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Of pigtails and Pig Tales :)

There are certain days, certain people, and certain occasions, for who/which this rambler goes sincerely crazy. Otherwise, she’s just… weird. Yep, this rambler is certified… and she’s also oxymoron 😛
Like in the current flavour of the month (hers-movie wise), where I am at, this movie Moana, she (Moana)  asks her Grandma:
Moana: Why are you acting weird?
Gramma Tala: I’m the village crazy lady. That’s my job.
Kind of sums me up, you’d agree 😀 I’ve watched that movie, most of it, at least three times a day, from 25th of this month. 😛 So I know! And when you do too, enough times, and have a faint personal knowledge, you shall most certainly nod your head in total agreement. In fact, you millennials would probably go… tots bro!

Ammoomma Monkeying around 😛

Chalo. But this isn’t about the rambler, though she wouldn’t mind wearing pigtails all over again.
It’s about a wee lass, her grammie’s, her Ammumma’s “cutie pie”,  darling, “kujikutty”, her momma’s “chinnooomaaaa”, her Arjun’s delightful daughter. Naina. Duh. 😀

Pigtails Poser!

That “cutie pie” in pigtails, she’s turning three today. Woah! I tell myself. Three! Wasn’t it just yesterday, around this time I was pretty much worried as hell, because Pratibha had to stay overnight in hospital because of a “false alarm”? When I was all ready to fly across here, on 9 April, because the baby was due only on 11 April? And a few hours into the day, about 9.30 in the morning, I receive a call (expecting Arjun to tell me that Pratibha is back at home!) saying “Amma, a girl!”  It beats me how I found the will (rules and regulations notwithstanding 😛 ) to stay on another week, almost, finish the required work at school, and then head to Nainuland, to hold her in my arms, on 5 April, 2014. Sigh. Sigh… *Wanders off into those memories*… ❤ ❤

5 April, 2014!

Three years of unmitigated fun, ever’growing love, impossible amounts of laughter, all kinds there are, and the omnipresent, omniscient worry and anxiety, that comes when you have every spare inch of your thoughts filled with a prayer for the well being of this tiny, perfect (and you’d do battle with anyone who says otherwise 😛 ) girl who rules your heart. (Every other member of my family is going to go ballistic when they read this – a certain one for sure, but then the subject of this blog is equally all pervading in her influence, so that voice shall also be concomitant to the views expressed herein 😀 🙂 )
Awesomeness needs no captioning! 😛 …⇑⇑
Not to forget the never diminishing sense of wonder and amazement, the sheer pride that threatens to consume you 😛 when you speak endlessly (yes, grammies are like that, they can’t stop once they start !!!) about every tiny facet of this beautiful gorgeous girl! No matter that she giggles and bursts into a riot of laughter to tell you “You’re sho funny!!!” as you try and gracefully eat spaghetti, saying, Ammoomma eating wiggly worms (laughing uncontrollably…) Ammomma eating wiggly worms” She can call you any kind of names, and you’ll beam with joy that is bundle is actually saying those things! 😛
Sample this. A few friends visited on Sunday, and the conversation turned to children speaking. There were toddlers present, ranging from 1 – 3 years old, and we began to speak of how kids pick up language, English in particular. Nainu has never ceased to amaze us with her range and recollection and her apt usage of the words. Apparently, she was using the word “grumpy” (gwumpy, as she says) with understanding. And her mother was saying, “Arre, I didn’t even know there was a word called grumpy till I was in high school!” Yeah. That sums it up for many readers here as well, right?
So how did she manage this? Exposure to language (my pet soapbox topic 😛 ) She, I do believe, is the finest example I could give you on how you could pick up a language if you surround yourself with it, on your own 🙂 She listens to nursery rhymes, and watches a few films, repeatedly, when she isn’t engaged in role playing with her army of toys, cycling around the house in her tricycle, reading from the tiny books she has, and watching videos of her favourite… wait for it….PEPPA PIG AND HER FAMILY!!! The movies range from Nemo, Tangled, Frozen, and now MOANA! (Those who’ve been in my class will now understand why I would recommend movies, quite apart from their sheer entertainment value 😛 ) Also, Nainu has perhaps picked up the linguistically strong genes from her father too! 🙂
Just a couple of days ago, she  received a set of her Peppa Pig toys, the entire family, consisting of  (yes, I know them ALL!!) Peppa Pig, her brother Georgie Pig, Daddy Pig, Mamma Pig, Granpa Pig (who’s grumpy sometimes 😀 ) and Grandma Pig. She took down her Elsa doll, a toy that moves on wheels, singing away “Let it Go!” , placed Peppa’s family on the petal like protruding bits of the doll, at the base, twirled it, singing Let it Go!!, and toppled the whole family to the ground! She did let them go!

Naina and her Peppa Pig Collection! The Little one in RED is Peppa Pig!

She speaks quite clearly, my wee lass does. She speaks in English too! Which constantly surprises us, because no one has ever even tried to get her to sample the words and sentences. But she tries, on her own, right or wrong, and is quite oblivious to the joy, and the freak out sessions we have (duh. I have… 😀 ) when I hear her! Once in the car, she asks, Where we going? Once she’s had enough of the outing – Leshsh go home!  At play time, in her grandparents home, her Naani’s home, she asked her cousin to  come out, with a Lets go and build sand castles!  in the sand pit they had outside their home! I mean, Woah Woah Woah, not yet three and she says, sand castles?
The mystery was solved as to her acquisition of that when I was introduced to her Peppa Pig, finally, when I visited her last month. That’s a delightful family of yes, Pigs 🙂 Them brainy brainy creatures, cute as buttons 🙂 Complete with excellent, proper English, in an English accent. 🙂 These are kids (Peppa and Georgie)  who question, are curious, and equally naughty! She loves them so much, that when she was asked about her Birthday and what she wanted, she said Peppa Pig – and now she is the proud owner of a set of them figures, a couple of mugs, a backpack, thanks to Nammu Aunty, and a set of 6 small books! The happy birthday party theme? Duh! 😛
(Random off topic diversion – there had been a link, I shared on Facebook, speaking of how Peppa Pig shows create disobedient children, and cause … of all the things… autism! Cripes! How do people even write such things! Thank you Neethu and Rehan for telling me about it too!)
I hope the title is clearer now. I’m a fan of the entire clan Peppa Pig’s too! I love how stereotypes are broken there, how each of those films she loves has so much to inspire, about following one’s heart, of being cheerful, of having a loving family! It matters so very much what children read and watch, so much! And at this point I cannot not tell you how proud I am of her parents, Arjun and Pratibha, for keeping her grounded, and giving her her head in so many matters, letting her decide too, tiny tiny decisions… 🙂 A shoutout to another amazing person in her life, her Class Teacher from her Yellow Class, in Play School! Sheetal, you are a wonderful wonderful, empathetic teacher, who reaches out and helps foster that spirit of confidence in the tiny tots in your care. I know for certain that you shall ever remain her most favourite teacher in a long long long time. (Psst. I’ll tell you a secret – I’m jealous of how she so utterly  loves you, and even runs to you and hugs you, endlessly 😛 But I’m also glad that her impression of teachers will always be positive, thanks to you! The other teachers in her life have a huge image to aspire to, definitely! 🙂 🙂 )

Naina and her Sheetal Aunty  – How a Teacher-Student relationship goes beyond … 🙂


Yes, I’m waxing poetic here, I know, but that is how this grandmother is. Absolutely, completely, uncompromisingly nutty… about her grandottie!
At almost 1400 words, I still haven’t told you ALL about her. An epic sized book wouldn’t suffice, as any Grandparent would tell you, when it comes to their precious bundles of joy! But yes, let’s leave some for the days and years to come, shall we?
(I heard that Phew!! Thank God, we’re nearing the end of the tunnel kind of sigh of elation  😛 😛 )
Naina. That’s who this is all about. My darling, My Sweetie Pie Naina. My Kunjikutty. Her birthday is today 🙂
Happy Birthday, my darling Nainu! May warm marshmallowy moments, and soft sweet and chocolatey (she loves chocolate 😛 ) dreams fill your realms and keep you sweet. May the craziness and naughtiness you have lead you on to be bright and independent. May the stories you hear and the stories you weave continue to enthrall and delight (she’s quite the story teller, and loves loves loves to have you read to her!  Or read from her own collection of books ❤ )! May the colours (and boy oh boy!! you do know almost ALL of them) fill your life with rainbows of feelings, each one precious and each one a journey to your own self. May you be blessed with good health, and this same sunny disposition! And may you continue to enchant us all and keep us loved and loving ❤ ❤
Psst… Thank you to her lovely parents too! Arjun and Pratibha, who’ve consistently given me parenting lessons, all my grandma wisecracks notwithstanding 😛 , for their patience and encouragement, and letting her have her head, or reigning in her over enthusiastic explorations, when occasion warrants it 🙂 May you continue to do your job just as wonderfully…! Blessed be!
Sigh. Sigh. I love you Nainu! Happy birthday sweeti pie!
28 March, 2017
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Numero Uno

Not the Boss, not the Gang Leader, not any of the #unohoo s either. For the ones familiar with this space, (gosh how much more arrogant can I get! 😛 ), you know what’s coming.

You see, (and I am sure you do, and if you don’t, be prepared to get confounded. Duh.  ) Right. You see, something that struck me as I read the word “Sonder” shared on a popular FB page, Word Porn, was the notion of having our own universes, and overlapping them with others, not in the sense of my borders will push yours out, but in a sort of symbiotic manner, where the membranes of the universes mix, mingle, magically; where each sync, event, that resonates tells you all over again, there are NO COINCIDENCES. 😀 That has become a favourite oddity aphorism for me. The instances of this happening are, believe it or not, increasing, and not becoming the exception to the norm. So why am I talking of universes and coincidences (or the lack of it??? )

The universe of my making, rather the universe that inhabits me, so also the one that I inhabit, has a supreme power. One that is best kind there is. Love. Pure and simple. (Though, of course, you may argue that there is nothing either simple or pure about it 😀  and I’d simply tell you then, that it ain’t love, if so 😛 ) Stop blathering and get to the point, you demand by now, I can sense. Chalo then, to it. 😀

To Numero Uno. Love. A tiny entity who personifies it, for me. Pure and Simple. At this moment, this entity rules our lives, and we rejoice at it. Entity, what entity!!! (Please let me do this my eccentric-blogger-overwhelmed and overwhelming hatke way 😛 )

Yes! Me!!!!

Yes! Me!!!!

She’s that beautiful, absolutely-in-charge-of-herself-independent free spirit. A sprite. A pixie. An impish delight. All of a year old, todashe’s growing us up too, in her charming, yet sometimes no nonsense way 🙂 What always delights (yes, I’m repeating that word for want of a better word to tell you how it is 🙂 ), truly enchants is the way we all have found the child within us, since she was born, and how she keeps us child-like, indeed childish too… shedding our own inhibitions for the joy, the sheer joy of seeing her smile, and sharing in the laughter that fills the air, and our hearts!

Yup! Kurumbiiiii

Yup! Kurumbiiiii

Naina. My Kunjikutty. Chutki. Sometimes a goonda too. Kurumbiiiiiii… we go, when she gets up to mischief, running, crawling away from us, to the stack of shoes she can see in the distance… when she demands water and very firmly looking at you, she’ll spray it, then laugh her head off.. 😛 When she tries to pull out the bindi, or the glasses in one swift skillful swoop 😛 😛

The universe we carry around with us, my own universe, is fairy-flecked with her smiles, her tiny teeth, her dimpling smile, the cooing, the baby language, her long lashed lovely eyes… Naina. 🙂

Happy birthday my darling gurl… May the magic you weave, just by being your beautiful, innocent self, ever touch us in ways that hold us close to you, always, but always. May the love that is the weave of the tapestry of our lives, ever be your strength, the scaffolding, to help you move to exactly where you want to be… 🙂

And that, this day, is in the loving arms, hugs and warmth of all of us who have gathered to celebrate you and this special day! These hearts, arms and selves are always yours, my dearest Kunjikutty, Naina Kutty 🙂

Numero Uno, you are, in more ways that I can tell you, to me, my dearest Nainu ❤ ❤

28 March, 2015


Two to Three

… is the way we count, when we count right 😀

And yes, you can be sure that I know at least that MUCH of math 😛

Now you all want to know, I know, what went from two to three? Not me, even though there is too much of me – MPD, as one of my former students has very clearly, in unambiguous terms, established! But this one isn’t for me, or on me, and if at all, it is only to the extent that this is part of my blog tradition, one that my first born said I probably would not have the energy to do, since I’m into doing so many things I have taken on, and therefore, spread very thin! (I wish it would really thin me though 😛 )

One hundred plus words, and I still have not told you. Typical. And I teach (??) kids to write succinctly. Talk of irony. I’m only saying this here, because I know for sure they are probably thinking that on the other side of the screen 😛 😛 Ok, Ok, I’ll get to it, without further delay!


Arjun and Parukutty , my first born and his beautiful wife, celebrate their second anniversary today, 29th of June, along with the ‘three’ they have now become, their gorgeous, darling daughter, Naina 🙂 

Naina, and her parents, Arjun and Pratibha :) She was two months :)

Naina, and her parents, Arjun and Pratibha 🙂 She was two months 🙂

Arjun and Pratibha, wonderful kids and friends, to their families and friends have slipped into parenthood with the ease of ones who’ve been there, done that – not just once, but over and over again 🙂 🙂 Particularly delightful is the happy mother, unhesitant, unnerved, cool and easy in the way she simply connects with her Chutki 🙂 Oh my! And what do I say of Arjun? How beautifully comfortable he has always been, from the time she was born! None of the usual doubts or discomfort 😀 A lot of young men these days, I’m so happy to see, are absolute pros when it comes to handling little babies! That’s an awesome ‘thumbs up’ from me to them!

Happy Anniversary you two 🙂 May togethernesses be your touchstone – in all that you do, as you have done, so very beautifully all these days 🙂 I love that there is no demarcation of duties in your partnership, and that both slip in well with the things that need to be done 🙂 That’s a tough call for anyone, even in this day and age, but you both have been exemplary in that, as well 🙂 Hugs, big big big bear hugs, and a close close one to Naina my Kunjikutty 🙂 That this partnership of love that is blossoming with you both, is more so because of the wonderful temperament and demeanour you both have – when one goes a bit over the top, that invisible thread is there to calm, and and to bring one down to Earth 😀 I love that, I so love that about you 🙂

I think the most precious gift you could have, ever, is already there, in that adorable bundle of giggling and hooting joy that both of you hold close to your hearts 🙂 She’s celebrating her third month anniversary too, having completed it yesterday, the 28th of June!

For now, here is my heart, full of love and prayers and blessings for you three, for a great great year ahead 🙂 And may you rock on together, for many many many more years of togetherness 🙂 Here are Dolly Parton and Ricky Van Shelton singing it for you 🙂

God Bless y’all 🙂

29 June, 2014