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Golden Moments

തനി തങ്കം. Thani Thankam. No, no, this is not a piece on the Grand Shopping Festival of Kerala, and it’s myriad Jewellery Stores! It’s about two special people, and their special Golden Moment. This phrase in Malayalam best describes them. Pure as gold. The kind that is tested by the hottest fires, and still holds the golden sheen, soft and malleable. Daddy and Mummy. And this day, 7th December, they celebrate 50 years of togetherness. A golden moment, is it not?

Quite apart from the fact that they are MY parents ( 😀 ), what makes them special is that they have been just that, to ever so many others. Irrespective of age, sex, social status (and that is a big criteria, you can be sure, generally, in India, not to mention down under, here…!), or whatever…

But most of all, it is their togetherness that, I feel, they have been blessed with- right through their lives, that envelops them in that aura of a gentle mist of gold.  (I may be overusing that word today. Do excuse me. I cannot not 🙂 )

They came together fifty years ago, she, a shy diminutive, pretty, dark-eyed beauty, and he, a tall, dashing, dark and handsome Navy man. The early pictures of them have always charmed me. Mom’s kohl lined pretty eyes, the ever-smiling face (even now), the sporting gal (all the more now!), and by my word, I must confess she is perhaps the only one I know who grows younger, with age. Silvery haired, still diminutive, still beautiful woman. An awesome cook, an empathetic friend to everyone, especially in the neighbourhood…. ഷാരത്തെ അമ്മുമ്മ, “shaarathe ammumma” (ammumma means grandmother,  and shaarathe, for Pisharathe the house name) is what she is known as 🙂

And he? Well. 🙂 I loved the thick curly mane that rose from his high, broad, intelligent forehead, the quiet eyes, the hint of a smile hovering, but not quite showing itself, the reserve that used to be there (now in shambles, ever since the advent of the first grandchild 🙂 – happens to all the taciturn men, doesn’t it? And that is just such a joy to see too!) Over the years, the hair has thinned and quite disappeared, most of it… from the top of his head, but he’s still my dashing daddy, especially when he dresses up – impeccably as always- be it is mundu- veshti or his format attire. He’s always been a stickler for time, and perfect turnouts, and still is. Dapper, even now 🙂 He is (I ought to say was, for he no longer is 😀) the reserved one. A natural reserve that drew a natural respect from all who knew him. A most sincere and committed Professional, be it while he was in the Navy, the BEL, Tata Telecom or Tata Elixsi – he inspired and continues, even now, to inspire the young… At the young age of 70, he mastered the use of a computer, and is now quite internet savvy too, lately having joined facebook as well! Mom went for classes too, and got the hang of it, but felt that virtual world was not as warm as the real world :), though skype wowed her, and FB sometimes facinates her. She’d rather interact personally 🙂 Wise girl!

Together? Just as beautiful, even now, as they were then 🙂 They rock!  \m/  !!!

Growing up , as with other kids, there were some moments of reserve, with dad, of sheer and unadulterated fun with mom, and her large brood of siblings (dad was an only child!).

There are no words to describe our parents, are there? To each of us, they hold that special something, that no other parent in the world does; and you cannot really put it in so many words. It’s the lasting ideals in life, the enduring of their spirit, the knowing ( now, especially,  when one is a parent), that they did a darned fantastic job with their kids, kept them grounded (sometimes, for real too!!!), kept teaching, with their lives, even the next generation, in fact a whole generation of their children’s and grandkids’ friends too, that makes my parents a world apart.

I cannot ever say my children might someday say this of me, but this I know, my brothers and I, for sure, feel this.

Have you read Dr. Brian Weiss? His book “Many Lives, Many Masters” is a revelation – how the knowing of someone happens the instant you meet, or sometimes even before you do. I know that if my soul were to find a lifetime again, I would be part of dad’s and mom’s life too. I’d want to be. Even one of the pets they have. Yes, indeed. A pet it ought to be 🙂 🙂

No matter what  sourest of lemons life threw at them, they had the gumption to toast a tequila with it, bottoms up! They have endured, and in a way that is exemplary.

Today their quiet celebration is with Lord Krishna at Guruvayoor, and some close family members… partaking of the Lord’s simple meal, and spending time in harmony with their inner selves. Another golden moment in their lives glides by.

My simple wish is that they continue fill each other’s lives and ours too, with the wealth of their love, their affection and their blessing. For as long as they can, happily and in good health. For they deserve nothing less. First, they say, you have to deserve, then desire. I don’t think they would desire much more, than to see all of us happy, healthy and together… and I hope their desires, all thoroughly deserved will be theirs.

As we are too. Ever. Daddy, and Mummy, a wonderful and happy anniversary to both of you! May the Lord Bless us to have you with us, hale and hearty, for a long time!

(for the 7th of December, 2010)

5 December, 2010 (Scheduled post)

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