautiful mosaic of beauty and sense. Again, there is wonder of discovery of the Universality of the beautiful emotion of Love at her blog [Indyeah, you rock!]

And while we gather our selves to show that we shall not bow down to the dictates of an earthworm like vision of those who would like to send the nation back to the Dark ages, I find this out of the world. Mr M. in a new outfit, blazing an entry this weekend, at a Theatre Near You! Solilo, my dear, You Rock Too!

There is the Pink Chaddi Campaign, having got everyone’s attention, the details of which you will find below. A bit of pink hoisery one hopes will go far in restoring respect where due.. :D!!!

Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women

And then there is the Flood Pink, here, at IHM’s blog, which is turning pink at the onset of flooding the virtual world and the real, with the Wonder of Pink! Each of us can in our own way contribute to ensuring that one does something, anything that day, that emphasizes that we shall not be subjugated to a backward thinking policy!

So where ever you are, if you can, show the faith in thinking Pink, to ensure that our Culture stays safe, and is not gagged and bound and trussed up like that chicken who simply squawked and did not voice her notions!

If anyone or anything has to stew, or be barbecued, let it be the notion that our culture is at risk. Celebrating love can never put any culture at risk. Never. [I guess I am using never too much :)]

Wishing each and every gesture of faith, for Love, on Valentine’s Day, all success.

Love will show the way.

12 February, 2009


All for Love!

Just read this morning’s paper, where Mr Muthalik , of the Ravan Sena, of the Mangalore Incident fame, has decided to play Cupid himself!

Apparently, their agenda is as follows. Five teams have already been made, and they will roam the city on 14 February, with a hidden camera, a priest and of course, their goondas [ooops, party workers!].

Anyone seen dating, cosying up, cuddling, will be, immediately, ON THE SPOT, married off, with the help of a priest, a piece of turmeric tied to a string [to act as mangalsutra, “thali”]I suppose].

On being asked about minors who are found, he said they would be counselled and sent home [after beating them up no doubt!]

I wonder if anyone asked him about the lovers being of different faith? Would he have priests of different faith accompanying him? I wonder about that!

All those who wish to be married, therefore, here is your chance! Mr M will foot the bill, and no hassles, he will even register the marriage there!

Talk of culture; talk of freedom; talk of…..

Heck! What more does one want???

6 February, 2009

Edited to add:

Do read this, and lend your voices and hearts, if you can 🙂


Hooligans? Naah! Never!

For once, I applauded Arnab, of Times Now.

An interview was in progress as I caught the programme, almost at its end.

It was nothing short of a slanging match, a shouting spree between a BJP representative, a Congress Representative and (Trumpets please, followed by drum roll) Ram Sena National General Secretary, Vinay Something!

Speaking on the Mangalore “incident”

Vinay: We condemn [I gasped, coughed on my food, a bit of it dropping back on to my plate, my son thumping my back.. all of it happened together] the act that took place in Mangalore. It was a criminal act, *blah blah blah*

Arnab [smirking, no, smiling genially] So you are saying it should not have happened?

Vinay: What you people are not seeing is why it happened. They were teenagers. They were taking alcohol. The pub owner is also to blame. Why he gave them alcohol?

Arnab: So you are saying it was right to hit them, tear their clothes.

Vinay: No no no… that was wrong. Why you are talking only about that? You are not seeing everything!

Arnab: They were your party members?

Vinay: Why you are looking at that only. What happened you do not know

Arnab: They were your party members?????
[He had to ask again for this reply from Vinay]

Vinay: Yes.

Arnab [pointedly]: So those 40 men who attacked these girls, would you call them hooligans?

Vinay: Silence.

Arnab [pointedly]: So those 40 men who attacked these girls, would you call them hooligans?

Vinay: Silence

Arnab [pointedly]: So those 40 men who attacked these girls, would you call them hooligans? Vinay, were they or weren’t they?

Face off. A stubborn Vinay refuses to make a noise. It now becomes a battle of wills. Arnab repeats, repeats, and pins him down. Vinay is looking hunted , haunted and cornered.

Vinay: [Blank faced] NO.

Arnab [disbelievingly smiling, smirking, nodding] So you say they were not hooligans! That says it all!!

Thank you gentlemen, for your time.


I have one quarrel with Arnab. That he called all of them”gentlemen”.

And I rest my case there.

27 Januray, 2009


The Constitutional Support of and for India!

In anticipation of Republic Day tomorrow, here are a few thoughts, and more rambling, this time on the Constitution of India. Indian Home Maker had the invitation held out, to join in, to do this as a sort of Tag.. 🙂 So here it is, my few paise on it. 🙂

[Click on the picture to go the Wiki page]


The Preamble states:

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN
and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;

IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this twenty-sixth day of November, 1949, do HEREBY

[Sourced from Wikipaedia]

Therein, above, enshrined lies the precious lifeline of a Secular Republic. But how many of us, this day, 60 years on, from its having been the guardian of a Nation’s Being, give it more than a cursory glance, or a thought, for that matter, except on Republic Day, or perhaps while reading/teaching from an NCERT / SCERT /CBSE text book?

When IHM asked if I could join hands, [I like that idea :)], in writing about the Constitution of India, for Republic Day, there was both excitement, and anxiety within. Excitement at the thought of it, and anxiety at the reality, where I know of it, but little about it. But let me do it the way I best can. Ramble. I promise, however, to stick to the topic 🙂

The Constitution of India, the largest easily in volume, as this link to Wikipaedia will tell you, in exact numbers, is our safety net, securing the Nation, and delivering upon Promises when troubled citizens knock upon the doors of the Judiciary, and Justice is done. No, I am not familiar with any individual case studies, in this context, and shall not flatten my face further, in the pancake of ignorance I have spread before myself. 🙂

But I do know enough to be Proud of the Constitution of India! Yes, indeed. Not for its record breaking volume, but for its Creator and its Content. Of course he did not do it single-handedly, but he did lead the team that did! I truly hate referring to caste, religion and class, but I am darned proud that this document of the highest order, of greatest reverence, worthy of high honour has been written by a man whose caste is that which learned men of yore called Dalit. The Untouchable.

Dr B. R. Ambedkar

How much of an irony, and at the same time, how much of an achievement is it, truly, to give the land where discrimination flourished (and sadly, sometimes, still does) The Constitution! That is why I am proud. But at the same time, discovering that Dr Ambedkar later converted to Buddhism, and was denied being cremated at the Dadar Crematorium because of Caste notions, delivered a more crushing irony.

Onward to the Preamble. The pillars of the Nation’s true and secular, socialism are its core values of Liberty, Justice, Equality, Fraternity.. all of which have been simply and easily conveyed there. Tell me of another nation, more diverse, another more brilliant in its tapestry, in its intricate mosaic of a multiplicity of language, culture, peoples and religion! Where each is promised and given his/her due.

A Constitution to hold this teeming, sometimes seething, brilliance of diversity has to be one of Strength. It is.

This I know.

The Constitution gives, it provides

  • Women an equal share in their father’s property, all women in India!
  • Children , the right to be educated
  • A citizen the right to voice his opinion, practice his religion, settle anywhere in India!
  • Guidelines by way of Duties, Directive Principles…

And so this Republic Day, I thank God I am an Indian!

But I worry.
Has our Constitution become a mere paperweight?
Has it become a white elephant? [I read on a comment, in one of the blogs that India has 3 epics, the Ramayana, the Mahabharatha, and the Constitution!]
Has it become a document to practice editing, to suit one’s conveniences?

There have been several Amendments, some during the infamous Emergency period of the seventies, and later to accommodate Reservations.

I know the values of Equality and Justice and Fraternity are yet to be realized fully. Which is why reservations are needed. And yet who benefits these reservations? In the limited scope of my knowledge, during and after Admissions to Professional Colleges, the underprivileged castes who do get that seat, or those seats, are never economically backward, and in a sheer twist of fate the impoverished upper castes now pay for their ancestors sins of having been the Oppressor. I find poetic justice here, but not a solution to the problem. Can the Constitution not be amended to include those in dire need of reservation, the economically backward alone? And not any other consideration? This has been a desperate thought within for a long time now.

However, all said and done, I am glad I am here, this day, enjoying that Freedom my country has been led to, especially with this wonderful Constitution.

Disclaimer: All opinions shared here, are mine and mine alone; all the ignorance displayed here may please be excused and forgiven. Thank you 🙂


An Honour bestowed by Balvinder Sir

May I take this opportunity to share on this space proudly a Blogger Award, an honour bestowed by Balvinder Singh, this Republic Day? Honoured and Humbled by this generosity.

[Click on the picture]

The Citation

On the eve of the Republic Day of our country, i take this opportunity to present this award to my blogger friends who have made a difference by writing their frank opinions in their blogs as well, as in the comment columns of other blogs. These bloggers have not written any sensational or luscious stories to attract traffic to their blogs, but they have put down in prose as well, as verse, whatever they have felt strongly about, may it be about their personal lives or about a burning issue of the society. The sole purpose of their writing has been to make a difference. I wish that their ideas may fructify and bring a change in the society for better. I salute them all.


Thank you, Balvinder Sir, for all the care, the thought, and the simple generosity of wanting to create something like this, and for sharing it with us. Indebted.

25 January, 2008

Warmest of greetings on the Occasion of Republic Day, to everyone. Be proud to be an INDIAN!!!